Scaroni downplays idea Milan are missing out on transfer targets due to ‘complexities’

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has attempted to play down the idea that the Rossoneri might miss out on some transfer targets due to the uncertainty after the sale.

While the celebrations of the 19th league title are continuing, there is also rightly a fair amount of attention now being paid to the 2022-23 campaign and what promises to potentially be an even more important season in the tapestry of the Rossoneri’s resurgence.

Milan continue to be linked with a number of different players such as Sven Botman and Renato Sanches of Lille, Charles De Ketelaere and Noa Lang of Club Brugge and Nicolo Zaniolo of Roma among others, but none seem to be imminent and if anything there seems to have been a slowdown generally on market operations.

Interviewed by Rai GR Parliament, Scaroni was asked about the mercato and more specifically the idea that the transitional period to a new ownership could see clubs swoop in and steal transfer targets from under the nose of Maldini and Massara.

“There is no doubt that the change of ownership delayed things and created complexities that weren’t there,” he said (via MilanNews).

“You say we lose so many opportunities, I don’t know. We lose a lot of chatter, when I read the newspapers I don’t see dozens of completed transactions but dozens of hypotheses. We at Milan have a habit of being more reserved than others, and this is due to Maldini and Massara.”

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    1. The window isn’t even open yet in Italy. No transfers are official until then. You keep neglecting this fact when citing these “transfers”. They certainly are not coming from Italian clubs as of yet. I am sure there are transactions that are signed but I repeat, nothing is official until the window is open and the contracts can be deposited with the lega. Until then, we have no idea unless you have some I sights I to club transfers that we don’t.

      1. Just because a transfer cannot become “official” doesn’t mean it has not already been signed/agreed to. The contracts cannot be deposited with the league before July 1st – correct. However a player may begin to negotiate and sign prior to that date – actually beginning in January (6 months prior to the expiration of their term/contract – it’s called a “pre-contract” agreement). So you are incorrect. Roma has signed Matic for example. That is a fact. He cannot train until July 1st as he is technically still and Man U player until June 30th (as they are still paying his salary until then) but he CAN and HAS already signed his deal.

        1. Yes, but until the paperwork has been deposited the transfer is not complete so is just based on reports. My point is still valid because saying that there were many transfers by other clubs already on their official pages is incorrect. Any transfers at this point would merely be players signed who are out of contract or options/obligations to buy from previous contracts.

          1. Open the Man City twitter and find when was Haaland announced. Liverpool as well. 3 players announced. Those are their official channels, what are you talking about. Why do you have to have stupid comments on whatever I write? I don’t care if you can’t open a page

      1. LOL. Liverpool bought 3 players, City bought Haaland 1.5 months ago. They signed the contracts and officaly announced it, of course he will officially sign when the window opens. Touchameni Real? Same. Inter? They already signed 2 free players, confirmed by Marotta and they will sign Lukaku before we get anyone reasonable. . And Inter needs to sell to buy someone that isn’t free. If they had the money transfers would be concluded. Scaroni is talking how we know how to replace players like Leao at the same time. Again 2 geniuses that have no clue about anything. Not a single serious club waits for the 1st of July to start signing players they really want. Only you can suggest that should be done like that, stop being “smart”.

      2. Inter signed Onana and Mykhitarian on free transfers, confirmed by Marotta yesterday. For the 200TH time, INTER CAN’T SIGN ANYONE THAT ISN’T FREE BEFORE THEY SELL. If they could, they definitely would conclude the Lukaku transfer. Any club that knows what they want buy in June. Just look at Tottenham and what Conte did. They always waited for deals and last weeks of transfer window. He made Levy buy 3 players in JUNE, that is how you win. You get players for pre-season and ready, not in August.

  1. A lot of deals? By what sides? Show me the big Merdi or Juve transactions and signings concluded till now, for instance…

    Oh boy, this “doom & gloom” pack is a joke. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Exactly! I wouldn’t mind a healthy debate but any valid point that is introduced is simply met with an “I don’t care what you think” response. It is becoming increasingly difficult to filter through these pointless rants from that group of commebters to get to meaningful discourse.

      1. Social Media becomes a veritable virtual Arkham Asylum, Honest_Truth, under all respects and in all latitudes. I believe it is an irreversible anomaly, unfortunately.

    2. It’s rare to see a commenter looks calm and used their brain in here among these doom and gloomers who loves to overreact at every rumors / report.

        1. No it isn’t. Inter doesn’t have money, Lukaku would already be there if they could. Liverpool signed 3 players and announced them. City signed Haaland, Real signed Tcouhameni etc. Your point is none existent, you are saying that we won’t miss out on anything because the transfer window didn’t begin, like any other club cares about that. Honestly, I can’t even reply to that idiocy, have fun and talk to yourself.

  2. I never seen new owners downplaying their plans, it’s like they regret spending the money! Be cautious or whatever just show the true intentions if Maldini hesitant to sign new contract that’s not a good indication… but let’s see it’s still transition period

  3. There are no good indications coming from Milan, we only dilly dally about so many players. Infact we fan are used to dry mercato with some fringe players signed at the end. Disgusting!!

  4. Now let me ask you all one thing doesn’t Maldini loves milan if he does don’t you guys think he would jump to keep captaining the ship so why he hasnt sign yet when we all know signing him up would be one of the easiest things milan would ever do……though there are tons of speculations in here but there is no smoke without fire……there might be tons going on behind closer doors which we don’t know but early signs are not good

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