Report: Sassuolo say it is ‘absolutely forbidden’ for Milan shirts and scarves to be in the home end next week

By Euan Burns -

Sassuolo have made it clear that no fans will be able to bring AC Milan coloured clothing into the south stand when the teams meet next weekend.

As was announced by the club on their website (via Milan News), the Neroverdi do not want a situation where their hardcore supporters find themselves next to clear Milan supporters as this is likely to end in violence and disruption to the match.

Given the size of clubs such as Milan, Inter and Juventus, it is common for their fans from across the country to buy home tickets when their team are visiting a different area of the country.

When Milan recently visited Hellas Verona’s Stadio Bentegodi, half of the stadium were known to be Rossoneri fans.

Milan travel to Emilia Romagna next Sunday knowing that a single point will grant them their first Scudetto since 2011.

Inter will need to beat Sampdoria and hope Milan lose in order to defend their title.

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  1. I dont see it solving anything because it will be easy enough to see who supports who if close enough to people and its not like spectators will sit in silence watching the entire match anyways so the potential of violence is still very much still alive regardless of colors worn by the fans.
    Its disgracefull that these situations arise this often in serie a and figc really should step up and fix the issues through law because its just a matter of time before someone gets killed and it should be fairly easy to close some areas and insert a great ammount of security guards in between the different fan groups but in the end that would mean moving some regulars from their seats and that propably wont help a presidents reputation in regard of the home fans either.

    1. Your solution won’t work, because the problem is Milan supporter in the home end, that is in the section for Sassuolo fans. The away end, section for Milan supporter already full so some Milan player choose to buy Home ticket, that will put them in the middle of Sassuolo supporter hence the risk of violence should Milan scores and he celebrate.

      1. i know that but it should be in alls interest to have them seperated even if that means some people will have to leave their designated seats and sit in another part of that stand. Figc should for the future season make it punishable with the threat of stadium bans to buy tickets in in home sections if people doesnt support said team or are neutral spectators.
        Obviously as an ac milan fan im glad we will have as much support as possible on sunday but looking at the issue with neutral eyes as much as that is possible i dont like people breeching the security so this is an issue that needs to be taken hand of and if that means that figc makes a decree that in the name of safety that people could have their designated seats taken from them and moved to another seat so the club doesnt stand with the entire responsebility to make such choice, them im for it.

  2. …”absolutely forbidden”, eh? No qualms!
    #WeAreAcMilan #WeAreBack and, come Sunday afternoon, we will beat you like chickens 🐔🐔🐔


  3. Yo guys this is a game and sassuolo has nothing to lose or gain from every point of view
    Does this means the friendly atmosphere in every game is gone and dead?
    No football is not a war game like Russia and Ukraine
    Everyone has right to sit and support any club
    If they attack Milan won’t they visit Milan next season?
    It happened in secondary school game where they attacked and injured one of our supporters forgotten they have returned leg
    What happened was …..

    1. sure its not russia invading ukraine but through history lots of people have been killed in the name of sport for supportiing the wrong team and theres also the question even if a fight were to burst out then panic also has the potential to cause casualties and thats simple facts of european football history and s so this shouldnt be taken lightly as you seem to suggest,

  4. Sassuolo fans can staying home watching the game on TV they have nothing to lose or gain. Just as Barcelona vs Frankford they let 30.000 Germany in the stadium.

    1. even if you want us to compare this situation with barcelona apparently letting in 30.000 frankfurt fans then the camp nou has a capacity of 99,354 and sassuolos stadium has 21,584 which then would roughly equate to us getting around 7000 available tickets according to your 30k number. Sassuolo fans paid for their tickets according to the stand milan fans hasnt and you want them to stay at home. Yeah right and the question of safety isnt only related to one side but all people involved.

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