CF: 80 months, San Siro demolished and €120m revenues – the updated stadium plans

By Oliver Fisher -

An update has arrived regarding the plans for the new stadium project and it seems San Siro will no longer be partially preserved in the eyes of the club.

According to Calcio e Finanza (via PianetaMilan) the new plan involves the total demolition of San Siro as on page 98 of the technical report it says: “… for which the complete demolition is foreseen and no longer the maintenance of a portion.”

The proposal again says: “Unlike the previous proposal, no vestige of the current G. Meazza stadium will be subject to conservation and re-functionalisation.

“This design solution significantly reduces the impact on the urban landmark of the previous proposal, guaranteeing a suitable condition of balance between the new buildings and the existing ones.”

Further to that, the land that the entire project will cover (including the stadium and the new facilities around it such as the hotels, offices and shops) has been adjusted to 98,321 square meters of gross surface area, whereas before it was 145 thousand. However, the investment – which will be €1.2bn – has not changed.

The teams estimate revenue growth of €120.4m, of which €80m would come from the stadium itself and €40m from the multi-purpose sector around it.

A total of 80 months of work is expected, with Milan and Inter hoping to see the start of the works on January 1, 2024 so as to guarantee the opening of the Patroclus underpass to traffic for the 2026 Winter Olympics, freeing local roads from traffic flow.

To achieve this, the clubs indicate the need for the conclusion of the authorisation process by 2023. The end of the works is scheduled for July 31, 2030.

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  1. Sesto now seems the better option to me. Added revenue from match days without paying rent. Added revenue almost bi-weekly from the use of the stadium for concerts, conferences, shows, NFL. The fact we can probably start there sooner than 2024 and this start reaping the benefits before 2030 and also the idea that inter would be struggling even more financially on there own. Of course they themselves are probably due to undergo another buyout at some point.

  2. They claimed in Sesto the stadium would be ready in 18 months. If that really is the case, then there shouldn’t even be a discussion anymore. Think about the money Milan would lose while waiting 80(!!!) months instead of just 18! Insane!

    1. The whole project will be built in those 80 months. As I understood it that includes the stadium, other facilities and the demolition of the current stadium.

  3. Build in Sesto and WITHOUT Inter…Why partner with them. Hope Cardinale’s choice of having our OWN stadium prevails. Big clubs no longer share stadiums nor its revenues

  4. I agree with you guys, why are we still sharing with Inter and waiting for 80 months! when Sesto can be done in 18 months. I would say, bleeding now but reap the full profit.

    How can we increase our global marketing when we don’t have our own stadium. Look at this way, American MLS teams used to share their turf with a football team and played on a ground with 10 yard lines all over it which is very ugly. But nowadays those MLS teams are having their own stadiums.

    If Red Birds are serious in Milan, then they have to spend some cash for a stadium; if they don’t, then we are just another cash cow for them and we can wait for a new owner in a couple of years.

  5. I don’t understand why San Siro has to be demolished. Isn’t it owned by the city and rented to Milan and Inter? I mean, if the city couldn’t afford to manage it on their own then just give it to the clubs in the first place. As much as I want Milan to have their own stadium, it’s a pity to demolish a historical site as San Siro.

  6. Capacity of 65,000 is a disgrace to Milan and Inter. Real Madrid is building 125,000 capacity stadium, while Barcelona is expanding Camp Nou to 105,000. How Milan and Inter combined propose such capacity!! Milan had a full stadium every match since April 2021, it will be stupid idea to reduce the capacity just for design purpose.

  7. Wait are they saying san Siro is getting destroyed and Milan and inter have joint stadium? Bro why give inter san Siro and Milan sesto or whatever but don’t pair em again and don’t destroy san Siro it’s historic stadium bro

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