Sky: Hauge will leave Milan and join Eintracht Frankfurt in €12m deal – the details

By Isak Möller -

Jens Petter Hauge is one step away from leaving Milan, just one year after arriving at the club. The Rossoneri have reached an agreement with Eintracht Frankfurt, following a few weeks of negotiations. 

According to Sky Italia, as cited by Francesco Nasato, Hauge will join Eintracht Frankfurt on loan with an obligation to buy, and not an option. The clause will be set at €12m, meaning Milan will make a nice capital gain.

They paid around €4m to Bodo/Glimt for the services of the winger just one year ago, meaning they tripled their investment. Of course, Hauge has a lot of potential and thus it’s always tough to assess if a sale is the right decision.

Either way, the feeling is that this will help fund the remainder of the market. Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara aren’t done yet and will be looking to reinforce the squad a bit more.

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  1. “a nice capital gain” 😂🤣😑😶😒🤬😥😢😭

    You’re selling our biggest talent ffs

    The profit is only one year the loan of Zlatan. What a fuckin joke.

    Still no clue, why. Fans have the right of an explanation.

    Capital gain of 8M is no explanation.

    1. Capital gain of 8m for a third stringer is a perfect explanation. The furor that this transfer creates continues to astound me. A handful of good performances and Hauge is the second coming of Cristiano Ronaldo. Did anyone even know Hauge before the games against Bodo/Glimt? I’m sad to see him go, as I think it should be Leao, but the fact is, as I said in another post, is that Leao may not have a market (i.e. clubs willing to pay the 30m Milan need not to book a loss) while Hauge does, and Milan needs funds to plug more important holes. Rebic is LW1, Leao LW2 and Hauge LW3. We still need a “starting” AMC and an improvement over Castillejo; Two positions were quality does not come cheap. Milan have spent the most of any club in Italy so far. The fact is we need money and Hauge is one of the best opportunities to find some without getting rid of a starter. This cash will go towards bringing in a starter, or paying down our significant debt. Next year there will be some other kid, and they year after that too. People need to get a grip.

      1. Perfectly said! I can’t add anything that you haven’t ready stated. The transfer .ales perfect sense in terms of value, depth and need. Sad to see him go so soon but a solid transaction if the money is reinvested.

      2. That’s such a funny argument “Milan spent the most than any club in Italy” lol. In truth all we did was exercise the options to keep some of the SAME team we had from last year – minus Donnaruma and Hakan. We added Giroud, Ballo-Toure and Maignan for Mandzukic, Dalot and Donnaruma. And we lost Hakan. So how have we improved? Hard to see it so far. The smart move for Hauge would be to loan him out increase his value then sell. Who are we going to buy for the 7M capital gain?? I will tell you who – Illic lol. That’s it. If you think 7m will buy us “a starter” I think you will be disappointed- and nobody but perhaps you think Illic is a starter lol. 7M paying down significant debt? LOL. If it’s significant, 7M isn’t going to do anything lol. You seem to want to defend management at every turn – so I’m sure you thought it was great to let Donnaruma and Hakan leave for free lol. Yet you complain that we need to sell more to pay down debt. Well signing those two players to stead of losing them for nothing would have certainly helped. But hey “we spent the most $$ in Italy!” – I’m sure that will take us to the top!

        1. € 7 M it’s very much money to spend during transfer window, we can get Isco from Madrid whe he turns 40 years old. we do not need to sign any player , Because we have the Best right winger in europe Samu Castillejo and One of the Best versality player Krunic in this team. I don’t know What in their mind are??? If they really really wanna get capital gain , they wouldn’t let Gigio and Calha go for free.. i hope Next seasons is over soon and I wanna See a new Milan
          A new management and a new head coach….

        2. Also a funny argument. The options aren’t free. The money doesn’t just fall off the milanello trees. We don’t have any money. 7m capital gain could do a great deal for keeping FFP off our books. Donnarumma and Hakan leaving was a mistake however. Should never have trusted them. Big learning curve for Maldini. Get Romagnoli out now.

          1. Exactly. The situation coming out of the Li/Fassone/Mirabelli era was so bad that most of the money spent was to MAINTAIN the level we found last year. In other words if we hadn’t spent the money we would not have Tomori, Tatarusanu would be the no. 1 GK, Tonali would be back at Brescia followed by a swift move to Juve, Inter, or another rival, Diaz would be back at Real and we’d have 0 AMCs. What do people expect? Another 200m Euro summer spree bringing in 11 players like in 2017? Yes, let’s give Donnarumma 10m per year and his agent a 20m signing bonus for…RENEWING. Then the rest of the starting 11 can be primavera players and the retiring Ibrahimovic! It’s absurd.

            Rosso- as to your comment re Romagnoli, yes and no. Ideally he’s not lost for free, but I can imagine the club won’t be able to replace his quality witout spending money they don’t have to spend. So as much as it sucks it may be better to just have him in the squad for one more year, make sure we qualify for the CL again (meaning more money in 2022) and then be able to adequately replace him.

            Folks, the name of the game is consistent CL qualification. Over time better and better pieces can and will be added. Meanwhile the books need to remain balance. It’s a tricky dance which if not done well will result in a club like Barcelona or Madrid with 1bn Euro in debt and crying for a “Super League”. And btw Madrid won 4 out of 5 CLs between 2014 and 2018, including 3 in a row (!), and they’re STILL failing financially.

      3. What sale?? It’s a loan LOL. We won’t even get the 7M this season! So much for your argument about reinvesting that “huge” amount of $$ into an starting ACM or RW or using it to pay off our “massive debt” LOLOLOLO. Terrible

    2. No No No , our biggest talents are krunic and samu castillejo . Even there are No suitors for both of them, it’s showing us who they are . Just bunch of scumbags

  2. Its a good capital gain. Sell him. Leao and Rebic are enough for the left flank. Daniel Maldini can have the role of a 3rd sub on the left side.

    1. Krunic can sort of play there too in a pinch. It is a transfer removing redundancy from a position of great depth to fund a position of need.

    2. Maldini’s qualities are far more suited to AM buy he’ll be played in an improper role because Pioli has no vision. Just like Pioli plays Leao out of position and some others… guy is a bang average coach unfortunately. Nice guy but bang average.

  3. Hauge is not the player that a lot of people think he is. He is masterclass in his own way but he lacks the team skills needed for the highest level of play. He lacks correct movement off the ball and lacks full vision of the field of play. His potential is huge, yes, and Milan could regret this in the long run, but that is not at all a guaranteed. If you want to win now then you need to make these tough decisions. I don’t want to cosntantly prepared for a future that may never come… I want to watch this team win now. We can deal with the future when the present is over.

    1. I believe that Milan gonna win trophy someday even without Hauge , but they ‘re not gonna win scudetto or UCL trophy under pioli. Mark my words

  4. Good capital gain for short term only.

    And keep Leao & Rebic & Krunic. And desperately looking for young talent again like today.

    As what we witness in last 2 friendlies, we will likely be out from UCL soon, not even make it to round of 32. And we will be in the middle table of Serie A again. And we will lose another player, and welcoming the 2nd banter era again.

    Poor decisions ever.

  5. This will “help fund the rest of the market”???? Hahaa ok. So that 7m profit is going to fund a top class AM and RW? Ok…. leao for 30m and Casti for 8-10 maybe could help but not the 7m profit from Hauge lol. Or hey wait, what about selling gigio for 60m or calha for 20-25m… oh wait.. they left for free….

    1. You don’t understand how it works. They bought Hauge last year for around 4mil on a 4 or 5 year contract. This means they spread this cost over the duration of the contract. If it was a 4 year contract, this means 1 mil/year, so Hauge was still for 3 mil in the books. If they sell him for 12 mil they will have asked for complete payment. That means they can add 9mil to this year accounts. If they make a new transfer for a player with a 4 year contract, they will devide the new amount again over 4 years, meaning the 9mil gain on the Hauge sale makes a transfer possible of 4×9 mil = 36 mil. The only difference to take into account are the player wages. I know they will still have to pay 3 years 9mil for this new transfer, but clubs only need to balance the books for 1 year so this is how it works in every club. That’s why they wanted to sell Hauge, because it frees up 36mil in transfer capital.

      1. In fact they will have to deduct the remaining value of Hauge when the sale is happening. So it would be 36-3mil. But because it’s a loan with obligation to buy, his value will have decreased to 2 mil in the books. If they get something for the loan this will add up, but the player salary will definitely be gone. Anyway, it’s a smart move to stay within FFP rules and free up transfer capital.

      2. In fact they will have to deduct the remaining value of Hauge when the sale is happening. So it would be 36-3mil. But because it’s a loan with obligation to buy, his value will have decreased to 2 mil in the books. If they get something for the loan this will add up, but the player salary will definitely be gone. Anyway, it’s a smart move to stay within FFP rules and free up transfer capital.

        1. Talking about FFP it’s about the number of money the clubs to sign the players or about the salary that they have to pay, how about Man. Utd , PSG or Man. City I believe they spend more than Milan did for decade.
          If the Milan willing to reduce salary Why they don’t put some some players in the market such as romagnoli earning € 3,5 M nett / year and his contract runs till 2022 or castillejo earning € 1.5 M nett untill 2023 What great save ! Right

          1. English clubs have a lot more money from TV rights. Man City and PSG are allowed to cheat by UEFA. Man City has received over 10 mil for a sponsor contract that was worth only 2 mil (or so). But they will get caught soon. PSG won’t get caught because their boss is also in the UEFA board of directors. They can cheat as much as they want. Maybe Super League without UEFA wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all…

          2. Exactly what Ed3lm4n said. Certain clubs are allowed to cheat. The shirt sponsors for PSG and City are Etihad and Emirates, two government owned airlines own by the government of a petrostate. The clubs themselves are owned by the rulers of those petrostates. In PSG’s case it’s Qatar, but they’re all cousins (literally). But we don’t have to look that far for cheating. Rubentus is sponsored by Jeep for 45m per yer for the largest shirt deal in Serie A. That’s 20m more than the next highest sponsor, which is Inter. Who owns Jeep? FiatChrysler. Who owns Fiat? The Agnellis. No one sees a problem here? It’s a total income inflation through the back door.

  6. I hate Milan sometimes. Why did they buy Hauge knowing the fact that we already have Rebic and leao? We had only Castillejo as a right midfielder/winger on the right (Saelemakers initially was a right back). We needed reinforcement on the right flank after selling Suso. How can they even make such a big mistake? Pioli was even forced to play Paqueta on the right out of his natural position in the 2019-20 season and couldn’t score a single goal.

    1. We made 8m. That’s why we bought him. Also outside change of him blowing up here.
      Love us making some cash for once.

    2. Sometimes the right player isn’t available at the right price in a certain position. In Hauge Milan saw the chance to jump on a player that could either A. prove better than the ones on the books, or B. be flipped for a profit, for the price of 5m euro. It could be better RWs than Castillejo weren’t and still aren’t available for a price we can afford. Milan can’t afford the 40m request for Ziyech for example, as we have a bunch of other holes to fill. So this is why this has happened with Hauge.

  7. Is the loan paid atleast or all the money will be paid next year??
    If thats the case I dont see how this will fund milan’s current market

    1. They can spread the cost of new transfers over the duration of the contract. They will gain about 9 mil on the Hauge sale. He cost 4 mil but 1 mil will be written of If they allocated the money this year. This will jusify new transfers worth 9mil this year (or next year depending when the sale goes into the books). If they buy new players worth 36mil on 4 year contracts, the effect will only be 9mil this year in the books so in rule with FFP. Thus the Hauge ssle makes transfers up to around 36mil possible. They will have to pay the rest of the amounts the following years, but that’s how every club works. There will be new income during those years as well.

  8. I think it is a mistake to sell Hauge.
    Rebic for me is clearly the guy that needs to go and given that he has got 11 goals last year it wouldn’t be hard to find a club that will buy him.
    And to be honest he’s not one that is gonna get better.
    For me Hauge and Leao have a lot of potential, especially Leao.

  9. In fact they will have to deduct the remaining value of Hauge when the sale is happening. So it would be 36-3mil. But because it’s a loan with obligation to buy, his value will have decreased to 2 mil in the books. If they get something for the loan this will add up, but the player salary will definitely be gone. Anyway, it’s a smart move to stay within FFP rules and free up transfer capital.

  10. I loved it when Hauge came in and I still like him a lot. But that whole raging agneda in the comments here (and in other places too) about how he is some second comming of Kaka and we shold keep him no matter what and start him in every game on every position is soooo annoying… to the point where i am kinda glad that Hauge is leaving. Just so that this trolling campaign finally stops ffs.

  11. Fuck Capital gain..Dude is just 21 yrs old..hope you have a buy back…this guy scored 6 goals in limited he may become the next Andre Silva and be worth 40M in 3 yrs..just loan him man…Milan sell way too early

    1. ….OR he may become the next Niang. How are people so sure about what can happen in the future? Do you know what tomorrow’s winning lottery number is? Please tell me, because I’d love the cash…

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