Sampdoria 2-0 Milan: Player Ratings

By Anthony Torgrude -

Milan gave a poor performance worthy of a 2-0 defeat at the hands of a Sampdoria team continually assisted by Cristian Zapata.

Overall, it a lackluster performance that raised more questions than answers as Duvan Zapata and Ricky Alvarez scored second half goals to down the Rossoneri.


Donnarumma (6): Gigio had probably the best game of any player on the team tonight, minus a yellow card for dissent, mainly because he was called into action more times than necessary. Two goals conceded both rightfully Zapata’s fault.

Abate (5): Milan are missing Andrea Conti immensely and clearly had no back up plan in the event he were to be injured for the entire season. Well, he is and Abate is what were stuck with. The man Conti arrived to replace is now back in the starting XI like an obsessive ex-lover.

Zapata (1): Cristian did absolutely nothing of value for Milan this game but was a huge asset towards Sampdoria. Assisting his cousin, Duvan Zapata as well as tripping over his own ankles causing the second goal; Zapata is evidently only in this squad because of a 97th minute equalizer against Inter from last season. The honeymoon is over, Thiago Silva’s heritage does scare him.

Bonucci (6): So far the new captain has shown he is leagues above the rest of the team; having the creative play-maker in the back line is not a good look for Milan. Only a matter of time before he drops the pleasant captain charade and realizes it would have suited him best to stay at Juve.

Romagnoli (5.5): Alessio did not showcase his natural ability. He spent the majority of the game turning around and giving the ball to Bonucci. Alessio has so much more skill and potential than he has showcased in recent times, hopefully this is not foreshadowing.

Rodriguez (6): Ricardo may have been our strongest outfield asset tonight as he was one of the few that drove forward and had a glimmer of success on the pitch. Towards the end of the game his frustration began to show.

Kessie (5.5): The man is a tank; the man is not hot. Today was a rare showing from the Ivorian as just about everything went against him today when he usually is able to plow through opposition, today Kessie was wrestled off the ball and onto his ass with ease.

Biglia (6): Lucas Biglia was the anchor Milan craved and deserved. While he usually brings praise to the title, today every member of the team was simply outclassed. Lucas did not make many mistakes tonight but failed to make any impact.

Bonaventura (6): Everyone’s favorite player is clearly not back to being 100% match fit yet. He is capable of getting on the pitch and going the distance but his form is not back yet. Hopefully the road to recovery in that respect is quick.

Suso (4.5): Suso is not comfortable in his new role and to be frank, there is no reason for Montella to be playing him there. This is not just a failed experiment, this is far worse. Montella has player Suso out of position multiple times now and he has failed to deliver in every appearance. In a mercato that saw two new strikers and a youth product all come up for the position, there is no good answer as to why a pure winger is being thrown up there besides inept coaching.

Kalinic (6): Nikola had a few good looks but ultimately could not place the shot. He also had a strong argument for a penalty which was waived off. The Croatian deserves to be in the team but did not get the chance to prove that tonight.


Cutrone (6.5): Coming in late in the game there was no real chance to judge besides one attempt on goal (arguably our best chance) that was thwarted.

Calhanoglu (6): Hakan came on in a double sub very late in the game and did not have the time to make an impact.

Borini (N/A): Borini came on in the 82nd minute and may not have even touched the ball.


Montella (3): Vincenzo refuses to utilize players like Andre Silva, opting to start an out of position Suso in the role instead. Montella made zero half time impact as we began the second half just as lethargic as the first. No subs were made until after the first late goal in the 72nd minute. One is left wondering if Montella was planing on making any at all until we went down. Today it seemed if he was playing for a draw from the first whistle, which is a poor idea for a man keen on his job. His time at the club is most likely drawing to an end.

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  1. really biglia gets 6 he did not create anything in the middle and lost possession as well at times could have started locatelli instead…. his performance today not worth a 6 maybe a 4

  2. Absolutely unbelievable performance… I cannot fathom how this team still plays this slow and has no response to the slightest pressure by the opponents.

    Didn’t everybody except Montella know Suso/Kalinic in attack would create nothing? I dare Montella to name ONE thing that went right today…
    We had no playmaker in midfield with Calhanoglu only coming on too late; every ball being played out of defence and being lost every time beause of Samp’s high pressure; Abate providing nothing with Calabria leagues above him offensively; Zapata STILL being played in favour of Musacchio; our 2 best strikers on the bench; and worst of all: the coach doing NOTHING until the 78th minute!
    Inexcusable… I am convinced now, that Montella is totally inept. He is looking totally clueless and definitely not the man to lead this Milan team to the CL. We desperately need a new coach before this project collapses!

    1. Absolutely,Milan need new coach.
      I don’t understand why till now team has no first eleven! while we first eleven is foundation of the team, low tempo.please let him go before too late

  3. i will reprise a reply that I used last year, and again this year….
    he is $h!t.. as soon as Fassone kept him after the sale I knew we were doomed… it was confirmed after the Lazio destruction (which should have been enough to see him dismissed immediately on the Monday after the game) when he stated that his tactics were not the problem… maybe he is correct… the problem is he cant pick a team and cant motivate… so yah the tactics were not the problem… the problem is that you are a $h!t coach

    the ONLY hope is that mirabelli and fassone are hiring a new coach in the back ground and will fire $h!t montella as soon as they have a replacement.. it had better be before the derby or get ready to be embarrassed by our cousins… like destroyed

  4. I said it durnign summer, i never got the transfer window…. why did they buy so many players… i will explain..

    First up milan have mybe 2 of the biggest talents in Donnaruma and lucatelli… i do not understand with the good preformances Lucatelli had why we need Biglia…. Dude is 30 and just makes diagonal passes.

    Seconde why do montella talk about squad rotation, when he never rotates kessie…. he is not a robot…. and he runs the most… selling Kujcka was a bad call, he would be nice backup as they both are similar.

    Why do the coach refuse to play the best players? its clear Calahangolu is better then Jack, jack looks like a shadow of him self after the injury, why do we play a winger as a striker, when
    whenever Andre silva players we have plenty of chances.

    Why on any given day is Zapata preffered over muscachio, when all the matches musachio played he did good. Even Paletta was a starter durning mihajlovic and zapata was not given many chances since he makes alot of errors.

    Borini should mybe play for abate since abate always kills attacks and cant build up, dude had that eye surgery thing, seems like he cant pass anymore.

    I dont know man, montella must stop with this loyalty towards players… this seasson is important if milan cant get 1-4 place no CL, then the club will likely be taken over by Eliot hedgefund, and they will sell players to balance the books and make their money back.
    As for now Suso, Jack are not in form so dont play them. Cutrone should be the sub for the strikers, and Kessie needs a rest. Calanhogulu and Andre Silva must play same with musachio, its a gamble but its worth it. Play the strongest Lineup and rotate in Europa League, and not the opposite.

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