MF: Saudi Arabia launch €138m offer to overhaul the Supercoppa Italiana

By Oliver Fisher -

The way that the Supercoppa Italiana is contested could be set for a radical change as a big offer has come from Saudi Arabia, a report claims.

The date and location for the next Supercoppa between Milan and Inter has already been announced as the game will take place on 18 January 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The exact kick-off time will be released later and in Italy, while Mediaset will stream the game.

After the past season when the Rossoneri won the league title, the rivalry between the two sides is certainly heated, and it is of course expected that the two Milanese clubs will again fiercely battle for the Scudetto.

According to Milano Finanza (via, the Supercoppa could soon change quite significantly. Saudi Arabia have decided to present an offer of €138m to Serie A to keep their agreement on hosting it.

The improvement idea is mainly the result of what should be the new format of the tournament with four teams, along the lines of the one organised in Spain. The top two in Serie A and the two finalists of the Coppa Italia would participate, with other teams to fill in if there is overlap.

They pitch that the agreement would apply for the coming six years, therefore until the 2028-29 season.

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  1. Players are already playing way too many games and dropping like flies with injuries, but why don’t we add just few more unnecessary games that also require extra unnecessary traveling to a different continent,
    country and climate

      1. Does any other league has their super cup played outside of the country in the middle of the season
        There are other ways to make those money. How about fixing the problem from the inside. Insted of looking outward.
        Get rid of bureaucratic obstacles that stops clubs from building their own stadiums. It will take Milan & inter 7 years to build a new stadium, where everywhere else it would probably take 2.

  2. No Saudi Arabia. We don’t want you. Football needs to learn that Money is not everything. Human rights is important for fans. Watar is bad enough. Let’s learn from that and steer clear of this nonsens.

      1. I watch it because of the sport. Not because of the money. Maybe you just see running dollar bills. To me it’s culture and hobby. Of course money is a part of it but I like teams that has a good moral also. If it was only about money I would not route for Milan I would cheer for Man city or PSG since they seem to be able to buy and pay how much they want. Milan is tradition and history. I’m glad we didn’t get a Bahrainian owner at least. I hope Milan stays on the course we are on. I like how Pioli, Maldini and Co. have built this team with young players full of passion and not big names with who are only in it for the money.

    1. Human rights ?!!😄😄😄 , milan is owned by americans , or u think its ok to occupy other countries bombing them torture hold people for decades without trials , etc etc , stop with this moral outrage and stick to football and leave politics out of it with ur fake selective outrage , if the supper cup is going to bring more money for serie a and milan do it , and if cardinale is going to spend money in the transfer market then great , i hope he owns milan for a long time

  3. So a couple of million at least for a couple of games. Yep, I’m sold. Easiest money they’ll make. Pays for players wages for a week. Better than a kick in tge nuts. A. It’s a privilege to play tge final and b it’s only one extra game. The boys get paid well enough I’m sure they won’t mind.

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