Sesto San Giovanni mayor on new stadium: “We would be ready right away”

By Euan Burns -

The mayor of Sesto San Giovanni has said that his area of Milan would be ready for a new stadium right away should AC Milan and Inter choose to move there.

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Roberto Di Stefano explained how his municipality would be ready for a new stadium to be built straight away and all that is essentially missing is the green light from the clubs.

“Here, in the case, we would be ready right away. The area is private and its owner agrees on the transfer, the municipal administration agrees. In other words: all that would be missing is the green light from the clubs.”

When asked why the two clubs should be choosing Sesto for their new stadium, he said that they could be building the stadium in just 18 months’ time whereas the bureaucracy involved in San Siro has delayed the project for years.

“Why should Milan and Inter choose Sesto? Because there are no criticalities. Because the costs would be lower. Because within 18 months the first stone could be laid, while at San Siro I don’t know.

“They are areas that have already been demolished and almost completely reclaimed. In other words, there is nothing to pull down, the area is already available.”

One of the main things that has held back the redevelopment in San Siro is the need for a public debate over the demolition of the existing stadium.

A major selling point for Sesto is that that wouldn’t need to happen there, as Di Stefano stresses.

“Moreover, since it is a private area, there would be no need for public debate. I would also not overlook the timing: when funds are involved, it is an indispensable aspect in terms of capitalisation.

“I realise that I am involved in the affair, but the strengths of this project are many and do not end there.”


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  1. Even if the cost will be more we need to renovate san siro, its too iconic it is part of who we are and where we come from.

    1. nope. We need a stadium of our own. Enough of sharing with Shinter. WE need a stadium to compete in Europe. Iconic would not get you UCLs. Money would.
      Focus on future. past is past.

      either we buy san siro out and charge inter rent for playing or else we kick them out.
      or else lets’s go to san sesta Giovanni to build our own,

    2. San Siro own by the Italian government, NOT Milan and it’s Italian government duty to renovate San Siro, NOT Milan.

      Milan needs their own stadium so they can get better revenue. With better revenue, Milan can get better players, facilities, etc.

    3. No way. Leave the San Siro. The history is with the club, it’s players and fans. Not the building. We need a new modern stadium capable of generating huge revenue like in England and America. Go to the San Sesto area and build our OWN without this political and bureaucratic mess unfortunately the San Siro area has. Time to move on. Inter can keep paying rent to the city council in San Siro

    4. No,.with all due respect. That sort of thinking is like the current Italian govt and the reason why the stadia in Italy are deplorable. Living in the past won’t get you to the future. There are so many dilapidated and old stadia which need to be torn down and build anew but the beauracracy (sp) prevents such investments. They were fine for Italia 90, it’s now 2020s. I love San Siro but the way forward is private

    5. Have you ever been to San Siro? It has a great history but is frankly an outdated dump. The comparison to modern stadiums is laughable. Nobody in England is upset that they rebuilt Wembley The city of Milan will not allow San Siro to be torn down and won’t pay for it to be rebuilt; so time to move to where a new modern comfortable stadium can be constructed.
      Hopefully without Inter.

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