San Donato Mayor gives update on Milan stadium and stresses need for patience

By Oliver Fisher -

The Mayor of San Donato has uttered more encouraging words regarding the possibility of AC Milan building a new stadium in the area.

Milan’s plan is to build a large entertainment area modelled on American stadiums. That means it will not just be a 70,000-seat stadium on the 108,000 square metre site, but also a Milan HQ, museum, club shop, hotel restaurant and other facilities will be built.

Last month, the owners completed the first formal step in view of the potential future submission of a full project plan by presenting to the San Donato council an Urban Development proposal for their new stadium project.

Francesco Squeri – the Mayor of the San Donato Milanese region – spoke to 7 Gold about the idea that Milan could build a new stadium there, giving an update on where things are at.

“AC Milan presented us with a variant proposal about two weeks ago, now our technicians together with the consultants will deepen the study of this project and later we will see what the positive or negative impacts will be on the territory,” he said (via

“We are not the only protagonists, because after having studied the project we will go to a program agreement with the Lombardy Region, Metropolitan City, Municipality of Milan, Park Authority Agricultural South, Highways and Railways.

“After this long journey which I think will last about two years, we will be able to take stock and see whether the project can be achieved or not.

“The first call from Milan? I almost didn’t believe it. I call it ‘hurricane stadium’ because there are positive and other negative things, which we need to delve deeper into and study, especially with regards to mobility and traffic, very important aspects in order not to have too negative effects for the citizens.

“In San Donato the ‘No stadium’ committee was created, I understand their concerns and respect them, I am the mayor who guarantees all citizens, not only those who want the stadium but also those who do not wants it, so this study will lead to a result that I hope is objective and for the good of the city.

“The advantages for San Donato? The importance that San Donato would assume, the greater safety, advantages in terms of international tourism because an important driving force would be created.

“And then advantages for young people who would have an extra opportunity, because from what we have seen, Milan wants to make it a place where people don’t just go to the match, but are frequented all year round with a square, restaurants, there is even talk of a 3000-seat auditorium for music.

“And then undoubtedly economic advantages for the construction costs but also because resources would come in every year that would help us maintain the city’s maintenance level at a certain level.

“Cardinale? I heard him too. They are much more optimistic than us. We have the duty to be calmer and study the project well because there are some aspects that need to be in-depth, especially on the subject of traffic.

“I understand the Milan club that runs forward with enthusiasm, but we need to be more calm. Will it be built? I don’t know, there are good possibilities, I think it’s a good opportunity for San Donato and I’m convinced of this Let’s wait, work and then see.”

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  1. There is a tendency to look at how quickly these things get approved in England and be jealous, but then you realise that because here in the UK, if you have the money, you can knock down pretty much whatever you want and replace it with a glass and steel box.

    So what’s good for football can be bad for society and vice-versa.

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