Sacchi blasts Milan for derby performances: “A Ferrari against a Fiat 500!”

By Oliver Fisher -

Former AC Milan boss Arrigo Sacchi has described the Champions League semi-final between the Rossoneri and Inter as a ‘Ferrari against a Fiat 500’.

It was always going to be tough for Milan to get themselves out of the hole that they dug in the first 11 minutes of the first leg, when goals from Edin Dzeko and Henrikh Mkhitaryan gave Inter supremacy that they never squandered.

The second leg was just as difficult for the Rossoneri as it allowed Simone Inzaghi’s side to manage the game and sit deep to frustrate, which they did successfully before killing to tie off at the other end in the second half with Lautaro Martinez’s strike.

Sacchi spoke in an interview with La Repubblica about a number of topics including the floods that have devastated parts of northern Italy, but he was also asked if he managed to see the Champions League tie.

“Eh, I took the tablet to the second floor, I made do, the signal came and went. Not that there was much to look at: a Ferrari against a Fiat 500!” he said (via

“This is Milan now, a team of unknown guys who do what they can. But even so they won a Scudetto and reached the semi-finals of the European Cup: two years ago, nobody would have bet a penny on it.”

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  1. Why do fans have an issue and start insulting ex players or ex coaches when they come out with criticism for our current players, coaches, directors, owners?
    The only thing that it matters , is it true what they say or not?
    To get better you have to have uncomfortable conversations.
    You can’t pretend the team or the players play good when it’s obvious they don’t.
    Milan played 4 games vs Inter in 2023, and lost all of them, without scoring a goal and without even creating any real chance to score.
    So what he is saying is true.
    But people right away start saying he is an interesta, or he is hatin’.
    Same happened earlier in the year with Costacurta’s criticism of Leao. People were insulting Costacurta, a Milan legend, who played 27 years for Milan and has probably won more trophies with the club than Leao has probably scored goals for Milan.
    Telling the truth is not hating.

    1. I never said all he said was not the truth but generalizing all our players as “unknown guys” is complete disrespect

      1. He is right. Our most known players is Zlatan ibrahimovic and Giroud. They both are at the end of their careers. Leao, Theo and Maignan are very good and other people that isn’t milan fan are getting to know them. It is hard to get famous when you are not in the Champions league. Not many people watch Italian football.

        1. He’s right, and he was, obviously, exaggerating. I’m sure given a choice he’d have Mike over Rossi and Leao over Donadoni, and that’s as far as it goes. Theo would make the bench.

    2. What “truth”?

      Football is unpredictable so there’s no “truth”. It’s an opinion.

      Now I would expect fans to defend their team. That’s sort of a minimum requirement to be a fan. As you would your family.

      That doesn’t mean a person can’t criticise their win child or club, but one would expect an inherent bias and a mix of kind words with harsh realities.

      But these opinions are not that.
      Frankly they’re nonsense. But then again pundits are paid to speak nonsense so not a huge surprise.

  2. Sacchi was a great coach, but this isn’t the era where players like ruud gullit, marco van basten are easy to get without money. today’s football relies on money, this team needs some wise recruitments and depth to be at the level of giants like bayern or man city, we need money, all this will take time.

    1. True. But you can also be smart and not spend much. Acerbi free, Dybala free, Kvara cheap, Enzo cheap, Alvarez cheap. Also letting valued players leave for free, Hakan, Donnarumma, Alessio, Kessie…. that is the problem. It’s all management.

      1. You can stop pretending missing out on 3 players who were not stars before this season (Enzo, Alvarez and Krava) was a major failure, you can also stop pretending that Leao, Maignan, Bennacer and Tonali were not great signings, of whom no one could have expected to have such an impact.

        1. Can we also stop pretending superstar king origoat will score goal 30-40 for AC Milan while his goal on liverpool not better than lord kalinic? We can stop pretending our highest paid transfer fee this season CDK will success scoring goal & asist more than kvara even they are same first season in serie A. We can stop pretending buy & give 3 years contract to junior messias & florenzi that already more than 30 years not injury prone while our director say dybala are too old for our squad. We can stop pretending our director given 50m euro budget but wasted it buy player that have no contribution to squad while beppe marotta in IM smart signing free transfer & loan player that contribute goal to his club

          1. No one made those claims. Stop making things up. Most people groaned when Origi was signed, we said he was a useless cripple and, again, why are you talking about Krava? How is a comparison between two players no one had heard of until the summer (CDK and Krava) valid, captain hindsight? Beppe Marotta? Inter have massive debts, how is he an example of someone smart? Inter beat us 4 teams this season? Boo, hoo. They have a better squad, they spent more money.

        2. Who said I was pretending that those you mentioned weren’t great signings? Seems you’re way off base. It’s a fact we are awful at selling players and awful at striking while the iron is hot to get good deals on desirable players.

          1. We are not awful at selling players, we have a limited number of saleable assets. Every big club loses players on free transfers, it’s been happening for 30 years. We’re not awful at striking when the iron is hot, again you’re saying that with the benefit of hindsight. What the club are awful at is identifying strikers. We’re continually linked with garbage, I could come up with a better list of targets.

    2. Van Basten was about £1.5 million, which was cheap for the standards of the time. Rijkaard was even cheaper. Gullit was a World Record transfer. Some of the key players that also followed, Desailly and Savicevic, were also cheap. Berlusconi had an eye for talent that puts most directors to shame.

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