Scaroni admits Milan’s stadium pursuit ‘has taken its toll’ but shares positive news

By Isak Möller -

Paolo Scaroni has led AC Milan’s stadium pursuit ever since the beginning, when they announced a project with Inter, and the process has been long. In an interview, he admitted that it’s been tiring but also shared positive news. 

Milan have been working on a new stadium for several years and recently abandoned the San Siro completely, and thus also their project with Inter. Now, the Rossoneri are working on a stadium of their own and have a few areas in mind.

San Donato appears to be the frontrunner as Milan have acquired Sportlifecity (read more here) and Scaroni shared an update on the sidelines of the Banco BPM event last night. He admitted that the process has taken its toll but also shared some positive news.

“This stadium saga has taken its toll on me. Also because it’s a matter to which, I have to say, I have devoted a lot of time and energy. I’m not really used to using my energy without reaching the finish line.

“At the moment, we have two or three initiatives, which in my opinion have legs and are viable. Right now, I don’t want to anticipate any news, but it seems to me that we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel after four years of suffering,” he said as cited by

“[Banco] BPM will support and help finance the new stadium for us,” he added as cited by Francesco Nasato.

It’s important for Milan to have a bank behind them as the project will be expensive. It’s not exactly something that you pay for in cash, but the revenue opportunities are many and the Rossoneri will certainly make the money back and more.

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  1. Man I sympathize with Scaroni. Imagine having to deal with council bureaucrats every day for years on end. Hopefully like he says there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. I don’t know where you’re from dejan but in this part of Europe we usually have a conception of the state institutions as servants of the people, hence responsible for the public interest. In Milan the municipality is doing good with environmental matters, which is a major concern in this part of Europe these days. Today in Milan it’s almost 40°C, with no air and humidity, it’s the highest temperatures ever registered for this moment of the year so environment is a big topic currently. It’s supposedly why Milan couldn’t build anywhere, because a lot of lands are protected.

      Scaroni is just some greedy businessman trying to run his business, it’s a matter of private interest only. So the fact that he couldn’t do whatever he wanted is a good point for the municipality, with elections coming in three years. I would love a stadium closer to the city but there are other priorities.

      1. Dude – If all the greedy business people closed shop and left, who is going to pay your pension? How is that in the UK, USA stadiums are built within 18 months or less once the go ahead are granted? Why can’t the Italians make a decison in a reasonable amount of time (aye or nay)? This is why no one wants to invest in Italy. Football is a business – not a welfare service. In the 90’s and 2000’s Serie A was the place to be – the top players played there. Not anymore – the good players can’t wait to get away. Top Serie A clubs cannot afford to pay competitive wages and still satisfy FFA. Do you know why? Italian clubs don’t own their stadiums and dudes like you won’t let them build one. You haven’t qualified for the last two FIFA world cups. To say that building stadiums causes global warming is laughable and shows your ignorance. Chao

        1. You missed my entire point, maybe I wasn’t clear.

          First, I’m French, not Italian. A very few clubs have their own stadium in France. We’ve been in two World Cup finals in a row, winning one, so I don’t see your point.

          Second, I assume you’re American. In this part of Europe we traditionally rely on the welfare state and we don’t have (yet) your culture of thinking that greedy billionaires and behemoth corporations are saving us, at the expense of destroying the planet, politics and economics.

          Third, what I said it that Scaroni represents private interest, a business with no other consideration than making money. He would build a stadium over il Duomo if it was possible. The public institutions represent the people, the public interest, and this elected municipality is leftist and have post-materialist values, including environment. So if a land is protected because nature rarefies, you don’t build a stadium on it, implying destruction of nature.

  2. San donato are best option. ACM need own stadium not renting forever from milan government.Let IM renting san siro forever if they want, 60000-70000 seat capacity enough for new stadium

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