Sky journalist explains fundamental differences between Ibra and Donnarumma renewal talks

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have little regret about the Gianluigi Donnarumma situation having shed the uncertainty he and his agent brought, a journalist has implied.

Speaking on Sky Italia (via MilanNews), Peppe Di Stefano discussed the differences between the renewals of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gigio Donnarumma, both of whom are Mino Raiola’s clients but appear to be set for different fates.

He reports that the current Milan management ‘love clarity’ and this is the fundamental difference as to why Ibrahimovic has renewed and Donnarumma is set to leave. Milan did the impossible to keep former and it became clear that as rejections continued to arrive, they would either have to keep negotiating or snap the rope.

Milan know they have lost the strongest goalkeeper in the world in terms of potential, but they have acquired clarity and serenity and that is worth a lot. With Ibrahimovic the situation was different in the sense that it is his last contract, he managed it himself and showed that he wanted to stay at Milan at all costs.

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  1. This is unheard of how people write nonsense, Ibrahimovic has no better offer than to play last season in Milan if he is ready because he sat on the bench for half the season due to injury while Donnarumma played almost all the games. Donnarumma said his opinion that he wants to stay in Milan but ELIOT cooperation does not want to pay 8 million euros for the best player in the world, this is a situation that will be repeated with every Milan player who wants a higher salary, I feel that soon there will be many problems in Milan

    1. Dude you are wrong!

      You say that Elliot didn’t want to pay 8M – well then why did they offer it? They don’t want to pay more than 8M + 20M in commission to Raiola for a 2 year extension. Ibra had many offers that he declined (more money) because he wanted Milan and he is a man of character. I love Donnarumma, but I fear that he just made a huge mistake, in my mind he only have 2 options (Man UTD and PSG). Real, Barca and Juve could very well be kicked out of Champions League next season due to the Super League debacle and if that happens, why would Donnrumma go there?

      At Man Utd he would compete with Henderson and possibly De Gea (if they keep him). Also, very few Italians have succeeded in England since its very differetn than in Italy. At PSG he would trade a more competitive league (Serie A) for a less one in Ligue 1. So either way I think Donnrumma might actually regret this decision soon.

      1. Donnarumma is already regretting his decision. Coz it’s Milan that moved first n signed his replacement amidst his indecisiveness.

        He thought Milan will raise their offer after securing champions league.. but Maldini was firm and decisive.

        Let’s see where the guy will end up next season n how well he will fare on between the posts.

        Donnarumma really disrespected Milan, his parents club.. I have been here long enough to know how this will turn out for Donnarumma.

    2. Maybe you miss the news bro, milan had offered 7+1 m but he and raiola want 10 m for 2 season only, yes he is is potentially best goalie in the future but that in this economics siuation that kind of condition is cant accepted. And for we as milanisti, considering that milan is club from he still kid and help rise his name also he had said he love milan, make we more question his attitude

  2. Ibra is a man while gigi still thinks like a kid (he is 22) and he is being controlled by his agent and his dad, I don’t think gigi is money hungry but he has no balls to decide for him self…Milan offered 8 and long term contract they want 10 for two years and start this again… its time to move on but to all honesty I don’t see him doing well overseas, at milan he was protected and his mistakes forgiven but in England or Spain they will watch his every step.

  3. What u guys forget is Elliot didn’t pay just 8M per season for Donnaruma. Its actually 16M (tax included) + 2M for Antonio (tax included) + signing bonus of around 20M for Raiola, and that’s for how many, 2 seasons? It’s not small sum and face it, Milan isn’t the best financially right now and can’t afford to spend so much on a player that will give soap operas in every contract extension.

    Without Raiola I believe Milan will give even 10M/season (20M with tax) but sadly with Mino, its far more complex than that.

  4. Don’t even bother about the lilcesar, he’s just trying to ignite, trigger your emotions, not a Milan supporter at all

  5. Let him go. When we have squad full of stars like Dida, Nesta,Stam,Costacuta, the Great Maldini, Kaladze, serginho, Gattuso, Rui Costa, Seedorf, Kaka, ambrossini, schevchenko, inzaghi etc. They all did their part at Milan and all left but Milan still remain Milan even under different board and management.

  6. Let him go. We have had many great goalkeepers in the past, they all came, saw and conquer. Donnaruma came, saw but never wished to conquer. Play let him be. Forza Milan … I love my team, we are the diavolo

  7. Let him go. When we have squad full of stars like Dida, Nesta,Stam,Costacuta, the Great Maldini, Kaladze, serginho, Gattuso, Rui Costa, Seedorf, Kaka, ambrossini, schevchenko, inzaghi etc. They all did their part at Milan and all left but Milan still remain Milan even under different board and management. We are the diavolo, the rossoneri, the red and black of Milan, the turatti based team, the glory of Italy, the team that based in the fashion city of Milan, long live Milan, long run at casa Milan, long live Milan fans all over the world, we are together with one spirit, one goal and one passion for this great club of ours. Milan my world.

  8. Donaruma saga is a difficult one but the decision itself is hurt but bold and brave, I don’t expect Milan to keep riaola client in the team now especially romagnoli if we are truly serious about getting a replacement. Let’s trade him for dybala at juve and everybody will be happy and the greatest mistake Milan will make this season is not to sign player of quality that can improve the team otherwise our embarrassment in the UCL WILL BE too much. Respect Milan!

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