SempreMilan Podcast: Episode 160 – Over The Moon

By Oliver Fisher -

Join Oliver, Gianmario and Stefano as they discuss ta flurry of done deals, the latest rumours, protecting key assets and Euro 2020 final.

This week’s topics include…

↳ Tonali today yesterday and tomorrow
↳ Giroud over the line
↳ Mercato madness
↳ Listener questions
↳ And more!

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  1. Italy wins Euro 2020 with so so many players that Milan used to own or shoukd have owned and didn’t pay for and yet we keep going foreign…. disgrace of a club and disgrace to their history. This Milan is not the AC Milan I fell in love with and I will not support it just for “capital gains”…. joke. Go buy some Italian players Milan!!!!

    1. The history of Milan is something that should remain I agree. Let’s look at it deeply. Keeper, used to belong to Milan, bonucci, acerbi, pessina, locatelli. I remember before Juventus sign chiesa, we have him on our wishlist, young, strong and a fantastic winger we prefer castillo to him what a joke of a club. Milan are piling up dirty as transfer. Giroud and his likes. You can’t get a decent player below 50mil euros. Imagine we end up signing chiesa that is 15yrs of investment. Pessina, locatelli maybe another 10yrs. But capital gains won’t allow Milan grow. Now we are to choose from damsgaad, pessina, Luis Alberto, isco, sabiszter, tadic, ceballos and all Milan prefers isco, tadic and ceballos, players that has failed woefully and didn’t live up to the hype around them. Milan don’t want to commit decent transfer fee to a world-class player. I am watching. The players we should be pursuing right now, Lovato, pessina, damsgaad, samacca, berradi florenzi, but what do I know? Do I know Elliot plans? We need capital gains sell our young players Colombo, olzer, hauge, leao, Daniel maldini, pobega, gabbia all for capital gains. Milan was know for having stars in our team during the era of berlusconi but who is our CEO again gazidis from which club arsenal. His tenure in arsenal capital gains, trophy non, sell best players for capital gains to clubs that wants to win, sell young players, became a scouting team for all of Europe. Don’t worry we will be like arsenal that buys dirty even when they see gem in the market. Elliot knew what they were doing when they brought him. He collects world class salary but doesn’t pay player world class salary. Remember during his tenure in arsenal that was the year Wenger offer to buy Suarez for 40mi and one pound, because they heard that there is a clause in his contract. He later ended up in barca and won champions League. Be ready for more heartbreaks. Since gazidis is our ceo. Financially we will be a stable club but trophy non. Just watch and see as long as gazidis is our CEO we won’t have the luxury of winning a trophy. Elliot management better sell Milan to a serious buyer. Have you forgotten Paul singer is after gains not passion.

      1. Exactly, we don’t care anymore about being an Italian club witb Italian players, we literally had 0 people besides Gigio in the national team and we should have had 6-7… you said it best, Singer wants profit snd he could care less about Milan and it’s history or of it being Italian… shame…

  2. The most painful part of the new Milan as it is we prefer players that are lazy to hard working player. Look at our front three, rebic is the only one that is a hard worker. Ibra is old. Saelem is too weak to lead Milan attack. We need players that have strength, flair, speed, and great with the ball. Imagine we have ikone, rebic, samacca as our front three. Midfield we have pessina/damsgaad, tonali, bennacer, kessie, bakayoko/Renato Sanchez, defence add Lovato give our skippo new contract Milan will be a club to beat. Match day lineup.
    Att: rebic, Sama, berradi/ikone
    Mid: pessina/Luis Alberto, kessie, bennacer,
    Def: herna, Tomo, kyer, Calabria.
    Keeper: Donna (maignan)
    Even the fans will be drawn to watch the match. Milan will be a force to reckon with both in Italy and Europe. Young strong and aggressive side lemme not mention the sub. But that is wishful thinking though.

  3. I will wrap all this long comment with one single hashtag #GAZIDISOUT.

    He is the reason boban is out, he is the reason why maldini and massara pushed to sell promising player for capital gain. And he will be the reason milan will end up like arsenal.

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