Scaroni admits transition from RedBird signing to closing takeover could take a ‘few months’

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has reassured fans that everything ‘is going as planned’ with regards to the takeover of the club, but added that there could be a few months before the deal is fully closed.

La Gazzetta dello Sport are among the sources reporting that Gerry Cardinale, the founder of RedBird Capital Partners, has signed the contract for the acquisition of the majority of Milan from the Elliott fund. They state that the official announcement could come in the next few hours, although it is likely to be postponed to tomorrow.

Scaroni, the president of Milan, spoke to Radio Cor – the agency of Il Sole 24 Ore, – at an Anfia event, which is the national automobile industry association.

“Everything is going as planned. I believe that in the next few days the negotiation with the new owners’ fund will take place, even if a few months will pass between signing and closing,” he said (via MilanNews).

“I hope that there is a defined situation in order to be able to face the market that we have in front of us with a clear ownership because this makes life easier for everyone.”

With a very important summer transfer market beckoning, it is important that there is as smooth a transition as possible so that the management can work on bolstering the squad without the threat of now being able to get deals signed off.

Scaroni was also asked about what the future holds for Paolo Maldini after he revealed that he feels disrespected to have not been approached about a contract extension, given his current deal expires at the end of next month.

“The joy and pride for the Scudetto will last a very long time, it was a truly wonderful thing. Maldini was a key element in getting to the Scudetto, let alone if I want him to leave. I tell the fans to continue to be close to us. They always do and will continue to do so,” he said.

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    1. It looks like, they are preparing us (fans) for Maldini leaving. But, we have to be calm, and support Milan, doesn’t matter if he is gone. Big, big…BS!!!

  1. Seems like a bad translation where he is trying to indicate that even if he wanted maldini to leave the club it wouldnt happen and hence aknowledging his position and importance within the club.

    Imagine a new ownership not continuing with maldini and pioli that would pretty much be suicide as the large ammount of people showing up to the scudetto celebrations would quickly be swapped with furious fans with torches and pitchforks out to lynch the new owners instead,

    Not gonna happen Maldini will surely continue with ac milan.

  2. I hope you are right. What makes me a bit uncertain, and nervous, was Maldinis critique of Gazidis in the italian media. That was not a strategically good decision. But as you say, if they were to not renew him, that would create an uproar of epic proportion among Milanfans. Hopefully Redbird (and Gazidis) would want to avoid that scenario.

    1. I can understand why that would worry you and other milan fans but I believe it was said because maldini knows his own worth and is trying to protect the people mentioned in the interview as they at least desserves some clarity of their future. so basically i think it was about him pulling his leverage to ensure the continuation of the project and nothing more. Also a hint to the ownerships to get up in gear so the sale doesnt stand in the way of our mercato.

  3. It could also be interpreted as him inflating his own importance at the cost of calm and harmony in the leadership of the club. If he renews, he will have to cooperate with a man that he just accused of disrespecting him…

    1. If anything i would say that he deflates his own importance compared to maldinis but it could also be interpreted as he wont have the final call after the sale but as i said i wouldnt worry too much. Besides of that i recall reading a different interview in recent days were it was said that the cluib intended to continue the work with maldini and pioli.
      If maldini wanted to leave himself i think it would be a different matter but a new ownership departing ways with maldini and pioli that would mean they had shot themselves in the foot at the very begining of their ownership and regardless of if the owners cares more about money or whatever then they are still shrewd businessmen that certainly would aknowedge that as a huge problem.

  4. Certainly. But, I wish that Maldini would stop making those kinds of comments in the media. It makes me nervous, and it disrupts a harmony that has been the main ingredient in the recent success.

    1. I agree its generally better for them to solve such issues behind closed curtains as we also saw in regard of bobans sacking but maldini is a completely different entity within the club as he is pretty much mr milan so seems unlikely that he would see the same fate as well. He rarely speaks out of order or badly about anyone but i think due to him being a gentleman he was trying to protect the people mentioned and that is fair in my view.

    1. Well due to his position in the club and being the most legendary player in ac milan he put pressure on the management to sort out the expiring contracts of for example massara and others so they have clarity about their future at the club. At least that seems like the main reason to complaint about the top of the club to me.

  5. Ok. So he is protecting Massara. Well, he is his superior in the hierarchy so that would be reasonable. But to do this in the media…Well, we agree on that point.

    1. Yeah one amongst several other names also including some player names but cant remember who it was except for massara and ibra but there was a handfull of names he mentioned.

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