Serafini believes Milan will make effort to renew star duo but issues warning: “To get married it takes two”

By Oliver Fisher -

Journalist Luca Serafini believes that the AC Milan management are willing to raise the previously established internal salary cap, but it might not guarantee the renewal of two star players.

Ismael Bennacer and Rafael Leao both arrived at Milan in the summer of 2019 from Empoli and Lille respectively, and both have gone on to establish themselves as arguably the two most important players in the side at present along with other core pieces like Mike Maignan, Pierre Kalulu, Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez, Sandro Tonali and others.

However, both of them have a contract expiring in June 2024 and have not yet agreed a renewal, leading to speculation that they could be sold amid reported interest from several top European clubs.

Serafini spoke in a column for MilanNews about the situation relating to the midfielder and the winger, suggesting that the club will do what they can financially but they need an opening from the players.

“Paolo Maldini speaks from Dubai and says things. As happens to those who sip words and public thoughts. Ambitions, first of all: we are Milan and we cannot be satisfied with a Scudetto. Focal point, which also sheds some light on present and future market strategies. Ambitions combined with balance, in order not to have a bad end and indeed always grow a little,” he began.

“These choices, even if Maldini makes no references, include renewals and it is normal that you think about strengthening a squad starting from the strongest you already have at home.

“There has been no doubt that Milan are willing to raise the famous salary ceiling for the last two years: they offered 8 million net to Donnarumma, 5 to the Turkish [Calhanoglu], 6 to Kessie, now double the salary of Bennacer and quintuple that of Leao.

“To get married it takes two, since the world began: the dowry is important, it’s rich, it certifies the desire to keep them. But if the players think only of being richer and not at the centre of an ambitious project, there’s nothing that can be done.

“There is a limit to raises: in contracts you never go all-in except on one side. That party that sits down at the table after the game has started, loads the pot with unsustainable stakes, then he gets up and leaves with the loot.”

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  1. Are we supposed to believe that Milan really offered Kessie 6 mil, when at the same time they gave Theo “only” 4 mil and no one on the team makes more than 4 mil.
    The only offer that he mentioned that is true, based on reputable reports at the time, was the 8 mil to Gigio.
    He even says that Milan is trying to double Bennacer’s salary. Isma makes 1.5 mil, so is Milan offering him only 3 mil a year? No wonder Benny doesn’t wanna re-sign.
    Or Serafini is just full of crap?

    “To get married it takes two, since the world began: the dowry is important, it’s rich, it certifies the desire to keep them. But if the players think only of being richer and not at the centre of an ambitious project, there’s nothing that can be done”.

    It Absolutely takes 2 to get married but if after 4,5 years together, she keeps saying NO to your proposals maybe you should realize that she doesn’t want to be married to you and you should get out of that relationship , not stay in it until the person she likes comes around and leaves you.
    Yes there is something that can be done by Milan. Set a deadline and if you don’t get a positive answer, sell those players. Do it while you still have LEVERAGE, Stop letting them leave you for free.

    1. Arent you the same guy that tried to make up things about Tonali and Inter?

      Yes. Milan offered those amounts to those players. Those players agents then asked for too much money in commission and Maldini told them to walk. Its not rocket science. Its Milans birthday today and Sinisa just passed away and all you can do is mock and downgrade Maldini who is a legend of this club. Take a hike.

      1. Tried to make-up stuff about Tonali?
        It’s 2022, sir. You can do your own research and find out what happened to Tonali if your memory doesn’t go 3 years back.
        Maldini didn’t tell them to walk they told Maldini I’m leaving, and you aren’t getting a cent back.
        Maldini is a legend of the club as a player not as a sporting director.
        RIP to Miha.
        And what a silly comment about being Milan’s birthday today. So what, it’s not a person’s birthday

        1. There is no research to do. He had a deal in place with Inter and shut it down as soon as he found out AC Milan (his childhood club) wanted him.

          Maldini’s squad brought in the players who won the scudetto. Period. You can say it was everyone but him. But it was him. Have a great day.

          1. He is actually right.
            Tonali is a Milan player and we all want him to become a great midfielder and to stay with Milan for the rest of his career, especially by him being a Milan fan.
            But at the same time, we don’t have to lie to ourselves of how he ended up at Milan.
            It was thanks to Conte and his preferences for an experienced midfielder like Vidal.
            Milan and Maldini weren’t in the picture up until inter backed out of the deal.
            It wasn’t that he had a deal with Inter done, but Maldini called, and he dropped everything and ran to Milan. It sounds good, but it isn’t the reality.
            People need to learn to accept the truth no matter if it hurts their feelings or not

  2. Player must be happy to play awesome.

    Milan must sell all players in time, who don’t provide what we want to achieve. Players who love to play with us, should have special loyality bonus. Tonali, Calabria, we want more of those kind… And less of Turkish, Cashie, and $umma’s.

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