Sky: Formation, seven core players and four roles to strengthen – Milan’s summer plan

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will continue with the same formation heading into next season and they plan to build around a core while reinforcing certain roles, a report claims.

In a video on Sky, their correspondent Manuele Baiocchini takes stock of Milan’s targets in the summer transfer window, starting by confirming the news that Daichi Kamada of Eintracht Frankfurt is one step away from joining, as is the signing of Rafael Leao’s renewal.

The plan is for Stefano Pioli to continue with his 4-2-3-1 system into next season and that is what Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara will have to have in mind when recruiting players in the mercato.

The journalist claims that Pioli will build around a core which includes Mike Maignan in goal, Davide Calabria, Malick Thiaw, Fikayo Tomori and Theo Hernandez in defence, Sandro Tonali in midfield and Rafael Leao on the left.

That leaves some holes to be plugged. The priority for Maldini and Massara will therefore be to sign a central midfielder, a right winger, a playmaker (which could well be Kamada) and a centre-forward.

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    1. Yes, Milan can only rely on the individual skills of Leao and Theo when attacking, when they are not given space by the opponent, Milan doesn’t know what to do.

    2. First you can go and taking Maldini position so you can change coach . Maldini are pioli protector so what will you do with maldini ?

      1. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing. 😂😂😂
        A nice idea would be to win the Scudetto

        I absolutely cannot believe people look at the football we’re playing now and think we’re not better off. Most teams.park the bus against us and hope.for the best because our attack is so deadly. Maybe we need game breakers which we don’t have in the team right now

      2. Why are they mutually exclusive? You’re saying we have to stick with a one-dimensional coach because he happened to win scudetto once? Maybe we should call Zaccheroni and see if he’s available?

  1. CAM Tialemens – free
    RW Asensio/Ziyech – free/loan
    AMF Kamada – free
    CF Nico Jackson/Openda – 23-32 million

    1. Why does everyone keep saying “free”? A free transfer is only “free” in its name. There are player’s salary, agent fees, bonuses, etc involved so it isn’t free. Taking your mention of Asensio/Ziyech as an example, have you seen what their current salaries are? Take a look and see if that fits into Milan’s wage structure and what the impact would be to their annual amortization costs. The point is that people should stop saying free and listing them as an obvious signing. Most of the good out-of-contract players are very expensive and prohibitively expensive to sign for a club like Milan.

      1. kan tidak perlu bayar tim lain bang, itu namaya free transfer, kalau gaji, bonus, agen fees itu masuk investment cost, beda dari pencatatan akuntansi

        yess ziyech and asensio dapet gaji besar di klub masing- masing tapi ga absolut milan harus ngasih segitu, dalam negoisasi bisa saja turun, tergantung negoisasi dengan agen dan milan

        ga perlu marah tentang pendapat orang, galau ga piunya ide anda bisa diam aja

        1. Santai bro paijo.. mereka mgkn kagak ngerti. Free kan maksudnya gk prlu byr biaya transfer, beda hal kalo kayak loftus dll itu perlu biaya transfer. hehe.. elo udh bener bang..

        2. I had to translate your reply online so hope I understood and if not then feel free to ignore this:

          You seem to be guilty of misunderstanding the economics of the sport as well. As IKWYDLs rightly pointed out below using Dybala as a “free transfer” example the costs are significant to the club even when negotiated. I see no reason why I should keep quiet for merely pointing out what people are consistently ignoring. That said, you always have the option of skipping over my comments if you do not agree with me.

        3. Iya dan tidak. Sangat sedikit pemain yang akan menurunkan gaji mereka. Ziyech dan Asensio mungkin akan memiliki pasar yang kuat dengan banyak tim EPL yang tertarik. Kecil kemungkinan mereka akan menurunkan gaji agar sesuai dengan anggaran Milan.

          Klub EPL papan tengah dapat membayar lebih dari klub Serie A pada saat ini. Membayar biaya transfer 15 juta dan 3 juta selama lima tahun untuk Loftus-Cheek misalnya (total 30 juta) lebih murah daripada membayar Asensio 6 juta per tahun, ditambah bonus penandatanganan dan biaya agen.

          Diterjemahkan melalui Google Terjemahan [Translated via Google Translate]

        4. But yes, I understand what you mean by “free”. I think the point we’re trying to make is that it doesn’t matter and overall cost is the bottom line.

      2. Spot on @Honwst Truth..

        They also said Dybala was “free” last year..costs Roma approx 12-14 mil per season. Free doesn’t mean cheap. That’s what ppl aren’t getting

        1. Thank you for the excellent example. Yes, no transfer fee but the salary and agent fees tend to mitigate the savings. Sure, it will be cheaper than paying a transfer fee to another club but we can hardly say it is free when listing which players Milan should buy. I normally stay quiet these days but it is hard to ignore the constant ill-informed opinions sometimes.

        2. Free means you don’t have to pay fee to another club to sign him.
          Imagine Dybala costing Roma 12 or 14 mil a season after you had to pay 40 or 50 to Juventus just to sign him.
          Plus Roma pays majority of Dybala salary thru the sales of his jerseys. He is a star, border line super star.
          That’s what people don’t get about Milan giving Zlatan 7 mil or so. Superstars like that bring more money than they are actually paid, thru jersey sales, commercial opportunities,thru media coverage and attention.
          Zlatan has much bigger social media platform than Milan as a club. He is a brand. Dybala isn’t on that level but he is up there too.
          Casual and non Milan or in this case non Roma fans turn on the TV or go to the stadium to watch players like Zlatan or Dybala.
          Look at our jersey sales. Zlatan didn’t play much and he is still 2nd in jersey sales only behind Tonali.

          1. Ok let me get the more accurate figure according to capology, it’s 7m base with, 4m in bonuses to a possible total of 11m per season. You have a point in the revenue players attract but the other point still holds. 11m per season aint cheap for us. This also have a cascade effect on the demands of the rest of the team during negotiations. Leao would demand more as would Theo and other players that have been with us longer. So we might pay 11m here but we might not be able to re-sign Theo for 3m for instance or he wants to move away. 11m blasts away our wage cap. The players we’re linked to are not the same brand level as Dybala. No one is running to the Milan store to get Asensio shirt.

      3. free transfer mean no need to buy,
        is any players with free salary & free agent fee???
        nobody, so no need to mention, free is mean free transfer

  2. They should try and get Fabio Carvalho on loan from Liverpool. They don’t want to sell him outright but he can leave on loan. Even for a year or 2 on loan we need a player with some flair instead of just runners.
    He can play all over the forward line behind the striker.

  3. With RLC coming ,you can say double pivot full with 5 player : RLC compete with Krunic ,Tonali compete with bennacer & Pobega as backup.
    AMF : Kamada compete with SMS ( only coming if CDK & adili out ) , but if CDK stay then kamada compete with CDK
    RW : Saladmaker compete with new player
    CF : Giroud compete with new player
    We need good loan player on RB like cancelo that can make calabria sit on bench

  4. How can our “core” group not include Bennacer? He’s our 4th best player after our 3 superstars (Mike, Theo, Rafa).

    Also, Calabria is too slow defensively and inconsistent and doesn’t add much offensively. We need to improve that RB position, IMHO. (And I love Davide — don’t get me wrong, he bleeds rossoneri; but he’s just not good enough).

      1. WTF are you talking about AR? Bennacer started 24 Serie A matches and subbed in during 4 matches. Therefore he PLAYED in 28 of our 37 Serie A matches so far. Not only that he was maybe our most important player in the Napoli matches in Champions League that won the club a lot of money by making semifinals instead of losing in quarters like everyone assumed we would. Get the facts straight.
        Anyone who doesn’t realize that Bennacer is our next best player after our 3 superstars doesn’t know our team. (no disrespect to Tonali — but he’s not as good or impactful as Bennacer, sorry).

      2. sorry… now I realize you mean mid season NEXT season… my bad.
        In any event, his being out til December notwithstanding, i think he’s still such a key piece to Maldini’s long-term program that he should still be considered part of the key/core group. He should be with our club for years to come.

  5. Kamada as our new AM.

    SMS a dream signing for the midfield.

    Openda or Thuram for the attack.

    And about the RW, I guess Zyech or Zaniolo could do the trick.

    Departures: Ibra, Rebic, Origi, Junior Messias, Kalulu (on a suitable offer, of course), Adli (on loan), Bakayoko (thank you, good Lord!).

    1. nooo.. keep Kalulu (he cover CB,RB&LB) sell Salad, Florenzi, Balo, release Diaz.

      buy SMS, M. Diaby, Zhegrova (to cover RW&LW), Firmino or Scamaca/Schick (loan to buy)

  6. Targets:

    RW: Asenio, Ziyech, Zaniolo, Orsolini
    LW: El Shawaary
    Striker: Openda, Arnautovic, Firmino, Jackson
    ACM: Kamada, Diaz
    Mid: RLC, SMS,
    D: Pavard
    Keeper: Sportiello

    We will likely end up with the following:

    RW: Orsolini
    Striker: Jackson and Arnautovic
    ACM: Kamada
    Mid: RLC, loan player (Sanches)
    D: back up to Theo
    Keeper: Sportiello

    Don’t get your hopes up too high gents…

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