Sarri says he ‘deserved to be listened to’ by Milan and other Serie A teams

By Euan Burns -

Former Lazio and Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri has lamented the fact that AC Milan showed no interest in making him their new coach this summer. 

Speaking to Corriere della Sera (via Radio Rossonera), the Tuscan coach was asked about the number of coaches who have changed jobs in Serie A recently and why he has not ended up on the bench of any of them.

The likes of Juventus, Bologna, Fiorentina, Milan, Monza, and Napoli have seen their coaches change, with many of them moving between some of the aforementioned clubs.

Sarri was the Lazio coach until the latter stages of last season but appeared to fall out with the hierarchy in Rome.

According to Sarri, he would have expected more conversations with some of the clubs that were looking for a new coach. When pressed by the journalist about whether Milan and Fiorentina are the teams he had in mind, he called them both ‘suitable’. He was considered by Milan.

“Honestly, I am a bit sorry, there were free roles in teams that I imagined could do it for me. I wasn’t even approached for a chat. But I deserved to be listened to for at least a quarter of an hour,” Sarri said.

In terms of the reason for Sarri being overlooked by these clubs, he thinks it is down to age and a greater focus on young and energetic coaches rather than the experience someone like him can bring.

“You focus on young coaches, and that’s fine too. But experience remains a value, it should not be thrown away. Just look at the age of the coaches who have won the Europa Conference League, Europa League and Champions League this year: 63, 66 and 65 [Carlo Ancelotti with Real Madrid, Gian Piero Gasperini with Atalanta and Jose Luis Mendilibar with Olympiacos] This is no coincidence,” Sarri explained.

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  1. Or… maybe it’s just YOU, Maurizio… And what about all the older coaches like you, Allegri, Mourinho who sucked? (And many would add Pioli into the mix too.)

  2. De Zerbi saying this would be understandable as he’s a reasonable connection with Milan. Anyway if you’re not contacted Sarri meaning they’ve already known enough of you that’s not what they are looking for. Think this is about the first time I’ve heard of a football coach openly admitting his disappointment in not being considered a post. Perhaps more reasons why Milan didn’t consider Sarri. A rebel that’s not afraid of speaking everything in the open and always feeling right. A very good coach and I used to be a huge fan but think he’s declining with problematic attitude

  3. Well sarri remains the best Italian coach anyday anytime even above inzaghi and conte..someay argue but his record speaks… we saw how every team he goes the players improve drastically and his results speak for itself… Either it’s Napoli, Chelsea, Lazio even juve…Napoli and Lazio still wish they could control him, but he is not like Pioli ( and errands and yes yes coach) , he is not like Allegri, not tactical innovation but dull amd boring style, he is not like Conte( a coach who whine, blames others for his failure and disrupt the synchronism and structure of a football organizations by his inflated ego)… He is sarri, a coach that goes to any team and make them play football regardless of the big names there….you may hate him but he remains a football genius

  4. We’re too progressive and diverse to have an outdated Italian coach like you who would just ruin our global image and reputation. Besides you’re too old to wear (promote) our super dupper, funky fresh Off White and New Era merc.


  5. Good coach , have experience winning UEL & scudetto. Using atacking style , i dont know why ACM never consider him as head coach , sachi recomended him to berlusconi in the past too

  6. To be fair I remember an article many moons ago where Galliani apparently had recommended Sarri to Berlusconi while he was at Empoli but Silvio wasn’t hooked on the idea of hiring a heavy smoking communist 😀 Not to bash the current ownership but imagine an American owner/company doing it then.

    There even was a recent SempreMilan article where Sacchi had suggested the same and still was in favor of bringing him to the club.

    His Napoli team did play some pretty great football back then and I wouldn’t have opposed it myself if we look at his qualities but his age kinda speaks against it if they might wanna build a potential long term project with whoever arrives.

    1. Articles

      Sacchi advises Milan to hire head coach Berlusconi rejected “The advice the same” – SempreMilan

      “AC Milan background: Berlusconi rejected Sarri ‘because he was a communist” – different website

  7. Maybe because we don’t need a past it dinosaur coach like him, Conte, and jose. It takes 5 seconds of seeing how much better Roma got after binning Jose for de Rossi to realize these inflexible dinosaurs have been past by. Age means nothing of you dint evolve with the game. Ancelotti continues to succeed because he does what’s need with the group he has. Madrid played most of the season with no real CF, and yet walked to the LA liga and won another ucl. Coaches like sarri Conte and Jose are stubborn fools who refuse to adapt, hence why they never make it. The game has passed them by

  8. I just imagine sarri as our coach the seasons he spent in Napoli
    He resigned in Empoli for Milan job and ended in Napoli
    Now from Lazio ,I no he is waiting for Milan job
    And yet snubed
    Finishing second with the kind of players he had at lasZio will tell u what he can do with Milan ,with more better players than what Lazio had

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