Scaroni: “We are building a Milan equipped for the Champions League” – video

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has joked that fans should not get used to the idea of making one signing per week from now until the end of August.

Milan have so far welcomed Marco Sportiello, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Luka Romero with Christian Pulisic having undergone his medical today, all while there are links with Tijjani Reijnders plus several forwards.

Scaroni spoke to reporters at an event that Milan are hosting along with BMW Italia to celebrate the extension of their partnership.

“Our Giorgio Furlani makes one signing a week, you don’t think we’ll continue like this until August 31st? There are 10 weeks left, it is not possible (laughs).”

So for Reijnders we have to wait for next week? “I don’t mention names, I only say one a week up to now, a not bad pace.”

What do you expect from this season for Milan? “To have a stronger Milan. We have a peremptory obligation to be in the Champions League, because we’ve seen the impact it has on our game, our players and our accounts. That is an absolute obligation. Then everything else that comes will be welcome.”

On Pulisic: “ He is above all a strong player. Of course, American and all, but I like him because he is a very strong player.”

Were you surprised by the enthusiasm of the fans at the rally? “I really liked it and I drew a parallel between who was at Milanello the day before yesterday and our season ticket campaign which was a great success, the two things go a bit together.”

On the stadium in San Donato: “It is a project in which we are moving forward. It’s always a complicated story, so let’s move forward on San Donato as we move forward on other opportunities.”

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  1. You sold a fan favourite and buying average players. Don’t see us getting out of group in UCL. Might finish in top 4, because we will only have one game per week second half of season. Furlani out. Cardinale out.

    1. Fan favorite spoke to Newcastle before they approached us and agreed to transfer for big wage packet in rainy northern England. But that’s management’s fault. Okay 👌

    1. It’s July 12th, not September 12th.
      There’s is month and a half left in the window. They are still building the team

      1. Nope – it’s too late! The season’s already over! We’re all doomed! All we’ve done is sniff after players but not bought any and sold future legends that begged to stay.

        1. Yeah by September we’ll sign Haaland, Pedri and Gnabry and win the Champions League, and once again you’ll be right my dejan love! Forza Scaroni and forza dejan!

  2. sure, sell the main creative player then buy lazio + chelsea bench warmer is progress, the later even fail to qualified for ucl

  3. Cl players are Chukwueze, Thuram, Kamada, Sanagare etc.
    You are building a team equipped to fight to QUALIFY for the champions league… 🙁

      1. Which two? Pulisic played in 10 UCL games in the UCL title run. Played 2 full games and 6 out of the rest were under 25 minutes lol. He wasn’t a protagonist.
        U included RLC because it certainly is t Romero, Sport or 🦌? He wasn’t involved and doesn’t have a UCL medal. He was at Fulham. Tonali has twice more champions league experience than RLC…smh. The impression these signings give off is really baffling

  4. The top teams in Europe don’t tend to sell their key players or have high turnover of players.

    Most of the top sides have been playing together for years.

    Benzema was at Real for 14 years.

    Do you see any of Milan players remaining at the club for that long?

    Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini played together for 6 years. Bonucci came to Milan and struggled, and went back to Juve and recovered his form.

    For where Milan are at now, this summer we shouldn’t have been signing a maximum 2-3 players – the third due to Bennacer’s injury. By this stage we should be only adding quality. Instead we’re rebuilding our entire midfield (having sacked the two men who laid the foundations for the project).

    I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see Pioli lasting past Christmas, and then that will be the end of the project. We’re then going to require years to catch up with the others whilst constantly chasing our tails with endless transfers most of which end in failure due to the lack of stability at the club.

    1. Bingo. I sometimes don’t want to post exactly this because they’ll call me a Maldini lover but what u stated were just pure facts. We were in an incredible position to need 2 or 3 more pieces, a CAM and and RW – which Maldini and Massara were going with SMS and Berardi. RLC was going to be the bench option for Bennacer. Now we’re basically restarting in midfield especially.. smh.

  5. Who is he fooling? We’re not getting past group stage based on our pot and the quality of players. And when we eventually play on Thursdays it’s going to affect our league results until we get dumped out.
    “Our Giorgio Furlani makes one signing a week, ” lol he’s also losing one player a week too. It’s also not about quantity…

    1. CL group stage already finished? Did we get 4th CL group stage ? First season M as director technical failed with giampaolo & pioli as coach finish in europa league, second season finish 2nd but get knocked from europa league round 16 , third season scudetto but finish 4th in group stage CL , fourth season 0 trophy ( almost fail finish top 4 & lucky drawing get to semifinal CL ) . Lets give this new management chance like you give M 4 season

      1. So we have to wait another 4 years?

        There’s been no failure. There’s been unbelievable success.

        After a decade in the wilderness Maldini and Co took us back to the champions league with back to back qualifications, to a Scudetto and then the semi-finals of the champions league.

        There’s not a single person on the planet who would’ve predicted we’d achieve that success before he took over.

        We’re getting very dangerously close to being back at square one. And given the longevity of the top European sides and their budgets, it’s hard to see how we’ll get back.

        1. You can give maldini 4 years chance for one scudetto but cannot give new management same chance ? I still believe this club can get better , they follow liverpool path that owned by american too by spending effective ,not wildly spending crazy money like MU & chelsea

      2. Bro have you seen Pots 1 and 2?
        Pot 1
        Manchester City
        Bayern Munich
        Paris Saint-Germain

        Pot 2

        Real Madrid
        Manchester United
        Borussia Dortmund
        Atletico Madrid
        RB Leipzig

        So unless as we’re hoping to land Feyenoord and Porto/Leipzig I don’t know how we’re making R16

        As of writing we’ve lost more than we’ve gained on both quality and quantity. But the Mercato isn’t finished yet so there’s time.

        1. Ppl keep saying IM on hell group last season and mocking them they will be 4th in group stage . But they passed on group stage and make barca go to europa league . It is good too see ACM fighting spirit in hell group, become underdog like IM last season in group stage . Im waiting champion league drawing

  6. Ppl keep saying IM on hell group last season and mocking them they will be 4th in group stage . But they passed on group stage and make barca go to europa league . It is good too see ACM fighting spirit in hell group, become underdog like IM last season in group stage . Lets waiting champion league drawing and see what AC Milan cab do

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