Serafini praises Milan’s project with Juventus in chaos: “I have been saying it for years”

By Oliver Fisher -

Journalist Luca Serafini believes that the path AC Milan are taking is the only one that clubs in Italy should be embarking on amid the chaos at Juventus.

It was announced yesterday that UEFA have opened an investigation into Juventus for potential breaches of both club licensing and Financial Fair Play rules, while the club have also been accused of false accounting.

The current financial investigation has resulted in the resignation of Juventus’ entire board of directors, with accusations of manipulation of player valuations and paying players under the table during the pandemic.

On the subject of the current crisis at Juve, journalist Luca Serafini spoke in a column for MilanNews about what it means for Italian football and why Milan fans can rest assured with the way the club are being run.

“In the light of what is emerging in Italian football and which many of us already knew well, in relation to the joy of managing too many clubs on the brink of bankruptcy well before the lockdown, I still believe that the road taken by Milan is the the only viable option in a financially collapsing world and in a country, Italy, where the most solid investment – made up of owned stadiums – remains hostage to short-sighted officials and a weak, unsuitable policy,” he began.

“The sacrifice is to leave higher sporting ambitions on the field, perhaps. The fact remains that after years of oblivion, this highly competitive club is back in Italy and looking to grow in Europe.

“Regarding this last reflection: despite the fact that for years I have been repeating that the system of capital gains and – precisely – of ease in financial statements and tricks in Italian football, must be pursued, I am not already celebrating the carcass of Juventus because as a citizen I have always feared the ‘judgments at the table’.

“Everyone has the right to a defence and a fair trial before being convicted (or not) guilty. Summary justice terrifies me, the one that – sarcasm and irony aside – is being carried out these days on the black and white club.

“Whoever made a mistake must pay, on this we are intransigent and as some who have paid even beyond their own faults says it, but first it is necessary to identify precisely who made a mistake and if they made a mistake. Who was an accomplice and who was not.”

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  1. What a bunch of bullshit this article is.. I wonder where the author is coming from with claims Juve are in chaos? Stuff comes and goes, that’s part of football in Italy and around. I’m so proud of the path Milan took over the last few years but do not underestimate others who took on and overcame some obstacles a while ago..

    1. Juve are in chaos. All of their board just resigned and now the authority found out that Juve has been lying with their financial report.

    2. “I wonder where the author is coming from with claims Juve are in chaos?”

      Seems like Andruka doesn’t read the news at all. Or fails to understand things. 🙂

  2. What an idiot this pundit is….let’s talk about our selves than others. Atleast they own an stadium and have means to over come…we should talk about us and aim for high instead of taking jibes at others….tough days come and go and this idiot doesn’t even understand this situation matters about half of Italian clubs plus league as well…

      1. I very much get his point trust me this issue is way deeper than juve and involve half of seria a clubs…..I hate juve to the core but he highlighted three thing first juve second Italian football system third how powerful clubs makes mockery of judicial system…let’s not go in such debate keep it on milan only…..remember where we are coming from since 2017 we had our issues and were in worst financial position….so let’s not say something which affects Italian football system in short rather than make an effort to reform football….

    1. “What an idiot this pundit is….”
      “tough days come and go and this idiot doesn’t even understand this situation matters about half of Italian clubs plus league as well…”

      That “idiot” seems to understand the situation well better than some people here calling him an idiot and thinking it’s OK to tamper with finances with false accounting.

      Milan is doing well compared to others. That’s what this article was all about in case you didn’t realize. And if you disagree on “doing well” then you have no clue about finances.

      1. Milan already suffered don’t say we are immune…..I know how finance works and I come from financial background these things are common in football you can check real madrid deals in 1998 or 1999 with local council….this guy sleeps and throws a revolution out of nothing…..if you dig more deeper I am sure the dirt will fall on others as well…simply reform the process… I am in disbelief poor percassi will get spanked when he knows romero deal was out of blue lol…this will makes us go back in early 2000….

        1. “Milan already suffered don’t say we are immune”

          Of course they suffered. EVERYONE suffered. There was a world-wide pandemic if you didn’t notice. Of course the finances went **** due to that but compare Milan’s finances to others and you’ll see that Milan are amongst the best since C19 started.

          1. What are you talking about my friend have you forgotten about Chinese saga….I didn’t even mention pandemic I meant about 2017 Chinese investment…..and let me clear this out juv is registered on stock exchange they will be scrutinised more but if you talk about fairness then this case open an entire Pandora box…but in a way its good atleast we can finally have some reforms….you don’t have to look at 19 this mess is way deeper…there is a difference between a club on stock exchange and other owned club…..BTW yes may be you are right during pandemic times I was too naive to see things around or may be I was in mars trying to colonise…..we will talk about next year when financial statement comes out…..

  3. You plan your future by looking at past mistakes while adjusting your present accordingly….Well what ever it is for me milan matters most and Italian football in general….its high time authorities should give fair justice and carry forward reforms

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