Vitiello: Why Renato Sanches chose PSG – Milan target RC Lens star as alternative

By Euan Burns -

Italian journalist Antonio Vitiello has explained why Renato Sanches chose to sign for Paris Saint Germain and who Milan will pursue instead.

As he explained in a video on his YouTube channel, the journalist talked about what led Lille midfielder Sanches to wait for PSG to make a bid rather than push ahead with the move to Milan that was on the table already.

There were two main reasons. One was that the Ligue 1 champions were offering him a salary of €6 million per season which is more than Milan will have been able to offer.

Another reason is that he wanted to work with Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos again who were in place at Lille when they managed to beat PSG to the title last season.

Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara are now looking for other targets for the midfield and they could pursue a move for RC Lens’ Seko Fofana.

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  1. Seko Fofana would be great signing but wasn’t Lens asking for 35 mil when PSG came knocking on their door.
    Milan could have had him for less than 10 mil 2 years ago.
    I hope I’m wrong, but no way Seko Fofana to Milan is happening

      1. Sanches cannot perform in double pivot. He never play as DM. He is known for offensive quality but below average defensively, hence why he is often deployed as AM/RM. Sanches is more of mezzala.

  2. Seko Fofana is a player I like waaaaay more than Renato, he would be ideal for our midfield and has already experience in Serie A but I doubt we can afford whatever Lens is going to ask for him.

  3. Milan needs to understand that a good buy deserves good money, trying to get these good players for peanut is just Milan disgracing themselves….if we don’t have money then let’s settle for bakayoko and krunic

    1. Nonsense. If Bakayoko play 15 more games, the 17m buyout clause will be triggered. Milan is clearly trying to remove him even if ended up with only 4 DM.

    2. Il Milan è l’unica squadra che ha speso tanti milioni, senza vendere nessuno. Non elemosiniamo o facciamo debiti come i “protagonisti del mercato”, ma vinceremo ancora e molto

      1. Translation:

        Milan is the only team that has spent so many millions, without selling anyone. We do not beg or make debts like the “protagonists of the market”, but we will win more and a lot

    3. Sanches is not worth 6m in salary. Sorry. If he’s that good there would have been many clubs lining up to pick him up for “only” 15m. Fact is he’s injury prone and was offered an inflated salary by PSG, as that’s what they do. Time to move on.

      1. Sanchez was not requesting for 6m, PSG gave him 4.5m, he wanted 4m from Milan but Milan were giving him 3.2m is very disgracing from Milan…dude did nothing wrong but was looking out for himself

    1. LOL @Yelnat24. Your obsession with homegrown players lol. Give it up man. M&M know what they are doing. And missing out on Sanches was a mistake. Should not have low balled him w only 3.2M season and give PSG time to creep in. Can’t find that kind of quality player at 24 for only 15M – whether you want to argue if he’s a DM, mezzala or AM – he’s a damn good player and a bargain/steal at 15M – and Pioli would have found a place for him. Great to have more players who can play multiple positions. Isn’t that what we are doing with CDK? He will play CAM, RW and maybe even striker. Sanches could have done same with multiple positions in the mid. Lol. So to say your glad we didn’t get Sanches because he’s not a DM doesn’t make any sense as Kessie didn’t play that position for the last half of the season practically – he was our starting CAM lol. And Lest we not forget he bossed around our mid when we played them. Anyways it is what is now but looks like if we want someone of quality in the mid (Fofana, Luiz, etc…) – we will have to pay much more than 15M to get him – and we DON’T have it.

      1. Look at that news. It is from anto vitiello . Reliable source,it says PSG offer him salary 6m euro nett which are double from AC Milan offer, this is not big miss but from the beginning we dont have chance . Seko fofana/jean onana not that bad too ,if want cheap option go mata sarr

      2. Maldini and Massara know what they are doing, but surely you and the media do not, as you and the media keep insisting them to sign non-homegrown.

        Missing out on Sanches? I don’t see Maldini chasing him. He is unfit for Milan. If you keep insiting on Sanches to Milan, you just don’t understand football.

        1. If they know what they are doing then they know the homegrown player registration rules and who they need to sign and who they don’t lol. Ya we didn’t chase Sanches just been after him since January and didn’t focus on other players even tho our offer to him was inferior to PSG. You contradict yourself kid LOL

          1. I am not contradicting myself. Maldini know homegrown issue nret to be solved hence why media making rumour about signing another non-homegrown does not make sense.

            Stop thinking media as the truth! They are not gospel, they are not spokeperson of Maldini. They fabricated news using Maldini’s name.

        2. Who does not understand Sanchez could have been an upgrade to your midfield just for 15mill now you whinnying that his unfit for millan you people always do this when you don’t get a player you want you start criticism on that player Milan just miss out on a player that could have won them another scudeto

          1. I have always been vocal about disbelieving Sanches rumour and my stance against signing Sanches, you can look at the comments for the last months. Even great player won’t be good for Milan if he spent half the time on treatment table and don’t suit the gameplay.

      3. So you want Sanches for AM/RW? Lol, we already have Adli and CDK, there is no room for Sanches then except for the bench.

        Kessie was not our starting CAM. He was our double pivot, the experiment putting him as CAM was failure, so much that Krunic took it from him. Did you even watch Milan play last season? Your statement prove you don’t understand Milan.

        Pioli clearly said they don’t buy for the sake of buying. Even if he is a good player and come in cheap, if he doesn’t fit the team, he won’t be signed.

        1. No room for Sanches LOL. Ya it was all fake news – us after Sanches – it was made up. Just like Botman. Your right and sources like Fabrizio Romano were dead wrong LOL. Your a donkey kid. Go back to counting the homegrown registration list lol. It’s all you seem to be really good at.

          1. Only foolish person fully trust media and take what they say as truth without examining the facts. They made money by generating news.

      4. Juro you deserve a bottle of beer for this comment, some of these dudes here yapping trash would not even talk to Milan if they were Sanchez, they would have stayed in lille to leave as free transfer to PSG just to make that money if possible

  4. Most of you never saw Sanches play last season so you can stop pretending he’s a big miss or would have been an important player. He’s an injury prone fraud and not for a minute did I think Milan were serious about signing him, he goes against the profile of player Milan look for.

    1. LOL. Pls stop pretending you know more than M&M. They wanted Sanches but we’re not given the budget to get him and we’re obviously not concerned over his durability. Ya sure he goes totally against the profile they want – young, in his prime, dynamic, physical, fast, used to playing the press system, cheap transfer fee, CL experience, etc… Ya totally against their policy LOLOLOLOLO. No offense but you sound foolish 🤡

      1. They didn’t want Sanches, it was agent talk. Give me a link to an interview in which management stated they wanted Sanches.

        1. True.

          Maldini talked up Origi, updated us about CDK pursuit. They were real interest and proven.

          Botman and Sanches were not.

          When asked about Botman during interview, Maldini said that they followed him (refering to winter window) but they have a lot of good defender. It means the interest had gone cold which is in line with what Ambrosini revealed (that Maldini do not plan spending on defender). Didn’t Botman issue was transfer fee? So was CDK and we know Maldini have meetings to solve CDK’s transfer fee issue and urge the player to wait, these are non-existent in Botman case.

          Renato? Never any statement or action from Maldini that prove interest. Some say the player was seen in Milano, some said Mendes has meetings with Maldini. So what? The player has a lot of friend in Milano so it is normal to go to the citym Mendes is the agent of Leao, so it is normal for Maldini to meet Mendes.

      2. Frist of all, he’s 25 later this month so you can stop pretending that’s young, he would be one of the oldest players in the squad. He was garbage at Bayern, garbage at Swansea, he averages 0-2 goals and 25 appearances a season, do you understand what the word dynamic even means? He hit a career high 5 assists last season, he averages 0 and his agent is a ****. How many times did you see him play last season, zero? You’re a bluffer. You read rumours and pretend to be an expert. There’s a reason no serious club would touch, that’s why he ended up at PSG with all the other mercenaries.

        1. LMAO. “ There’s a reason no serious club would touch, that’s why he ended up at PSG with all the other mercenaries” this proves you don’t know WTF you are talking about lol. PSG is “not a serious club” ?hahahahahaha. Are you drunk? Ya Messi, Neymar, Veratti, Ramos, Marquinhos, etc…are all mercenaries and no serious clubs wanted them LOLOLOLO. Geex pal you sound like a proper idiot.

          1. Yes, that’s right, PSG are not a serious club, they sign anyone with a big name, regardless of whether or not they fit tactically, they let their players run the dressing room. You clearly don’t pay attention to the news, PSG are trying to get rid of Neymar, Draxler and others, no one will touch them because of their salaries. Ramos was let go by Real Madrid because they knew he was finished. Verratti and Marquinhos? What’s your point? Verratti was signed in 2012 and Marquinhos in 2013. They arrived long before show pony Neymar.

            “Ya Messi, Neymar, Veratti, Ramos, Marquinhos, etc…are all mercenaries and no serious clubs wanted them LOLOLOLO.”

            Work on your reading, I said:

            “There’s a reason no serious club would touch, that’s why he ended up at PSG with all the other mercenaries.”

            Who is he? Sanches, obviously, that’s who was being discussed. How exactly did you deduce from my statement that meant no serious club were interested in PSG’s other players?!?!? I didn’t give you the names of the other players that I think are mercenaries, and, as you’re clearly not familiar with PSG, its best you don’t try to figure that out by yourself. The club’s own supporters said their team were a bunch of mercenaries, ahead of a UCL game. One of us actually pays attention to what’s going on in the game, instead of being duped by rumours.

            As I said, you didn’t watch Sanches play last season. You’re a bluffer, not only do you not understand the politics at PSG, you also don’t know how to distinguish between rumours and actual news (and Milan were never interested in Sanches, this was his agent trying to bump up his salary, no one in management mentioned him), nor do you know how to distinguish between a good player and a fraud. You go ahead and keep making a show of yourself by posting. No skin off my nose. You have been exposed, bluffer.

      3. Stop pretending you know Maldini and Massara. Just because media say they pursue Sanches, doesn’t mean they really pursue Sanches. You were fooled by the media.

        Just like media lie with Botman, whom Maldini talked as thing of the past and put cold water on possible move by saying Milan have a lot of good defender, and actually already put nail in the coffin as Maldini told Ambrosini that he doesn’t plan to spend for CB.

        Just like media lie with Noa Lang, who wasn’t even talked about during meeting with Brugge’s director.

        A lot of the things the media speculate goes against Maldini’s word and action. Maldini said he plan on 2-3 important signings yet media said Maldini want to sign CB, DM, AM, RW, LW, and CF, they are so clueless, if so, does that mean the other 3-4 are unimportant, then let just forget them.

          1. They make money by making speculation.

            Not every speculations are true. I read all the speculations, and I concluded that the sensible speculations were Origi, CDK, Messias, and Florenzi. Guess what? All came true.

          2. Fabrizio Romano:
            Milan have told Botman agents their intention to sign him in June

            Paolo Maldini (via Ambrosini):
            “Kalulu has become a serious player. So why do I have to spend money to get one?”

            Either Romano was making fake claim or Maldini was lying to Ambrosini.

          3. Ya sure @Yelnats24 – ONLY YOU concluded that the transfers of Origi, CDK, Messias, and Florenzi were true and the rest were fake LOLOLOLO. How convenient. Wonder if that was before or after they were signed. Ha!! You must have been a fortune teller in your previous life. So who are we signing next? I mean which are the “sensible conclusions” because apparently we should all believe you over Fabrizio Romano – I mean what does he know right? You probably speak with Maldini on the regular eh and every other director at each club? Hahahahahaha. You sound like a lunatic sorry to say.

          4. Before Maldini renewal.

            Of course at that time Maldini already confirmed Origi. Meanwhile, Florenzi and Messias are no-brainer. As for the other rumours, I found that the only one fit to Maldini’s word and Milan’s needs is only CDK.

            Botman rumour is contrary to Maldini’s word, both what he told Ambrosini and the GdS interview.

            As for Sanches, the player profile just doesn’t match the standard formation of Milan.

            Noa Lang rumour was ridiculous from the start as he is LW.

        1. Hahahahaha @Medhi. Love reading your insane posts lol. “ Yes, that’s right, PSG are not a serious club, they sign anyone with a big name, regardless of whether or not they fit tactically, they let their players run the dressing room.” LOLOLOLO. Keep going your on fire kid lol. Where did you hear that players run the dressing room??? You understand the politics at PSG…Ha!! How did you get this information? Do you know someone at PSG or better yet did Messi call you and tell you??? Hahahahaha! Or did you learn it from the news/media perhaps?? Jesus your a donkey for real. And I guess YOu know Tactics better than the coaches and directors at PSG. Shit are you really Juergen Koop in disguise? Or just a kid with a paper route who lives in his moms basement? Ha!! AND it’s no skin off my back – not nose kid lol.

          You and @Yelnata24 may want to check this out. Do your research kids:

          “After verbal agreement reached on personal terms with Renato Sanches, AC Milan are still working to reach full agreement with Lille for the Portuguese midfielder. Maldini wants him as priority signing 🔴🇵🇹 #ACMilan

          AC Milan have a five-year deal ready for Sanches since January.”

          – Fabrizo Romano – 6/10/2022 – Twitter

          Look it up you jacka$$.

        2. @Medhi I love reading your insane posts. Now you know about more PSG politics and tactics LOL – more than their own directors and coaches – you know the real football professionals – and not some kid who has a paper route and lives in his moms basement. Ha! Let me guess you speak with Messi daily and he tells you all the crazy stiff that goes on in the dressing room. OR maybe just maybe, you heard that somewhere, I don’t know maybe the news/media?? Just a wild guess lol.

          You may want to do your homework – you and @Yelnats24:

          “ After verbal agreement reached on personal terms with Renato Sanches, AC Milan are still working to reach full agreement with Lille for the Portuguese midfielder. Maldini wants him as priority signing 🔴🇵🇹 #ACMilan

          AC Milan have a five-year deal ready for Sanches since January.”

          Fabrizio Romano – Twitter – 11:07PM 6/10/2022

          But ya he’s fake news – he just gets every transfer correct LOL.

          And it’s “skin off my back” – not nose kid. Good luck

          1. Lol, and you take that as fact? 🤣🤣🤣

            That is not confirmed by Maldini.

            If you believe those journalist so much, why don’t you worship them?

            Did you forget that Romano said Maldini told Botman’s agent that Milan will attempt to sign him in the summer?

            As it turn out, Ambrosini revealed that Maldini do not plan to spend on defender.

            Furthermore, during a GdS interview, when asked about Botman and Origi, Maldini played down Botman rumour while he talked up Origi rumour.

            Yes, that was fake news from Romano.

            Or maybe you are accusing Ambrosini and Maldini as liar.

          2. If you paid attention to European journalists who cover the game, you would know that the biggest criticism of PSG is that the players run the dressing room – that’s from the likes of Julien Laurens, one of the most respect journalists in the game, and Frank Leboeuf, a world cup winner with France, and here’s what Tuchel had to say:

            ‘At PSG, I felt I was the Minister for Sport. I had to also manage family members and friends of the stars.

            ‘At Chelsea, I work much more calmly.’

            It’s clear your knowledge of the game is limited to twitter, bluffer, and you were asked for evidence of management talking about Sanches, Romano isn’t management. Try harder. And when did I mention anything about tactics? I wouldn’t waste my time discussing tactics with someone of your limited knowledge.

            Your lame insults only ensure you won’t be taken seriously. One of us writes like a child, and it sure isn’t me.

    2. @Mehdi so what profile is Milan looking for? A 35 washed midfeilder or an 18 old midfeilder of trial…….you give the work comment here

      1. I don’t think Milan are looking for central midfielders. If they were, they wouldn’t have spent most of the budget on CDK. Central midfield is already covered.

  5. Happy for Renato… He got what he wanted. Like previously said I don’t think Milan were interested. Let’s get the CB and call it a day. Time to defend our title!
    Forza Milan!

  6. Seko fofana is next level player to kessie and à leader in Lens. If Maldini seriously try for him,we can surely get on board in Milan.
    Milan can convince Lens between 15 and 20million. And seko wish to play in champions league, Milan is the right destination for him.

    If it’s PSG, every club ask 2x or 3x to the original value.
    With Milan, everyone knows that we will not spend big

    1. @abdul and that’s why nobody wants to deal with us, we are creating a reputation that will damamge is in the future…..lens will sell fofana for 15m, are you kidding me???

      1. Milan and Maldini are doing great business practice, because of this, clubs won’t bully Milan to overpay for their players.

        Don’t you know that they said Man Utd should learn doing business like Milan and Maldini? Both team fall from the top around 10 years ago, Man Utd spent lavishly, Milan spent smartly, Man Utd missed UCL qualification while Milan win the scudetto.

  7. I think Milan should try a loan move for Conor Gallagher, Chelsea knows he’s a good player but doesn’t suit their style-of-play, so they’ll either loan him again or he’ll rot in the bench and he’s actually good. Imagine Gallagher wIth Tonali

    1. Some fans here are so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Callagher????? Let’s try Milan badelj or maybe Arthur…..since we are now calling anybody

  8. AC Milan cannot compete salary with oil club like mbappe FC . We need to find another target,there are plenty good DMF outside italy ,renato not big miss i think. It will ruin dressing room wage rule if we give renato 6m euro nett like mbappe FC give him. Anto vitiello are reliable source since he is milannews journalist

    1. It will also ruin dressing room if some players who helped win the scudetto are excluded from UCL squad. Hence why it is important that any new signing is a homegrown player as there is 1 slot available, unlike non-homegrown where 21 players are competing for only 17 slots.

      1. There it is!!!! Hahahaha. Couldn’t resist eh buddy? Homegrown registration!!!!! But hell since ONLY YOU a know which transfers are true and which are not and know more than the journalists who do this for a living I guess it’s only logical that ONLY YOU know more than M&M about homegrown registration rules! I bet your the life of the party at social events LOL. You can dazzle people with your infinite knowledge of the registration rules at the local gymnasium or motor vehicle depot. Fascinating! A true talent you are lol

        1. Why should I know more than M&M?

          I only reveal the fact about homegrown issue, something that M&M clearly understand. Even the sports media understand it but they hide it from public as it will negatively impact their rumour-making business.

          1. UCL registration rule is available for public. Unfortunately, too many fans are ignorant of it, pushing the club to buy players without thinking about it.

      1. Do you read that news from anto vitiello? Or you just here to keyboard warrior saying all people dumb? Anto vitiello are milannews journalist . He say mbappe fc offered renato 6m euro ,ofc you will choose 6m euro rather than 3,5m euro even if you are not asking 6m euro .

      2. Maldini only offer salary worthy of that player. Gigio ask for more, Hakan ask for more, Kessie ask for more. Romagnoli ask for more. When Maldini feel they are not worth that money, he just let them leave for free. Milan doesn’t need money leeches.

        Note that 4.5m is not above salary cap imposed by ownership.

        1. @Yelnats24: Yep, that’s a fact.

          But guess what… It doesn’t matter how many facts you throw at Juro & Kossy, they don’t understand anything. Never have, never will. They’ll do their namecalling and superioty act until you throw them some facts and they go quiet – until the next thread comes up and it all starts over again.

          You’re wasting your time trying to correct their false claims or idiotic bashings. Not worth it.

  9. I just dont see PSG as serious club, even Man City arent that dumb, all PSG did are stacking big name players regardless if they need it or not, look at how dumb they are signing Dollaruma and give him a big money while already have Navas a world class GK with a huge paycheck as well. im not PSG management but surely you dont have to be a genius to see how stupid PSG are.

    1. You Milan fans are the fool psg got donnaruma because they needed a long term solution to that problem and navas was a short term solution so get the f**k out of this page a get a life talking about psg is not a serious club is Milan a serious club fool if you are serious why did messi not come to Milan you saying that if Ramos want to come to Milan you will say no fool and donnaruma know that Milan does not have future ambition that is why he left and Jessie despite you a going to play the champions league idiot if is the state of Qatar say they want to buy Milan you fool will accept with an open arm just mind the way you comment about other every club have their up and down stop the trashing of other because Milan has many problems of it own

        1. Not to mention nausea as this fella obviously never heard of stuff like fullstop and comma.

          Danny boy, when your oil oligarchs are inevitably gone, you will revert to battling for 11th place in *chuckles* French Ligue, as you did before they came along and chucked billions to save your ass and turn you into a FC (fashion club). Just pray it happens *after* you get that elusive CL – which we’ve won 7 times, incidentally.

      1. If Maldini do not have ambition with Milan, he would have renew $umma and not signed Maignan.

        I applaud Maldini for doing what many regarded as stupid decision but turn out to be masterclass, he bought Maignan even before $umma start talking with P$G, he basically chase $umma away. Now Milan have goalkeeper who can use his feet.

        Just like Massimo Ambrosini, I also want to give credit to Maldini for ending Botman pursuit at January because his belief in Kalulu who also turn out to be masterclass.


      2. That’s right, PSG aren’t a serious club. They break FFP, keep signing players on enormous wages, keep sacking excellent coaches, still can’t win the UCL and are notorious for choking. PSG are a laughing stock.

  10. Comments here are hilarious! One camp quoting a pundit another quoting a former player. No one having direct access to the manager who decides the players we sign.
    Where do pundits get their info, maldini said something to them that he did not want publicized? And they published it?
    They are not always correct, why not everybody calm down and wait to see who MMM actually deem fit to join our team. When you see a photo of the player signing a contract then believe it.
    Guess that is quite hard, as everyone bleeds red & black, so emotions are stirred.

    1. The fact is, the pundits do not have access to Maldini but Ambrosini has access to Maldini. Also, I am not only quoting Ambrosini, I also quote Maldini himself.

      1. By the way, Ambrosini does not make his own assumption, he actually talked with Maldini and directly quote what Maldini said.

  11. Is this Sanches guy serious in thinking he will get any playtime in PSG?

    Honestly, what is it with these guys all flocking to Dubai-backed clubs, I mean other than money obviously. Everybody wanting to go to City or PSG. Only 11 guys get to play, geniuses, plus a few regular subs. Farewell to oblivion, I guess.

    1. Milan lab (medical department) are behind P$G. That is why he chose them. He can heal better at their treatment table.

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