Sacchi cites two stars who ‘both failed’ after leaving Milan in questioning of Donnarumma’s decision

By Akhil Prasad -

Arrigo Sacchi has revealed his thoughts on Gianluigi Donnarumma’s stance of leaving Milan, just a day after Mike Maignan arrived in Italy for his medical.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) in an exclusive interview, Sacchi commented on his disappointment of seeing the promising young shot stopper leave San Siro.

Sacchi sounded particularly unhappy over Donnarumma’s decision of not renewing his contract and said: “I can’t hide my sorrow. If he was happy with Milan, the club that made him grow and valued him, then he had to stay. In life, it is important to show gratitude towards those who gave you an important chance and this was an opportunity to demonstrate it. Also, the club had offered him a rich contract. So I ask myself: why go away? Why force the situation?”

The legendary tactician also brought up names of two players, who he cited as examples of non-fulfilment after they managed to leave the Rossoneri in search of ‘greener’ pastures.

He said: “There are examples, which are quite significant. I am talking about the cases of Shevchenko and Kakà. The first, for the money, decided to go to Chelsea. The second, again for economic reasons, chose Real Madrid.

Sacchi emphasized on the fact that both Kaka & Shevchenko never hit the heights they were expected of after leaving Il Diavolo. “Both failed. Leaving a place where you are loved is always a risk. I, frankly, do not understand how you can leave the certain for the uncertain in the name of money,” he said.

Coming back to the goalkeeper, Sacchi reiterated: “I thought Donnarumma chose thinking more about the personal happiness than the wallet. I wish him the best. However, if he had made another choice, and that is if he had decided to stay, he would have made a qualitative leap as a person: he would have shown that he was not conditioned by money.”

The 22-year-old goalkeeper will part ways with Milan, as confirmed by technical director Paolo Maldini. Donnarumma has made 251 appearances for the Rossoneri so far, debuting at a tender age of 16, six years ago.

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  1. Donnarumma didn’t leave hahaha, Donnarumma was kicked out of the club because ELIOT doesn’t have the money to pay the player. This is true and it is true that many players will leave because they will not be able to get the adequate salary that the player is asking for. That’s true Scchi and you seem to be very old and don’t know what you’re talking about.

    1. Cesar, I think you are an Interista. You constantly spue unfounded and pretty stupid comments here – only revealing your incompetence when it comes to Calcio.

      1. Rimp, I know there are many people reading the comments of this Cesar of a guy.
        He’s always coming up with nonsense and stupid things. I really don’t and never like to insult people but this Cesar guy is pissing me off. I hope they’ll block him off this page because he’s always posting negative things here.

      2. Yes bro….This Cesar has some really stupid opinions on Milan. I’ve been reading them on other posts too.

        1. is true Donnarrama will regret
          ACMilan gave him everything and madefamous. This mother F….. chose money!!!
          Is okay he will regret
          This Cesar has stupid opinions for Milan we should stop him

    2. Mr Cesar, can you stop being DOLLARUMBA’s Ass for a moment. I guess according to everything you’ve been writing on this page so far, you must also be an ungrateful and greedy human being.
      Your words actually confirm it CIAO

    3. Cesar honestly speaking you are not a true fan of Milan, if any at lack foresight and respect.

    4. 8m Euros p/year NET deal was offered to him plus bonuses. Does that sound like not having money to pay him to your moronic brain? We should be extremely proud of the stance the club has taken on freezing this little mercenary out of the club and hopefully this will be the start of clubs taking a stance. Have a great day Cesar and apologies that you have to be with yourself all day, must be pretty miserable.

  2. Exactly, we have seen greater players leave our club…Sheva, Kaka, Gullit, Van Basten(injury), Rijkaard, Ibra, Thiago Silva the list goes on, and on. Gigio is small fry compared to these champions. Sempre Forza Milan.

    1. Ibra was sold by Milan, he hasn’t left to PSG by himself. If you are saying about inter to Barca, then it for Brand not for money. Ibra never cares for money, Ibra cares only people who want him much more than others and himself.

      1. My point is Saif is that we have lost greater players than Donnarumma, and that we should not be that upset about someone who demanded so much from us but never achieving anything to merit that demand.

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