SM: Saelemaekers has no shortage of suitors – the amount that could make Milan sell

By Oliver Fisher -

Alexis Saelemaekers could well be sold in the summer transfer market as AC Milan have set an asking price in the event bids come in.

Even though the Belgian has renewed his contract with Milan last October until 30 June 2026, he could still depart once the season ends. Our colleagues at report that Milan want to sign a right winger who guarantees an upgrade in quality, with the future of Junior Messias and Samu Castillejo still the be deciphered.

If Saelemaekers does leave then Maldini and Massara would inevitably have to find a replacement, so if all three right wingers leave then two could arrive. The first will certainly be a starter (Asensio, Mahrez and Berardi are the hot names at the moment) and then an alternative (Deulofeu on pole).

There is no shortage of suitors for Saelemaekers, especially abroad, but Milan will demand no less than €16-20m to sell him as his contract expires in four years and he has been an important resource to Pioli in the last two years.

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  1. Big mistake selling him, we need a starting RW that can deliver that final pass / goal no doubt but he is still very young and has a lot of potential, not forgetting he has played the most minutes for us this season, I would keep him as our backup RW for next season

    1. It would! I absolutely agree with you. Kid has a lot of potential, good feet, solid mentality. He should definitely stay as back up and learn from a winger with the abilities to score and assist like you say. His value has gone from 5mil to almost 20mil in 2 years. Patience is the word.

    2. Agreed

      Alexis got some bad injured this season that made him less impactful than last season. I say Milan should keep him because he still quite good in defense and pressing.

  2. 2500 minute game time with 2 goal . Is he defender ? Or DMF? Even Suso first season in AC Milan not that worst compare to lord saladmaker. Sell him and return junior to Crotone. Buy starter RW and just use brahim/rebic as back up RW

  3. Saelemaekers doesn’t have a very high ceiling, sure he can dribble, so did Denilson, but his end product is fairly poor, even at this moment Samu is more technically gifted than Alexis. I was watching Hauge play last night and felt sad, we could’ve used him on the right too, he played there last night for part of the match and looked excellent.

    1. Oh man, you still crying for hauge? came on..
      he left cos he wanted to be starter which club can’t guarantee
      same as bellanova, cristante, kerkez.. mediocre players who don’t have patience to earn starting place

  4. Who will buy Alexis for 16-20m.This guy has been abysmal this season. He has played most minutes in our team and yet doesn’t have anything to show for it. I would rather we sell him and keep Messias.

  5. 20m??? Whaaaat? If we get that it’s an immediate sale. Send Messias back, sell Saelemaekers. Get Berardi or Antony or both. DRASTIC upgrade.

  6. Would sell without thought. Messias has done more and would be a better backup.

    People using the ” he is young” and Leao to justify keeping him , I wish I could sell useless thing’s to you.
    Leao showed much more than Alexis ever has. Alexis has effort and dribble but that’s about all.

  7. I have a bad feeling selling him.. I know, he hasnt done ANYTHING, his stats are piss poor, the only thing that came out from him was his passion, he did run around like a headless chicken, but i cant shake this bad feeling. The last time I felt like this was when locatelli leaves, I’m seriously hoping I’m wrong this time.

  8. Sell off every RW in the current squad and get 2 quality upgrades. Antony and noa Lang/Nkunku

    Another idea is to retain messias as a backup to whoever is coming in as a starter in the wing, Florenzi can play RW also and Rebic can be adapted as well.

    We need goal scorers not sprinters, although messias can play for an additional season or two and needs to UP his game.

    I laughed hard when a previous post talked about Goals not necessarily winning games, I agree on one part but the reality is that we would have etched our name on the scudetto by now if we had won the games we drew against lesser teams, which was as a result of lacking goals.

    The fight continues till the last match.

    Inter won incredibly against Empoli and Milan needs to respond in like manner come Sunday, anything short of that, kiss the trophy goodbye.

  9. This rumor news doesn’t makes sense.

    1) Alexis just renew the contract but Milan gonna sell him just because this season he doesn’t played as good as previous season? Holy F. Maldini isn’t that idiot and disrespectful towards young players.

    2) If Alexis leave along with Messias and Castilejo then that’s suicide.

    You think Milan can afford Berardi and another top RW? Lol get fkin real. Milan is poor to the point they can’t even afford a good playmaker and striker back in January. Anyone expect Milan gonna throw a lot of money for two RW in the summer is hallucinating lol 😂

    1. No we don’t need that lord saladmaker. We can use brahim/rebic/Origi as back up RW . Brahim still have 1 years loan while rebic and Origi can play RW. We just need to buy 1 RW starter quality that can score goal or provide asist not just fast sprinter. Overall we just need to buy botman to cover Romagnoli leave,RW starter,AMF starter,Theo Back up . If have money and want to invest ( not mandatory) perhaps top striker that can replace ibra

  10. Get rid of him. He is a buffoon. Who cares if he flourishes elsewhere – it’s obvious he won’t flourish so long as he is still at Milan.

    There are far superior players out there that are available and won’t waste play by dribbling straight into three defenders or giving the ball away.

  11. If someone will actually pay 16-20M for him, then definitely sell. Saele has been a terrible disappointment.

    We either have to sign one big RW upgrade (not sure if it would be Asensio or Berardi; I think we have zero chance of getting Mahrez) … OR if we want to spend bigger on another forward after Origi, then if Pioli is OK starting Rebic at RW every match next year, then that is great too due to his quality and we don’t have to spend big on a new RW. Then we can have Florenzi serve as backup RW and backup right back to Kalulu (sorry Calabria, I love you and your milanista roots but you should be a bench player next year).

  12. There is nothing wrong with Saele. He is young and potential. The problem is his position. Saele is an RWB/RM. Milan doesn’t use this position in 4231 or 433. I believe if Milan use 442 / 4411 / 352 / 3412 / 3421 / 343, he will flourish.

  13. Sell, sell , sell, there are lot of things wrong with Saele. He can’t score or ?assist. What is duty again? Sh*t sell ASAP!!!

  14. Jah bless you Agustinar!!
    For the umpteeth time, Salla is a RIGHT MIDFEIKDER, NOT A WINGER!
    He flourishes while operating through the middle. How long will it take the coach to acknowledge this!!

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