Serafini hits out at Sacchi over ‘frivolous’ Leao criticism: “Anything but selfish”

By Isak Möller -

Rafael Leao scored the winner for AC Milan in their 1-0 win over Hellas Verona on Saturday afternoon. Despite this, he was criticised by Arrigo Sacchi and Luca Serafini has now joined the discussion. 

The Portuguese winger has received a lot of criticism since his big miss against Newcastle in the mid-week clash. However, he bounced back in the best possible by scoring the crucial winner against Verona yesterday, bringing home the three points.

That wasn’t enough for the former Milan manager Arrigo Sacchi, though, who stated this morning that Leao is keeping the Rossoneri from becoming ‘a collective’. Luca Serafini has now joined the debate on the side of the winger.

“With all the respect and friendship that binds me to Arrigo, it seems like a somewhat frivolous criticism to me. To me, Leao seems to be anything but selfish. Leao is strong in his own way, he’s a wonderful player, who sometimes has moments over the 90 minutes in which he disappears from the game,” he told TuttiConvocati.

It remains to be seen if Sacchi will elaborate on his thoughts. In any case, Leao has now scored in three consecutive league games for the first time since he joined Milan, hoping to make it four next week.

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    1. Fuck Sacchi? Fuck the guy who brought us 2 Champions League titles, 2 UEFA Super Cup Titles, 2 Intercontinental Cups, and took Italy to the World Cup final in 94? Sacchi has forgotten more about football than you’ve ever known and ever have known, sit down and have some respect.

  1. Leao should take position & role like Thierry Henry : As an Advanced Forward, the one at most advanced role and always ready to take through ball & play fast. Leao shouldn’t be a Trequartista and play slower. Leao needs to show his speed, agility, balance. Not his technique.

  2. Sacchi is 100% right.

    Leao puts in zero effort on defense and pressing. If this were a serious team then Leao would be on the bench because of how important defensive work rate is. Do you think Guardiola or Klopp would ever take a player like Leao serious? Not for more than a few games.

    This isn’t a lack of talent. It’s a personality issue. The only way to overcome it is if he makes a conscious effort to overcome it. That starts with making him aware of it.

    1. LOLOLOLO….what games have you been watching son??? Leao is getting praised for his defensive work this season.

      So many haters and trolls that just creative fake narratives…. Unreal

  3. Whether we win or not now all depends on Leao deciding to play serious or be stupid. And that should never be the case. Like Ibra said, you cannot change him, he has an attitude problem.

  4. For Serafini and Leao fans to understand what Sacchi is talking about, they need to go and watch how Milan played the first 2 seasons under Pioli when Leao was a bench player and how they’ve been playing since, with Leao as a starter.
    The first 2 seasons Milan was playing a beautiful free flowing style with a lot of ball movement without the play action stopping because one dude thinks that he is Ronaldinho. Since then, offensively Milan Is hard to watch because once the ball gets to Leao the ball is not moving, it’s stops with him because he will go to the only thing he understands about football, 1 v 1.
    10 players play as a collective, while 1 dude plays on his own.
    Also everyone was tracking back, everyone covered for each other.
    If Leao doesn’t want to track back then he should learn how to play as a striker, because in today’s football, with full backs being so much in an attack mode, as a winger you gotta track back otherwise with your laziness, you are creating numerical advantage for the opposing team.
    Watch during games how many times the full back on Leao side runs past Leao while Leao is busy ball watching.
    As a striker he wouldn’t have to track back that much, but to play as a striker he has to put his big boy pants on and stop hiding on the wing.
    Leao is a perfect example of the expression “looks like Tarzan , plays like Jane”. There are no reasons why Leao can’t play as a striker except his unwillingness to do the work of a striker. It’s a lot different playing between the 2 biggest dudes on the other team vs. playing against some slower, smaller , weaker full back on the wing.
    Sacchi is a 100% right

    1. So lets sell Leao – and soon we’ll start to play much better and more entertaining? It’s not that simple man. Leao’s not a reason why Pioli has asked for Leao clone on the right

  5. sacchi means Milan depends on leao, because leao decide the game. imagine everyone shows their best, there will be confusion in choosing MOTM

  6. All players with Leao’s level of ability leave this type of hole in a system. Sacchi is correct to make that observation.

    However, what Sacchi fails to see about himself is that he had the benefit of a team with 2 of the greatest defenders of all time, 2 of the greatest central midfielders of all time and one of the greatest strikers of all time that fit into his effective but rigid way of playing. That’s 50% of a team made up of generational talent that suited his system.

    Sacchi’s reputation should encompass a stuttering World Cup campaign in which he fell out with Baggio, telling Baggio to play as though he was Nicola Berti, while relying on Baggio to carry the team at the same time. He was one of the coaches of Italy during the 90s whose true ‘achievement’ was failing to find a way to capitalise on having 3 guys who would have been the number 10 for any other team in the world. These are the guys who couldn’t find a way to play Baggio at big teams, who ran Zola out of Italy and who resulted in Mancini spending all of his time at Sampdoria (but for the brief spell at Lazio at the end).

    I look at Ancelotti, himself one of the morons of the 90s who turned down the opportunity to sign Baggio while coaching at Parma, and how he has reflected on these failings. He learned to adapt to the talent at his disposal to get the most out of that talent and has had success all over Europe because of it (where many of his contemporaries have failed).

    Sacchi is not relevant.

  7. Its a fact, leao doesnt press or track back, he walks around, those are the things you do for the team, without the ball milan play with 10 man

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