Scaroni confirms ‘doubled revenue’ is behind Milan’s mercato spending

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan president spoke about the club’s situation in an interview published this morning and shared his thoughts on various topics. Among other things, he revealed that they will register a profit in 2022-23. 

Last season was a very successful one for the Rossoneri, financially speaking anyway, as they reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. It’s already been reported by some outlets that a profit is expected for the 2022-23 financial year, but not it has been confirmed.

Speaking to Gazzetta Dello Sport, as cited by our colleagues at, Scaroni confirmed that they will make a profit and also explained that this is the very basis of their busy mercato this summer. He also spoke about tonight’s game against Monza.

On the game…

“I’m returning from vacation to be in the stands, I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. Berlusconi was a pioneer in many fields, but in the world of football he was so much: Milan as we know it today, a legendary team with hundreds of millions of fans all over the world, owes everything to him. Silvio’s AC Milan inspired a new way of playing and was innovative in style. A path I want to continue as the president.”

The new Milan…

“Berlusconi’s Milan taught us that winning while having fun is even more beautiful and I’m convinced that the line followed by RedBird’s Milan is the same Silvio followed in the past. Even if, as you well know, it’s not me who is behind this mercato but there is the great work of our CEO Giorgio Furlani, with the support of our owner Cardinale. Gerry follows everything that happens at the club, and the mercato in particular.”

A healthy club…

“We will close the 2022-23 financial year with a profit, seventeen years after the last time it happened: it was 2006 and Berlusconi was president. In the last four years, we have doubled our revenue, it’s a great success. The economic growth of the club is fundamental, it was the premise of this rackling transfer campaign. Pulisic? I met him at Casa Milan, he’s a nice boy, with a clean face and above all he’s a huge talent on the pitch. He’s one of those players that Silvio would have liked.”

Win the second star…

“Look, I don’t want to think about it… I’m just saying that we are ambitious and we want to win, but we must also take into account the fact that playing in the Champions League and progressing in the Coppa Italia, as happened last season, is just as important. It is the fundamental condition to remain at the top in Italy and in Europe. We have to continue on this path, always going on the field to win. If another Scudetto arrives, then, I’ll be the happiest man in the world. As Berlusconi would have been”.

The Rossoneri will face Monza in the first edition of Trofeo Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away recently. It’s the first of four friendlies (see the full schedule here) before the season opener against Bologna.

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  1. Why wasn’t it successful? When was the last time ACM got to the semi finals of the CL before last year? For next season to be successful with all the new arrivals is to get into the CL final and place at least 3rd in Serie A. Otherwise all these big and earth shattering acquisitions would have been in vain!

  2. None of these guys talk about football, that’s crazy. It’s just “brand”, “finance”, “market”, “profit”. What kind of answer is that about the second star…

    I read someone in the comment section funnily calling this team AC Bilan. Nailed it.

    1. Can’t put the cart before the horse. Scaroni’s role is precisely to deal with “brand”, “finance”, “market” and “profit”. It’s like asking the accountant if he thinks the boat boat you just bought is a good one. He talks about those things because that is his job and minding those things is how a club will be able to win in this f*cked up football world in 2023. Talk to Furlani, Moncada and Pioli about the “second star”. We’ve spent over 100m this summer and people are still complaining. They should have just kept Maldini and given him 35m to spend on one player.

      1. P.S., it’s just insane to think it can be done any other way in modern football, unless you are owned by a sovereign wealth fund, and you shit sponsor is owned by the same sovereign wealth fund, and in PSG’s case, even one of the main TV rights holders is owned by the same sovereign wealth fund. Look at what Scaroni says: The last time Milan turned a profit was in 2006. What also happened in 2006? The great Berlusconi sold Andriy Shevchenko. I bet that 99% probability this is why the club turned a profit then. Otherwise it always losing money, and Berlusconi just couldn’t keep up with the Joneses anymore as football evolved around him. This is why he sold the club, not because he didn’t want to be in football anymore. Otherwise he wouldn’t have bought Monza. Milan was to expensive, and there was too much debt.

  3. I can’t wait for the season to start those fans that are expecting 20g/a from pulisic/Okafor/chuks will be disappointed, our attack is going to revolve around giroud and leao, and our mid is going to revolve around krunic our defense is going to revolve around kjear

  4. I can’t wait for the season to start those fans that are expecting 20g/a from pulisic/Okafor/chuks will be disappointed, our attack is going to revolve around giroud and leao, and our mid is going to revolve around krunic our defense is going to revolve around kjear.

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