Sky: Fonseca favourite to become Milan coach – Conceicao and Gallardo alternatives

By Euan Burns -

Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca is viewed as the favourite to become the new AC Milan coach this summer with Sergio Conceicao and Marcelo Gallardo being the alternatives. 

As has been reported by Sky Sport Italia correspondent Peppe Di Stefano (via Milan News), the Lille coach is the best possible option as far as Milan are concerned and steps will be taken to make him the new coach.

He is expected to have a meeting with Lille next week and that could spark some movement, with the former AS Roma man having plenty of options available.

His contract with Lille is up in June but they will make an offer to keep him, whilst he has got a very good offer from Marseille where he would have a lot of power over the sporting direction of the club.

It is not yet clear what the Milan ultras think of Fonseca as a candidate but Gerry Cardinale will know that he needs to get them back on side in the coming season.

If a move for Fonseca cannot be sorted, then Sergio Conceicao and Marcelo Gallardo are the most credible alternatives. Both coaches currently have a club but may soon be available.

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  1. With all this uncertainty and midtier coaches being bandied about I would sleep easy with Sarri at the helm. At least you will know what you are signing up for.

    1. “In two to three years I’ll retire and I’ll focus on helping my area and the people who deserve it for what they’ve done over the years.” – Sarri.

      So yeah, sadly Sarri can’t be our choice if we’re looking for a longer term kind of project.

      1. Long-term project? This ownership is firing executives every year and selling top players every year. The project is STADIUM. Then Jerry will fly away with his bag full of cash with a $ printed on it.

    2. For the life I can’t see this guy achieving anything at Milan or being there for longer than 3-4 months.

      What is the point of Zlatan’s advisory if we get this guy?

    1. Because the media doesn’t have anyone from the inside to feed them informations anymore, and now they have to make up stuff.

      1. Now they have to make stuff up?
        They’ve always done that. But back in the pre-internet media days they couldn’t spam the same article slightly reformulated every day, every 4 hours.

        It’s all about getting as much clicks as possible since they can only rely on ad revenue whereas in the old days people would have to buy the weekly newspaper but nowadays nobody buys newspapers.

      2. The same way they made up stuff last summer about Thuram, Scamacca, Lukaku or Taremi when we had Jovic in the end? Wake up bro, this management never has a clear plan, they’re wandering until someone says “yes”.

        1. You mean the same way inter, whose management according to many has clear plan, went from Lukaku(wasn’t answering their phone calls, Scamacca ( who chose Atalanta, instead of Inter), to then overpay for Thuram.
          They payed around 10 mil in signing bonus for Thuram and gave him 6.5 mil a year ssalary. As a free agent, he cost them more than what it cost Milan to sign Pulisic and they have the same numbers.
          The only position they didn’t sign from their targets was the striker. Every other player they wanted they signed.
          Did the previous management have a clear plan?
          Negotiated the whole summer for Renato Sanches to come and be Kessie’s replacement just so he can sign for PSG and then they didn’t sign anyone to replace Kessie.
          At least Jovic contributed this season. They didn’t even bring anyone to contribute instead of Kessie.
          New management had clear plan when they fired the previous management, though.

          1. Overpaid Thuram? LOLOLO. Well they won the Scudetto and obtained a Stella in the process so that was money well spent.

            Your defending the signing of Jovic who NOBODY wanted?? Hahahahaha. That is all you can do kid is bring up the past? Look at what we are doing NOW. This year was a failure – zero titles. Transfer campaign overall was a failure. That is the truth. Knocked out of all competitions, city rivals 16 points clear. But hey we signed Jovic so all is well in your world LOLOLOLOLOLO.

            Your hilarious kid – always defending Redbird. Wake up buddy. Get over your Maldini envy amd open your eyes. Do you work or Redbird or something? 🤣

          2. LMAO 😂😂😂 🤣🤣 you never cease to amaze me how you can turn anything into an anti-Maldini rant. It’s not like the current management replaced Kessie either knowing that’s still the glaring issue for both managements, what’s good for the goose….
            If someone asked you how are you doing today? Your response would be “Maldini is an a-hol” 🤣🤣🤣

            Btw, I like how they overpaid for Thuram like that really matters when he spanked us both times in the derby, literally winning both. That’s money well spent if you ask me. And the gap would have only been 4 points at a point in time. …for what? A 10m commission and 2m more in salary….I’d take that (the math works out to about 8m more over 5 years more…that’s a no brainer..).
            BUT whatever makes u sleep well at night I suppose. Comparing a winger in Puli to a support striker? Perhaps RLC is a better comparator and he’s nowher close to Thuram. At least Thuram shows up in big games (vs us twice, Lazio twice, Roma twice, Juventus , Napoli), none of our new starters do.

          3. this management is the same management who reject M&M request budget, to buy SMS or Enzo, Renato Sanchez is beckup plan which is available w/ the budget, then they exaggerating that rumour + CDK + origi to make our biggest hero to be villain,
            do u think Malda who love the club more than anything wanted player like origi in Milan?
            do u remember Milan players in his era?
            blame them who made short budget, salary cap, cheap target & sh!t ambition..

  2. How did I know that we would end up with him? All the managers in the world and you go after someone who isn’t an upgrade to pioli. Really makes me question the owners. Sure he can totally surprise us like pioli did but is he someone who can take us to the top?

  3. Nothing new, just re cyle the same article every day , tomorrow will be concecau or gallardo favourite again in other source. Just patient wait till pioli out first then we can see the new coach . Worst case ? ACM will ended with pioli again or signing nobody like Fonseca.

  4. What are the prerequisites, what does the new coach need to bring to the table? Xabi Alonso, Roberto de Zerbi, Oliver Glasner, Munoz, Hoeneß are like newcomers and beside pep unai and carlo super successful, Salisburgo f.e. choose Lijnders. Take a no name!

  5. Sorry to everyone that’s desperate for us to get the appointment wrong just so they can rant to strangers about the clown owners, but if you can see past your rage and read for a second, there is zero (zero) substance to this.

    Don’t worry, they’ll be Moyes rumours soon, then you can really blow a gasket.

    1. Bro I’m with you to a degree. I dont even understand people clamouring for a particular coach. Baffles me each day. I just let them (management ) be with that process and whatever comes out of their evaluations. It’s going to be a hit or miss regardless, unless the person’s name is Guardiola. And we’re not getting him. Giampaolo was the “Motta” back then. It didn’t turn out well for us. Xabi was the new Gaimpaolo in the Bundesliga, it happened to turn out well. So I don’t get my hopes up. It’s a toss up 🤷‍♂️. The only thing I’ll admit I do is just the buyer beware. Once the excitement cools down, it’s going to be so hard to beat second place in the league and I feel for the unnamed new coach already.

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