SempreMilan Podcast: Episode 259 – RedBird Reset Begins

By Oliver Fisher -

Join Oli, Madison, Stefano and Lorenzo as they react to the news that Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have been sacked from their roles.

This week’s topics include…

↳ Maldini’s body of work
↳ What led up to the sacking
↳ Knock-on effect on the squad
↳ What is RedBird’s vision?
↳ And more

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  1. It’s not a reset, it’s a downfall…. Redbird wants to make Milan a farm club, buy young talents and sell them for big money, mark my words the next seawe won’t finish in top 4 and we will lose the main players like Mike, theo and Leao. Milan won scudetto last year and this year finished 4 and ucl semifinals and what transfer budget they got? 35 mil!!! Less than Sampdoria.

    1. I agree with you overall, that Redbird will turn ACM into a development club. But they will aim at top four for obvious reasons, CL qualification. But that is enough for their investment

  2. Cardinale Net worth $200M
    Todd Boehly Net Worth $5.6B

    BUT should the owner really spend their own money on transfer market? I don’t think so, they should spend the money Milan (the Club) makes …. isn’t that what the FIFA regulation is supposed to ensure.

    1. So now we compare Milan with Toulouse and Brentford. Glad to see we’re all conscious of where Milan is heading under Jerry’s guidance.

  3. Well club made around 100 mil this season from cl semis and seria a. Where is that money going? 2nd: if this fool doesnt have the money to get in this bussines, why does he try? Didn’t he learn from previous Chinese fool?

  4. I personally think this was the greatest podcast you guys have put out and that may be because of the topic. I’m glad we’ve put this out to see both sides.

    Not a single Milan fan is happy about the departure of Maldini. That doesn’t mean we need to assume this is the end of it all.

    I’m equally going to be very critical of the summer. But I’ll know if they play for milan or Maldini. This the the chance to become the future of Milan not someone taken Maldini beaten path. To be the next. No, I want the first leao I want the first Theo the first Kamada.

    If so be said I believe that cardinale is looking for the same. I could be wrong and it could be all money.
    Elliott and red bird essentially said “keep the books clean, straight and narrow” Maybe we aren’t thinking that renewals may have played a big part of the budget that is missing? Sales of players lacking doesn’t help point blank period. If I told you you can have all the transfer sale money idk be thinking $30 mil is right around the corner. Sell origi, rebic, and tomori pick up lauriante to replace rebic, a defender who Pioli has a way with molding, and make the big signing a striker and pulisic.

    Those who do not like pulisic… are simply not American. Or BUSINESS oriented.

    Which is fine considering being American might be a touchy subject at the particular time. But you wanna see Milan become the second most watched team in the largest market in the world? (Inter Miami will top the list now of course) but get pulisic. They love him here. but what happens when you pop that lid? The money for more signings. Same with sales of the dead weight. Focus on being part of Milan through all ups and downs of not we might as well break off a third team for Milan and you can all go ther to ACMaldini


  5. The business of business is business, and I teach economics and business at a higher level, but I have no confidence in Redbird og Jerry, both seem broke to me. Financially broke and managerial broke.

    Second, Jerry and Redbird will turn ACM into a 3rd tier development club. Not like Arsenal or Dortmund, but like Toulouse, Brentford or Club Brugge. Because they can make more money that way.

    Maldini wanted to build on the last few years success, adding experiences players to a young team. A two leg strategy.


  6. Saved our arse in two World Wars!? Read more history Dude. If it wasn’t for us (GB), you guys would be speaking German as a first language…

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