Serafini: Adli the perfect example of damaging attitude among Milan fans

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have claimed 18 points out of a possible 21 in the league so far, but have struggled slightly in the Champions League with two points in two games. In any case, as Luca Serafini highlights, the constant witchhunt is damaging. 

As happened after the derby, as well as after the Newcastle draw, the fans were very disappointed following the 0-0 draw against Dortmund. Many players have been criticised, including the likes of Davide Calabria, Olivier Giroud and Samuel Chukwueze.

In his latest editorial for MilanNews, the pundit Luca Serafini wrote at length about the constant witchhunt that the Milan fans are on. Instead of offering support in a tough situation (with injuries and a tight schedule), they are looking for scapegoats.

Serafini believes that this attitude is damaging, and the situation of Yacine Adli is a very good example of why that is the case. Instead of celebrating his rise, the fans are busy trying to blame one of the parties involved.

“As for Adli, I continue in vain to try to explain that he was evidently not ready for the rhythm and system, until he decided to question himself and change, freeing his mind and making available the talent for which – don’t forget – Milan signed him 3 years ago. He adapted and Pioli gave him credit for it: why the blame and justifications? Why do we continue to be on one side or the other, after finally discovering such an important resource?”, he wrote.

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  1. Well the people he’s talking about are here.
    “Instead of offering support in a taugh situation”

    There’re Tomori haters Community
    There’re Leao haters Community
    There’re Calabria haters Community
    There’re Maignan haters Community
    There’re Krunic haters Community
    Each of this Communities will never appreciate a player when he puts a foot right (never), they only notice when a player didn’t perform well in a match, they wait for a player to flop before they give a harsh comment.

    And finally we have general haters Community, this Community roaosts every one, they criticise everything and everyone according to their biased and coward mindset, the appreciate players of other teams more than their own, always comparing and giving useless instances.

    1. Don‘t forget Pioli haters. We got 18 out of 21 points in Serie A with a half new team, yet one could think we are fighting relegation or something.

      1. I am not a Pioli hater but I do criticize his predictable way of playing..he needs to switch things up quicker when his tactics fail. Criticism and hate are two different things. He helped bring Milan to winning ways we cant hate him (it’s not like he is calhanoglu)

      2. Honest question for you. If we had finished 2nd and Inter won the scudetto the year we won, what would your current assessment of Pioli be?

          1. So 2nd place is a great coach? What happens if we finish 2nd this year after all the investment? Is he still great? Or worse yet, 4th like last year? If that happens, are our ambitious to win another scudetto or to possibly compete for a Champions League title? Or is it to just finish top 4?

            It’s not like Man City is in our league which makes 1st almost impossible.

            My biggest concern over the past 5 years has never been the squad. I feel Maldini, Massara, Moncada and Furlini have done an amazing job with a low transfer budget. Except selling Tonali, I feel there could have been a way to keep him and still do most of what we did.

            It’s been Pioli. He’s never had the mentality of greatness that top level coaches need. The creativity. The man management. The development and integration of young players. His lack of composure when things take a turn for the worse in a match.

            That’s where my concerns rightly come from and why I voice them. I want to see more domination in Italy AND in Europe.

        1. Still great.

          That year no one expect that Milan will win the scudetto because Inter, Juve, Napoli have much better players than us. But we won and that’s the fact.

          1. Remember Inters own goal that doomed them? Remember all the 90+ game winners? We lucked into that Scudetto rather than won it.

        2. So you dismissed Pioli and the players efforts for the scudetto just because Inter made mistake?

          I reccomend you right now to stop watching Milan and go support other team, i don’t know maybe City, PSG, Madrid or whatever that fits with your perfect ideal.

      3. I used to defend Pioli quite a lot since the 19/20 season, but enough is enough.
        Yes we have 18 points out of 21, but we lost 5-1 to the ONLY team who is in top 6 (and please don’t give me the Roma Lazio thing, they have 7 and 8 points and are struggling this season).
        Tactically we are making too many mistakes that are easily exploitable by stronger teams, and Pioli is stubborn and keeps using same stuff even when it fails.
        Many also feel that he is not using the current talent available properly.
        Yes he is an upgrade from Montella, Gattuso,… and yes we won the scudetto thanks to him (even though it was against the weakest inter of the last 3 seasons, Napoli which hasn’t upgraded yet and Juve who is absent since 2020), but does that mean we have to trust him forever ? even titles winning coaches leave their teams sometimes.

      4. I suspect they will continue looking for buyers for Adli while raising money for a new 9 at which point it will return to management. You could make a full time job out of keeping track who is to be blamed at any one time.

    2. Maignan community??? As for Leao and Tomori, we all know what they are capable of and we hold them to very high standards but I would say they both are loved and respected by the vast majority.

      As for Krunic and Calabria, I mean what were you expecting after years and years of such mediocre displays, they had it coming.

      1. Year and years? Dude you’re literally an i**ot that doesn’t understand football. I would bet that you didn’t even watch Milan 4 years ago. You started when the Scudetto was close, before that, meh.

    3. You forgot to add “Pioli haters community” and I guess that’s the largest community. Even when the team wins or plays well in a draw game, he still gets criticised.

  2. Offering support is one thing and pointing out obvious wrong coaching choices is an other. Criticism exists in every club and organisation and it’s a necessary tool for improvement.

    1. Serafini is on Milan payroll. Of course he is gonna be bias and of course he is gonna defend the club from any wrongdoing no matter how obvious and nonsensical it may be. It is literally his job.

      He is clueless on purpose, because he is working for his paycheck, but what he doesn’t realize is that he is doing more harm than good. Any power left unchecked will be a downfall of itself. Criticizing, questioning decisions, pointing out wrongdoings is the only responsible way to support your club. Nothing and no one will ever approve if they are not held accountable and if they dont answer for that they do.

      if you blindly follow and support any decision, no matter how wrong or harmful it was, you are doing just as much damage to the club as those that made that bad decision.

      It is a duty of every true fan to hold those managing the club accountable for their decisions and their actions.

  3. Adli would never have been given the chance if it where not for injuries. Considering the poor level of CdK and Diaz last year, it is rather shocking to me that he was never given a proper chance (and dont say that a few minutes in Firenze and Verona is a proper chance).

      1. And when Krunic is healthy Adli will go right back to the bench. And when Bennacer is healthy Krunic will go right back to the bench. End of story.

  4. Serafini is spot on in this regard. He’s speaking about what I used to call the ‘Doom & Gloom Crew’. What they do is not honest, helpful and reasonable criticism, but only hysterical bashing, witch-hunting and pathetic whining. They are not real fans, just sore paranoid losers in a bad need of attention.

  5. Because Pioli does it ALL THE TIME!

    How often is he forced into something he doesn’t want to do and suddenly, surprise surprise, that young talent succeeds.

  6. Marco Pellegrino is called up by Argentina for their upcoming games in the international break.

    That poor buy hasn’t played a single second since he arrived, because according to Pioli, he is not Serie A ready, he is just not good enough yet. He is good enough for reigning world champions, but not good enough for Milan or Pioli. Let that sync in.

        1. No, you just don’t seem to get the biggest clue ever. He told you why he was called up, same reason why Italy would do it. SO THE OTHER TEAM CAN’T. It is a stake for the future.

    1. Yes he’s not ready.

      FYI. Pellegrino only have 17 profesional matches on his career and you want him to played immediately to replaced Tomori, Thiaw, or Kjaer at the center of defense? Who will take responsible if he failed at his debut, definitely NOT you and i bet you will blame Pioli and claim Pellegrino isn’t Milan material because that’s what people like you always do when a player made one mistake.

  7. It is by far the best when geniuses, the big football experts, comment how Leao is bad. Dude is playing on the level of best wingers in EU, stats and play wise, but people flame him all the time. Omg, he didn’t score 3 goals and didn’t have 2 more assists, bad player.

  8. Serafini believes that this attitude is damaging, and the situation of Yacine Adli is a very good example of why that is the case. Instead of celebrating his rise, the fans are busy trying to blame one of the parties involved.

    If i recall when Adli was replace in his first game he received standing ovation

  9. It’s normal to have haters, that’s normal.
    Because people will never be satisfied and that’s normal for every generation. Back in the day, Pharisees asked Jesus to perform a miracle to prove that he really is the Messiah, and you know what Jesus said to them? He said, “Why do you people ask for a miracle as proof? I tell you the truth. No miracle will be given to you.” Then Jesus left the Pharisees.

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