Longo: Saelemaekers has two offers from abroad but is ‘very attached’ to Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

Alexis Saelemaekers has a couple of offers on the table but seems reluctant to leave AC Milan at the moment, according to a report.

Even though the Belgian has renewed his contract with Milan last October until 30 June 2026, he could still depart once the season ends. Our colleagues at SempreMilan.it reported that Milan want to sign a right winger who guarantees an upgrade in quality, with the future of Junior Messias and Samu Castillejo still to be deciphered, and Saelemaekers is also at risk.

According to what was reported by Daniele Longo of Calciomercato.com during an Instagram live (via RossoneriAR), the former Anderlecht man has two offers from clubs outside Italy to consider showing that there is a market for the young Belgian.

However, it seems that at the moment he does not want to leave Milan as he is ‘very attached to the club’, so it will take some convincing for him to agree an exit.

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  1. Sheet,another case of castilejo , don’t want to leave AC Milan even he is not used by team anymore. I think we Will stuck with him until his contract expire except paolo Maldini can convince him to take the offer from abroad

    1. I don’t understand Castillejo. Yes he still got a fair salary from Milan. But why he doesn’t concern about his career. He didn’t reach peak age yet but had been stop playing regularly in the past 2 years. If he move to smaller club with lower wage, but get to the first team, it doesn’t mean a step backward move.

        1. Of course. Me at 20s will chose pay cut even in a worst company rather than fancy office but doing nothing. I believe that something that overpaid is never be good in the long term and underpaid is always temporary as long as we grow and deliver

    2. Samu could definitely leave. While salemakers could make his way to different position given he still has potential, if he’s not sold in the summer.

    3. There is a ghost offer from two teams of planet Mars…. Now back to reality. What offers the article is talking about? Which teams are interested and for what amount? Wake up.

      1. Lol. Yeah, they will give you the offer and the amount publicly so you could be sure it is true. If you are over 15, good luck!

        1. So you have never heard of potenrial transfer amounts publicly or for teams interested in signing a player. They do these secretly and they only tell the public once everything is completed. You must be a vey intelligent guy.

  2. I seriously hate this ungrateful and “sell them asap” mentality after a young player who did well in previous season got one bad season.

    The boy still young at 22 and have potential. Give him a second chance to proof himself.

    1. He is actually technically very good. Not Leao level, but still extremely competent. He has speed and is not lazy. Problem is his head, he just needs to learn how to focus. I would keep him as a sub or at least send him on a loan rather than selling him outright.

    1. Yes you right back up for Calabria is the only option! Still Milan has to think about new RB soon Calabria is a HUGE weakness in that team (If you have doubts watch the game against Verona!)

      1. Wtf are you talking about? Calabria was the best defensive full back in Serie A last year. He came back from a long injury and you are judging him by one game? Half of you are complete idiots.

      2. Calabria? Are you drunk or you’re always like that? 😀 He was literally the best defensive full back in Serie A last year. You are judging him based on 1 match after how long being away with injury? I won’t even laugh at you, it isn’t nice to laugh at challenged people.

  3. Im not suprised if all these people who were talking bad about Saele were the same folks who were talking crap about Leao and Tonali before their resurgences, and overestimated Hauge too perhaps, Saele is still 22 and he has potential and you guys wants him out this quickly?.

    1. Same people wanted leao sold to wolves for 20m at the start of pre season, saelemakers is just missing that finishing product, the goal / assist then he is fantastic. His work rate and tactical intelligence are as good as anyone’s in the squad, if he can play week in week out like his last match no one is doubting him, I still prefer him as an impact sub, we still need a main rw he can learn from.

  4. Salamander is very good technically. He needs to work on his finishing/crossing though to play in wings/attack. He will be good in holding midfield/RB.

    I think we are using him wrong.
    He’s just not made for RW. It doesn’t mean we need to sell him. I would rather keep him for a couple of seasons to see if he makes it in other positions.

    He is young and technically good. If used correctly, he may explode like Leao. Leao exploded because we found and started to use his strength. Same can happen with Saele.

  5. I think Saele loves Milan and that is important for our club to have players like that. Calabria as well bleeds black&red forever. Saele has had a very poor season in the final third — that is mental. He has skills and he definitely works hard. I think a loan spell to somewhere (maybe France or back to Belgium?) would be a good idea to have him get his confidence back.

    As for Calabria — I truly love him and he was a fantastic defender last year; but this year, his defending hasn’t been quite as good (of course that Verona game was way worse than he typically plays); but the other problems with him are his pace/speed is not great. So if he is beat by an opponent on the dribble (or he goes for an interception and misses the ball), he doesn’t have good recovery speed. The other problem with him is that his speed getting forward and dribbling forward and getting good crosses into the box are all lower quality than Kalulu.

    Next year, when we have Botman/Kjaer playing as the left centerback, then Tomori can go back to his more comfortable position of right centerback; and then we can have Kalulu be our starting right back. He has obviously shown us these past 2 months that he can defend one on one and he of course has great recovery pace and he is fantastic and anticipating opponents passes, intercepting and then he’s FANTASTIC at carrying the ball forward and looking to make an incisive attacking pass to a teammate and continuing his run forward and creating goals from the back line positions.

    Calabria must be a bench player for us next year sorry to say.

  6. He is so good last year and still the same level. Problem is Milan has improved exponentially like no other team in the top 5 leagues. He cannot improve individually like Milan growth, it takes time,hardwork, experience. Saelemakers is raw talent still. I would keep him in the team without a doubt until I found a 2 best players on right wing than him.

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