Serafini believes Milan must ‘act immediately’ in order to renew Leao

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have been working on the renewal of Rafael Leao for quite some time but the parties are yet to reach an agreement. It’s a worrying situation that the Rossoneri must turn around fast, Luca Serafini argues. 

Leao was one of the key players for Milan last season and it’s not exactly surprising that several big teams are monitoring his situation. The current deal will expire in 2024 and the Rossoneri want to extend that with a new contract.

It’s not been easy, however, as the Portuguese winger is asking for a significant pay rise (there have been talks of €6m demands). Speaking on Carlo Pellegatti’s Youtube channel, as cited by, MilanTV pundit Luca Serafini shared his thoughts.

“I find it difficult to picture the situation, it can change within an hour. Now, for example, you are at Milan, you have just won the Scudetto, you don’t get crazy figures but you have the possibility to triple your salary, so you sign.

“However, tomorrow morning maybe you call the Arabs, call the Sheik, call PSG, call whoever you like who starts offering you more and then the situation changes. You [Milan] must act immediately in order to hold him back,” he stated.

It remains to be seen if Milan can reach an agreement with Leao, but Serafini is right. The more time that passes, the harder it will be for the Rossoneri to satisfy the winger economically. There is still optimism, though.

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    1. Oke start going mad then, he will walk away 100%. Milan don’t want to sell him and will be stupid and trust him bc he “loves” the club. His agent loves money. What are these owners doing, he’s the most important player in the team attacking wise. We will just give him 3.5/4. Waiting what he will say (ofcourse no) then another club comes in and we are ticked and we let 100M walk away for free again and buy a stupid Noa Lang. Just sell him even this summer if a big 100M offer comes, how can we be the champs of Italy if we can’t even renew, Kessie Hakan Donnarumma maybe even Bennacer and Leao

  1. For me, this has to be Gerry Cardinale and Red Birds 1st port of call when they finally take control of Milan in September. It would be reassuring for the club and a gift for the fans to announce the renewal of Leao.

  2. Lập tức rút kinh nghiệm từ Kessie… vẫn ký hợp đồng theo lương anh ta mong muốn và bán anh ta giá cao. ( Nếu như chúng ta không có khả năng chi trả lương mà anh ta mong muốn).

  3. Do not worry , Milan will offer him 3.5m then wait all season till another club offers him 7m, then they will take their offer to 4m, Leao will reject and Milan fans will take their keyboard and call him greedy, then Leao will wait the rest of the year out and move for free then Milan will start looking for a 10m winger to replace him … prediction buy I hope it doesn’t come true

    1. Asking for his salary to be bumped from 1.5 to 7 mil after just few good months already makes him greedy. Especially after he put on another of his usual stinkers in the 1st game of the season.
      Whoever this Serafini guy is, he is right about 1 thing. Milan needs to act immediately, either he accepts their offer or they need to ship him out

    2. Too bad you ignore facts every time you post. Milan has offered him more than 3.5M€ already so there goes that “ah, so realistic”-scenario of yours down the toilet.

  4. The 6 or even 7 mln for 5 years is 35 mln in salary. Leao price tag today is something around 100. Of course it is mot that straight forward but Milan won’t loose money on Leao in almost any scenario. I think the signature will be there before the window close. Its a no brainer.

  5. Market value is determined by what someone else will pay. Someone will pay him 7M season – just as other clubs paid Donnaruma and Kessie what they wanted. Other clubs paid. Same with Leao. So some may not think he’s worth 7M RIGHT NOW – although I would disagree (players like Rabiot and Ramsey make/made 7M/season and they are trash) – but he is based on todays market and some other club will pay him. So we will lose him if we don’t pay him. I still believe we should give him the 7M and extend him and THEN if we need to sell down the road – we can from a position of strength. But we will see what we do but these owners don’t seem to want to break this wage cap. Just hope we’ve learned from Donnaruma/Kessie debacles and don’t let him leave for free

    1. If he renews at 7 mil , you can sell him down the road from a position of strength ONLY if he performs in accordance to his 7 mil salary . If he doesn’t, then you will be stuck paying him that high salary and you won’t be able to move him because other teams won’t wanna pay that much.
      Juventus couldn’t get rid off players like Rabiot and Ramsey because of their salaries . They are not, never were, a 7 mil a year players, and when Ramsey went on loan Juventus probably paid most of his salary. Look at Milan and Caldara.
      Milan doesn’t yet have trust in Leao because they have eyes, and they ve been able to watch him over the last 3 years. He is super inconsistent and still only relies on his physical attributes. His understanding of the game , movement and timing is very limited. He should be dominating serie A but in most games he is non existent.
      They gave him the serie A MVP last season because they had to give it to somebody. He had 11 goals and 10 assist. Berrardi, who most don’t want at Milan had 15g 15 a season and he doesn’t even have a quarter of Leao physical gifts.
      Couple good months doesn’t justify 7 mil salary. If there is a team out there that wants to pay him that much should call Maldini then and pay for his transfer. We didn’t hear mu h about interst from other teams in Leao

  6. The more time passes ,more difficult for AC Milan to sell or renew leao. If we wait till his contract left 1 years on 2023 , i can guarantee he will leave free transfer on 2024 and management can only say : no player bigger than club . 2022 are the best chance renew him ,give him 6m euro nett + bonus 1m euro unlock with goal+asist+finish top 4 serie A . He will become highest paid player on AC Milan for now

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