Scaroni provides update on new Milan stadium potential areas

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has issued an update on the various areas of the city where Milan could potentially build a new stadium in the near future. 

Speaking during an interview with Corriere della Sera (via, Scaroni ran through all of the possible places where a stadium could be built and provided a brief update on each.

He explained that there are viability difficulties with both the La Maura racecourse and the demolition and rebuild of the existing San Siro, whilst there is a reclamation issue at Sesto San Giovanni, the first alternative area to be named.

The final potential place is San Donato which Scaroni did not mention anything wrong with, but he also suggested that it is a backup for the current San Siro sight.

“We really liked the area of the La Maura racecourse, and the mayor liked it, but it’s very difficult to make it viable. On the demolition of the Meazza there is a constraint pending, which could be triggered in 2025: without certainties, this project is sleeping, nor does the mayor allow two stadiums next to each other,” Scaroni said.

“The Sesto area has the problem of reclamation, at the moment we are developing hypotheses on the San Donato area to keep it ready in case San Siro fades away.”

All that is really clear right now when it comes to a new stadium is that nothing is going to happen very quickly, no matter where in Milan it is.

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  1. I live in Milan and San Siro has been a topic of interest during the last Lombardia’s elections a few months ago. Also, there is a lot of available lands that are protected as the municipalities are environmental-friendly. And many people don’t want a stadium to raise from the ground next to their home. It’s going to be very complicated. Both San Donato and Sesto San Giovanni (very close to Monza) have metro lines, but it’s outside the urban fare.

  2. Scaroni et al will be in the news for the next couple of days throwing up the stadium project, as well as names of players they want to sign, to try and diffuse the tension and make it look like they really mean business.

    Well, they do mean business – if you know what I mean.

    1. Exactly. Just like the Ibra fake news. All PR spin to take away from the negative attention from the way they fired Maldini

      1. Totally agree!

        Cardinale, Furlani & co think fans are stupid and can’t think so that they can cheat theeir way out of the sh!t storm they created by throw disinformation and fake news to smear Maldini to cover their a$$.

        Not going to buy Milan merchandise and will boycott Milan till dirty Cardinale gets out of Milan,

    2. Considering that the media seems clueless about our real transfer target (they are mentioning a lot of names like a scatter gun). I rather hear stadium news, especially without inter.

  3. MALDINI said” Even if we are in the semi final,we are not among the top clubs” IT IS A TRUISM….CADINALE HATES THE TRUTH,THEN,HE SACKED MALDINI.GREAT MISTAKE.

  4. Last time I checked the name of this club is AC Milan not maldini FC.
    There is a huge difference between been a player and a manager.

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