Sky Germany: Bayern line up €60-70m move for Milan star who is ‘open to a change’

By Oliver Fisher -

Alphonso Davies wants to leave Bayern Munich and move to Real Madrid in the summer, a report claims, and Theo Hernandez is being lined up as his potential replacement.

Davies’ contract expires in 2025 and, according to Sky Germany, Bayern are demanding between €50-60m in order to let the 23-year-old leave, but negotiations begin from the position of knowing that the player wants the move.

An official offer has not yet been received but the signs point to farewell. Davies is demanding a total salary package of up to €20m net per year for a contract extension and the leadership at the Bundesliga club will not offer that.

Bayern want to be prepared in the event of a departure and Theo Hernandez is ‘one of the top candidates’ to come in and replace Davies. The Frenchman is under contract with the Rossoneri until 2026 but he is ‘open to a change’ after nearly five years at the club.

The Bavarian side are aware of Theo’s openness to listen to their pitch and the first discussions have subsequently taken place. A move is possible, although Milan would like to extend his contract again, while Bayern expect to pay €60-70m.

As a possible alternative, the Munich club have identified Miguel Gutierrez from LaLiga’s surprise team Girona. He has a release clause of €30-35m, but Theo is very much above him in the list of preferences.


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  1. I think they mistook Hernandez for Calabria. Well if that’s what they’re offering for Calabria then I think it’s fair. 🙂

    1. It’s fair price, it’s same price PSG buy hakimi(younger than theo). They question is, can Milan management replace him with that money.

  2. well the only way that i would consider accepting such size of fee from them is if they throw zirkzee in on top of that otherwise they can instead go and eat some sauerkraut and sod off in the process.

    1. Still not worth it. Zirkzee is realisticly worth around 30mil and that is in today inflated market. You can find strikers with simmilar stats even for cheper. Teo is one of a kind.

      1. “well the only way that i would consider ”
        I didnt exactly say i would accept it either but 70 mil for theo and bayern having to fork up 40 mil to bologna for the dutchman to get him back would make the transfer fee in fact cost them 110 mil. I doubt we would be able to get that for him by anyone else but overall i would like to keep him but it also depends on if we can renew his contract for the next 5 years. As i see it theo is probably the player that is most difficult to replace in the club so its not like we see things completely different here.
        you can always disagree with zirkzees valuation and its not like i completely disagree here either as his fee is inflated as i also see it but thats how the market is when players has good/great seasons.

          1. It would seem like a far more reasonable price than just 60-70 mil upfront considering he probably is the best player in his position. I would keep him though if we can renew his contract.

      2. Name one. Name one striker who plays in a top 5 league, has similar characteristics, has scored double digit goals AND can be bought for LESS than 30m.

  3. is that davies really so good or is he just full of himself like most young players nowadys?

    20M net… for what?

    1. The only reason Davies is expensive is because he is younger than Theo. That’s fookin all. He is not a better player than Theo at all.

  4. 60-70 mil for the best LB in the world lol. Also the real captian and the face of this Milan. Even 100mil is not worth for you to sell the backbone of your team.

  5. This is just German propaganda.

    But Bayern had no problems shelling 80 millions for his brother. They will 100% come with an offer and I bet if they come with a Zirkzee + 40 million offer he’s as good as gone. Moncada will then get us that Betis dude for free as his replacement.

  6. Then Milan is doomed at LB.
    How can you even thinking of selling the backbone of your club. This is the problem our useless owner have.

    You want titles yet you think of selling your core players. how disgustine it is.

    1. Sometimes it’s not all the owner bro. What if Theo wants a new experience? Look at Davies. He’s asking 20m bet to renew AT BAYERN. Why? Because that’s his price to stay. He want’s to try another club now. I bet you he won’t be getting 20m net at whatever club he ends up at. That’s his “make me stay” price. So the will of the player matters. It’s always “Moneyball Moncada” or “Greedy Gerry”. Money doesn’t grow on bloody trees, despite what you see on reality TV or Instagram.

      1. Agree. Too boring if your team target just to finish top 4 serie A every season,sometime player need challenge to fight for trophy. Theo are foreign player and not academy product , he is free to go anywhere. But i hope he will choose to stay at ACM atleast till his age 30-31 . Bayern Muenchen can go buy Grimaldo for 60m euro for davies replacement

  7. What about Kieran Tierney as a replacement…. Doesn’t want to be at arsenal these days. Better defensively than Theo and decent offensively. Non eu slot though. Maybe 25 million deal… So just a bit more than what we spent on Theo. Enough left over to invest in a CB or left back, or CF or a DM. £6 million Wages are quite high for Milan but they could negotiate it down a bit possibly with bonuses…

  8. hope Theo stay, but i respect Bayern, they act like true champion, when they lose player, they hunt better replacement no matter what, Theo is obviously an up-grade of Davies just like Kane replacing Lewy

    1. To be fair it took bayern a year to replace Lewandowski and I for one would take a prime Lewandowski over Kane even though both are great strikers. Berlusconi actually wanted to bring in Kane before he became famous and that would have been really great but it kinda hurts me that we never saw Lewandowski in his prime at AC Milan.

      1. yep, when Z gone to PSG i was hoping Lewy (Dortmund) as replacement. or prime Cavani, Kane is nowhere near prime Lewy, Kane at best is Cavani/Higuain level but Lewy is Z/Messi/CR7 level

        1. He would definitely have been a great replacement for zlatan there and lewandowski kinda got cheated in the ballon do’r years of messi/ronaldo as i see it. I was nevertheless also rather jealous of napoli even for owning cavani in the early tens as well.

  9. I don’t know how Theo thinks about his career but when you play for AC Milan the only better club where you can go to improve your career is Real Madrid. All the other clubs are below ACM. And since Theo has already played for RM then he has no option but to stay. Moving to Bayern and to Bundesliga is a huge step back. Serie A is much more exciting to play with so many interesting matches. Bundesliga is pretty much boring and it repeats itself every year. Also, the life in Germany is way below than the life in Italy in terms of weather, food, people, culture etc. and Theo, to me, seems like somebody who is not interested in living like a robot and following ultra strict german rules in everyday life and on his job. If this transfer happens Theo will end up ruined. Germany is not his cup of tea. Hope ACM will give gim a raise and he will stay for many more years to come. Remember, ACM is still a team which is building and improving, so the best is yet to come.

  10. 60M to Theo 😆
    They’re too used to taking everything they want from other kids on their block and they’re kinda forgetting themselves.

  11. Theo is the heart, soul, and backbone of this team. Nothing under 9 figures for him. Maybe 75 mil + Zirkzee but nothing less than that. If we sell him for just cash, I can’t think of another player who would equal his talent level in any position (that would be available and willing to join). So even if we sell for 175 mil, our LB position will be weaker and whomever we bring in with that money will, as individuals, not be as talented as Theo and will likely not have the same influence on our team, as a leader. So it’s a loss no matter what but we can at least lessen the loss by bringing in a lot of money.

  12. First of all, this ALL speculation.

    Problem with selling Theo is that he is a vital part of the left flank with Leao so you would be weakening the effectiveness of our left flank threat.

    It is difficult to replace Theo and to get a new signing to sync up with Leao would be even harder and take a long time.

    Sell Mike if you have to. Leave Theo/Leao

  13. Davies 1 year contract left and bayern want 60m euro from him ? So they can buy Theo with same price ? If Theo want to stay then dont sell him, you can replace tonali or maignan easily but it is hard to find player like theo . But that depend on Theo too , if he want to leave ,it is better sell him but not under 80m euro

  14. I think Alonso is a shoe in to go to Bayern. He plays a 343 with Grimaldo as left wing back. He’s been superb this season. It’s more of a Bayern move to buy from within the bundesliga.

    Bayern are usually very smart with their business, I don’t see them signing Theo for 80plus million when Grimaldo would be half that

    1. “It’s more of a Bayern move to buy from within the bundesliga”
      Yeah they have up untill now tried and succeeded to monopolize the bundesliga, Actually a great league in the 90ies but they pretty much ruined it as well as i see it and has won the league for like 11 consecutive seasons if i remember correctly. Never really understood all the players who keeps joining them from other german teams,
      I seriously hope that leverkusen wins the league which seems more and more likely and then hopefully stuttgart will surpass them as well.

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