Serafini outlines the two reasons De Zerbi is ‘not a viable option’ for Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

While there is nothing to suggest that Stefano Pioli’s job is at risk or that his sacking is imminent, discussions regarding who the next head coach of AC Milan might be are only natural especially in periods of difficult form.

There are some sections of the fanbase who believe that turning to a proven winner such as Antonio Conte is the right move, which would also bring a change in tactical identity with a 3-5-2 system and the demand for players who are ready now.

On the other hand, there are those who think now is the right time to go all-in for a young and talented head coach such as Roberto De Zerbi, who is impressing at Brighton and spent time in Milan’s youth academy.

However, journalist Luca Serafini was interviewed by Carlo Pellegatti on his YouTube channel and he spoke about who the candidates to be the next manager might be, with his comments relayed by MilanNews.

“We need to be realistic. Many would like someone like De Zerbi , who however has never coached a great team. Brighton haven’t won in six games in the league: at Milan, a streak like that would weigh a lot, while at Brighton everyone is still happy and contented,” he said.

“De Zerbi is not a viable option for two reasons: first of all I don’t think he will leave Brighton and then we are talking about a coach who has never led a great team.

“Who would I take? I wouldn’t go and choose a foreign coach. even Italian coaches are few. Antonio Conte has always imposed important signing campaigns, but I believe that the moment has come for him when he will have to accept starting a certain path again.

“At the moment I don’t have a name, I hope that Pioli does his best between now and the end of the season, then in the summer we’ll see what happens.”

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  1. Italiano would be the best option if we are considering an Italian manager, but I think it’s time for us to look for a foreign manager.

  2. “De Zerbi is not a viable option for two reasons: first of all I don’t think he will leave Brighton, and then we are talking about a coach who has never led a great team.”
    Oh, please, not this bullcrap.

  3. So outdated mindset… “He hasn’t led a great team”.
    De Zerbi is not an option because he is wanted by every big English team. Simply put, we cannot get him. He is (strongly) rumored to be the Pep’s successor in City. Pep has spoken with the best words repeatedly but for Serafini, De Zerbi is not good enough… The worst nightmare is that our management might think like that – I cannot exclude this unfortunately.

  4. Without his season at Brighton nobody would want De Zerbi, he has coached plenty in Serie A and while he was decent he also didn‘t exactly set the world on fire.
    The De Zerbi hype is extreme for someone who is incredibly unproven still. Big club pressure is a completely different variable. Words of caution are definitely justified.

  5. Just like al83 said de zerbi is wanted by every epl club and gentleman in articles are probably still living in 80s outdated mentality and literally throwing opinions out of no where….football world is evolved new ideas new tactics yes he might not be affordable but these gentlemen are missing the point he has done exceptionally well with limited resources in different leagues…don’t get shocked if a club like man City wrap him up and those pundits aren’t realising he is just the type this milan management want…grab up coming talent and make a star out of him….plz check the stars who gained under his management…atleast he plays entertaining football

  6. Spot on Mr Serafini – it’s Klopp or bust for us!!!

    Oh wait, except we have literally never, ever brought in managers at the top of their game.


    And we’ve actually had great success with unproven managers.

    Really, great success.

    Stop talking.

  7. How exactly does one set the world on fire at Sassuolo?

    He did overachieve there. Then he won the league first time of asking in Ukraine, and has left a very serious mark on the premier league. He has also been lauded by his players everywhere he’s been.

    Of course he’ll be judged differently at a bigger club, but if his record so far doesn’t suggest he deserved the chance I don’t what what will.

  8. Who ever say that is enemy of Milan and to bring Conte we rather promote abate because I’m sure we’ll create our own best coach with our DNA if it happens

  9. Given the manager is probably the single biggest factor in determining success and failure (see Man Utd pre and post Ferguson or indeed Milan pre and post-Pioli!) this is another reason why the clubs need to FOCUS in the closed season on more than just flipping and flopping players.

    Personally I wouldn’t have been opposed to replacing Pioli this summer.

    I’d certainly have taken that over:

    – sacking Maldini and most of the directors including the revenue guy (???);

    – selling our literal soul in Tonali;

    – giving up on the players we had only signed a year before as well actual, verifiable Scudetto winners;

    – changing half the squad.

    BIG IMPACTS are far better than ENDLESS TINKERING.

    Had we:

    – hired a new manager; and

    – signed another Kjaer AND a Ibrahimovi,

    then we could have been contenders.

    Instead I think we’ll be lucky to finish in the top 4.

    I don’t know who was available but with Maldini at the club and us back in the semi-finals of the champions league with a young squad there was an attractive project there.

    I’m not sure we’ll be in the same position next summer and certainly not mid-season with a panic hire.

  10. Serafini is credible isn’t he ? Maybe he’d be more of a credible person if foe the time being kept quiet.
    DeZerbi is the man for Milan and Conte has always been the man that hates Milan with passion

    Serafini Conte was sacked at Chelsea with a star studded line up …. remember ?

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