Scaroni and Gazidis outline why Milan fans should be excited heading into RedBird era

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni and CEO Ivan Gazidis both share excitement regarding how the club can and aim to move forward under RedBird Capital and their main man Gerry Cardinale.

The €1.2bn takeover of Milan by the American fund RedBird was completed at the back end of August and news is starting to emerge regarding how the club will be taken forward given the current crossroads after reducing the costs of the playing squad while also attempting to challenge for trophies.

Scaroni spoke at the shareholders’ meeting this morning in which the 2021-22 accounts were talked through and approved, and he also answered some questions. The president was first asked about Gerry Cardinale’s comments in recent days where he expressed his intention to ‘shake’ things up a bit.

“We have a shareholder who, in the interest of Milan, wants to make the most of his team’s skills. There are 7-8-9 sports professionals,” he began.

“I believe that Milan can benefit from this shareholder on all fronts, which brings us a range of skills that we did not have. We are all very optimistic to have a new phase of growth of the brand, of the club and of everything we do. I am confident that we are living now, after the recovery phase.”

Gazidis also gave a question and answer session at the end of the shareholders’ meeting that took place at Casa Milan, with his comments on Cardinale’s aims for the club moving forward relayed by MilanNews.

“RedBird have great expertise in all areas of sport, particularly commercial, and fan relations. They are learning, they understand very well that football is different in the USA: they have experiences with Liverpool and Toulouse and they have to listen and learn for a while,” he said.

“They believe that there are many things that bring this environment to Italian football, and I do too: there are many things that we need to improve if we want to grow. The RedBird experience will change not only the future of Milan, but also of Italian football.”

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  1. we can’t keep our best players because we don’t want to pay like other clubs in italy pay , i don’t know what we should feel yet but excited is not one of them

    1. Now did you see Juve, with their expensives players and big salary, can’t even qualify to the next UCL stage?

      And Milan at 2nd place in the league, much better than Inter and Juve at 7th and 8th place.

    2. We have young squad bound to improve each year. As the revenue continue to grow, so is the ability to pay and retain them.

  2. @so called milan die hard fans dont lump us together with a moron like you, most of us smart people not pretending to be a smartass thinking that we know everything behind the management and their budget allocation.

  3. There are things behind the scene that we dont know, and the media is manipulating everything so that they can make huge headlines without beeing something so be speaken of… anyway not renewing donna made us buy maignan (better GK) with probably less money (renewing donna with salary, player and agent comisions) and i was and will never be a fan of calha. Leao hat probably high salary and comisions demands so that wouldnt be so cheap.

  4. Ljepo je čut da se povečavaju prihodi i da klub raste ali ako ne produže ugovore i ne PLATE važne igrače nema od prihoda NIŠTA !!!!!

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