Sacchi offers Milan advice on mercato movements: “Middle of a revolution”

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan are entering their most important window in recent memory in the eyes of many people. Being led by a new coach, Paulo Fonseca, they must undergo a squad renovation, rather than a rebuild, and the money is there to complete this, but the decisions must be finalised by the coach.

In recent months, there have been questions about how Milan recruits, and who leads the decisions. Namely, there have been queries about last summer, and whether Stefano Pioli wanted certain players to enter his squad, or whether he was influenced to finalise moves by members of the management.

Recent reports have suggested that Joshua Zirkzee’s move to the club has been stalled for two reasons, the commission and, more importantly, Fonseca’s choice of striker. It seems clear that the Portuguese coach wants to build a stronger Milan in a competitive and physical sense, and this would explain why a different mould of striker may be preferred.

However, with Milan pursuing the Dutchman for so long, perhaps the management are pushing a move for him, rather than what Fonseca desires, a worrying suggestion, but one that could exist. With this in mind, legendary manager Arrigo Sacchi spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport about the striker options, and his words have been relayed by Milan News.

“The Rossoneri are in the midst of a revolution, both on a technical and managerial level. We have to understand if the path taken is the right one. I read that for the role of centre forward they are thinking of Lukaku or Zirkzee, but they are two completely different forwards: the Belgian is powerful and goes away with power, he relies on physical qualities; the Dutchman is technical and likes to play with his teammates.

“Could it be that both of them are right for Milan? Either you choose Lukaku or you choose Zirkzee. And it must be Fonseca who decides: only the coach, based on the style and the game he wants to give the team, if which elements are suitable.”

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  1. Ah you see Arrigo, you’re assuming these decisions are based on football my friend..they aren’t. To be liked with strikers who all have a different game is football non intelligence. I tried to make this point with Zirkzee and Hoijland. For me Zirkzee suits a team who’s wingers like to run off the striker and score goals, this suits Man Utd. Hoijland is a striker who needs unselfish wingers who look to get crosses in…for me Leao and Pulisic would be ideal for him. To say Lukaku or Zirkzee…I mean what system are we actually playing here?

    I’m pretty convinced that this Mercato is going to be disappointing. Where we all once thinking of a top young striker, Calafiori or Buongiorno for CB to partner Tomori, an exciting RB like Santos and a proper no6, I suspect the names will be underwhelming.

    As football fans we want exciting names, names that make you excited for the first march of the season, remember that feeling when we nabbed Nesta at the last Minute, when we got Shevchenko…when we signed Kaka, Pato and Thiago Silva as young Brazilian stars…

    My question to the Redbird supporters is, if the names we are presented with at the end of the Mercato are Morata, Emerson Royal and Pavlovic, will you feel fulfilled or cheated by this management?

    1. These furlanisti bots are satisfied as long as our accounts are in the green. They are imaginary accountants. They’ve been spewed so much nonsense by this management that they agree with everything this management does and says.

      When we signed fronseca, this management made it very clear “the bare minimum is enough for us”.

    2. Couldn’t agree more except kaka was an unknown entity pretty much. All sold for profit after we had the best of them or ended their careers with us. My point being we still won financially as well as on the pitch

      1. Yeah, Tim Vickery from the bbc was speaking highly of Kaka from about 2002-3 onwards, but you’re right in Europe he was pretty unknown

    3. Spot on Drew. I never understood how the coach isn’t involved in the decisions of who comes into the team /management of the team

    4. I would be happy if the team brought building blocks for the future. I’d rather have salad play RB than emerson. But I wouldn’t be upset if they brought in two experienced players for CDM role and ST making way for the talented forward players of the Futuro.

  2. Is this dude really a legendary coach? Lukaku and zirkzee are similar. If a coach would ask lukaku to play the anchor he will. Seen it at inter, for those with goldfish memory…

    1. Did you just ask if Sacchi was a legendary coach….?

      I mean apart from revolutionising Calcio and the European game in general, building the best club side in history and being someone who Pep and Klopp openly admire and aim to emulate. He was probably also only a Baggio hamstring away from winning the World Cup as well../

      1. After he literally said the big difference was too “the Belgian is powerful and goes away with power, he relies on physical qualities; the Dutchman is technical and likes to play with his teammates.” Smh 🤦‍♂️and I agree with the assessment.

    2. Lukaku and Zirkzee are “similar”??? Yikes

      Have you watched them play my friend? Zirkzee drops back and creates the play while Lukaku is soley a target man and has horrible control (Like Zlatan used to make fun of him for)

      AND is you busted asked if Sacchi was a legendary coach that just shows you need to study history a bit more brother

      1. No seriously.. you people are so fúcking clueless about football it hurts my eyes to read comments..

        Yes they’re very very similar. The only difference on there is that zirkzee hasn’t been allowed to play like lukaku by motta. That doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of it or that the only thing he knows is dropping back..

        The amount of BS sacci said in the last 20 years one really should start doubting whatever he did once upon a time in the late the 20th century

        1. Ummmm ya, we are cluelsss yup, you’re right.

          Lukaku plays like Zlatan and Sacdhi was such a $h*t coach – that current coaches like Ancellotti, Guardiola, and Klopp have never said they immulated Sacchi and his innovative coaching methods LOL

          Never said Zirkzee can’t play as a target man. I believe he can also. However you said they were “SIMILAR” players. They are anything but similar pal.

          Learn your history Turtle man. Come on – – Be better than that buddy!

          1. -Sacdhi was such a $h*t coach – that current coaches like Ancellotti, Guardiola, and Klopp have never said they immulated Sacchi and his innovative coaching methods LOL-

            I never said any of that..that’s al you and your imagination.

            They’re similar. I fact they’re more alike than the other way around…

            I know my history well. Sacchi did something innovative (not really tho) then the others did that better and he got left behind. Then he retired.

        2. Any player can play any position if asked to, you can put Tomori up front of you like, but certain players skillsets are different. You can’t ask Harry Kane to play the same way as prime Michael Owen, one has pace and plays off the shoulder of the last defender, one doesn’t have great pace and likes to drop deep….switch the roles by all means but you won’t be playing them to their strengths

          1. Zirkzee just hit 23yo in may with one goood season in Italy. Don’t talk about his strengths like he’s a made player

            And the other stuff..just strawmaning

        3. Instead of calling ppl clueless why not address the difference as suggested but the legendary coach who has vastly more experience than you and who you are trying to vilify ?

          1. Comparing our knowledge whose only greatest skill is watching football from screen, and might have only played football for fun, with the person who had experienced football in the highest level first hand is the joke of the century.

          2. Vilify is taking it a bit far. Ain’t my fault the dude keeps running his mouth and only manure comes out every single time.. he’s basically doing it to himself. Everytime he opens his mouth he says the wrong things.

            With all his experience and old age wisdom he forgot the simplest and best rule. Silence is gold. He should exercise that one more often

  3. Redbird should let fonseca choose the striker. Dont repeat past mistake that make player become burden for club because they are not suit with coach system

  4. Those comments are from brain dead people about management. And say American are this and that if Italian were so much better their clubs wouldn’t be failing. Y’all don’t want American when there’s successful instances like Liverpool, Villa and so on. Stop whining and support the danm club.

    1. Clearly you don’t know many Liverpool fans…I know a lot. They all feel that they’ve been held back by the ownership and haven’t had the resources to take City on properly.

      Plus I don’t think it’s anti American sentiment…unless of course Redbird represent all Americans

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