Sala gives update on San Siro plan after meeting and confirms desire to sell stadium

By Oliver Fisher -

Mayor Beppe Sala gave an update on how he sees things after meeting with AC Milan, Inter and Webuild regarding the potential renovation of San Siro.

The two clubs met with the Mayor and Webuild at the City Hall at Sala’s request to talk through the potential €300m+ works on San Siro which would help modernise it, as opposed to Milan and Inter leaving and building elsewhere.

As per Calcio e Finanza, there are three hypotheses at the moment. The first is a ‘bridge solution’, which would mean intermediary works before Milan and Inter move definitively to a new purpose-built stadium.

The second would be a ‘more in-depth renovation’ of the San Siro, therefore with the Rossoneri and Nerazzurri staying beyond the short term. The third is a ‘middle ground’ between a big modernisation of the San Siro and lighter work while awaiting the move to a new home

Upon leaving Palazzo Marino, Sala stopped to talk to the journalists present and take stock of the situation regarding the San Siro issue, with his comments relayed by MilanNews.

How was the meeting?

“The leaders of Milan and Inter and the CEO of WeBuild were present. Good spirit, now there is work to do. The Council welcomes WeBuild’s proposal to carry out this analysis, this pro bono study and it must be completed by June.

“The teams have confirmed that in a few days they will pass documents with their requests, relating to what must be inside the stadium: VIP seats, improvements to services such as lifts, bathrooms, accessibility but also external services such as spaces commercial, lounges etc.

“From now until June we will be waiting for this work which must demonstrate that it can be done at a sustainable cost. How much? It depends on what the teams ask for. And above all by blocking the stadium itself as little as possible.

“It is clear that I don’t expect the teams not to slow down on alternative projects, I can’t ask for it and it wouldn’t make any sense. It is equally clear that if WeBuild managed to produce us a good plan that meets the requirements we told you about at that point I would expect a response from the teams.”

Are you positive about the idea of the teams staying?

“It’s difficult to be optimistic or pessimistic, let’s say that the atmosphere around the table is very positive. I’m sure that the teams are looking at this option with interest, despite knowing that there are other alternatives. And at this point we begin to have a moment of truth, which I will post in June.”

Have any guidelines emerged from the two clubs?

“The essential points are that the teams know that on tickets there is no current moment in which they can imagine increasing the price [of tickets]. The teams have 70,000 fans at every match, you can’t ask them to pay much more for tickets.

“Revenues can increase from two points of view: one is that of VIP seats and the other is through the idea that fans go to the stadium first and can live the experience over several hours, therefore from lunch to the purchase of ticket to see the museum.

“A quality museum is also essential for clubs. Today’s one isn’t objectively much but it attracts a lot of visitors. Catering and service spaces, commercial spaces are equally essential.”

Has WeBuild specified how these renovations could be done?

“WeBuild has expressed the need to work in the months of May-August with intensity. How long will it take, but it’s just my feeling, it’s something in a couple of years. If you work in the summer months on three shifts in 24 hours they are convinced they can do it. Then there is the whole external part which is independent.”

What would the process be if everyone agreed on this proposal?

“In the interests of the teams and the Council, we will be able to find the formula to immediately hand over the stadium to the teams. In parallel with these technical analyses, we will begin to think about how to structure the entire process. However, it is obvious that I am trying to be optimistic but to date I have not elements to be more than this.”

Would it therefore become a stadium owned by the two clubs?

“Yes, one way or another. There are two paths: with the immediate definitive transfer or through surface rights.”

With the Winter Olympics imminent, excluding this summer and with concerts already scheduled and on sale in 2025, when would the renovations start?

“This year nothing can be done, if we talk about the summer of 2025 the concert promoters say they have been sold, but we can think about it. A well-done renovation of San Siro is also in the interest of the concert organisers. We we will also try to make it usable for concerts.”

So are you working before or after the Olympics?

“I can’t say, it depends on WeBuild. But I think the work should start earlier.”

A study on a renovation had already been done years ago. Could it be taken into consideration?

“There were some ideas, for example Inter cited a study from Thohir’s time. All material that the teams will provide to WeBuild, which in the meantime will also listen to those who have done other work, in particular I asked them to summon the architects on whose project we recently presented to the advisory committee.”

Has there been talk of adding a fourth tier?



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