Sky journalist explains why Fonseca’s arrival is an ‘extension of the Pioli era’

By Euan Burns -

Sky journalist Peppe Di Stefano has pessimistically explained why AC Milan’s decision to hire Paulo Fonseca will simply be an ‘extension of the Stefano Pioli era’.

Speaking to Milan News from the Italy National Team training camp, Di Stefano refused to tell Milan fans what they want to hear when it comes to the expected appointment of Fonseca.

The Portuguese coach has not been announced as the new coach yet, but it is clear that he will take over from Stefano Pioli in the very near future after a long search for a replacement.

Many names were linked with the job, some of which were of a higher profile than Fonseca. Despite that, Milan have decided that the Lille coach best suits what the club needs right now. Di Stefano feels it is an extension of the Pioli era in terms of what will be expected from Fonseca.

“I think the coach will be Fonseca. Yesterday Lille said goodbye to him, they are already working on possible names. Why haven’t Milan announced it? For fiscal reasons it had to be next week, that’s what it turns out. Has the management changed its mind? I don’t think so. They’ve taken the extension of the Pioli era, very similar in terms of education, results, tactical system. They don’t expect a 10/10 season but neither do they expect a 4/10,” Di Stefano said.

He then went on to suggest that Fonseca is a ‘more evolved’ version of Pioli who has had more managerial success elsewhere and can perhaps prolong the good spells that Milan enjoyed under Pioli, rather than be dogged by inconsistency.

“He’s a more evolved Pioli. He did much more than was expected with Milan’s squad, while Fonseca arrives having already won with Shakhtar, was at Roma and did well at Lille. The idea is to prolong these results, they made it clear to me that they want a ‘corporate’ coach, who works hand in hand with the management in the search for talent and solutions, not one who goes to press conferences in the style of [Antonio] Conte and asks for champions,” he said.

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  1. 1. Last time a foreign coach won Serie A was Mourinho back in 09/10 and before him, Eriksson in 99/00.

    2. Sacchi and Capello were up and coming coaches who were ahead of their time with innovations. Fonseca brings no innovations with him, he already has more than 13 years of experience in coaching.

    3. Fonseca is known to play youth, bringing up young talents and increasing their value. That’s why he was hired. Lopetegui is also known as someone who likes to play youth winning with both Spain u19 and u21.

    That’s the whole secret behind hiring Fonseca. Increasing the value of the youth (and moneyball signings) which would increase the value of the squad and therefore increase the value of the brand.

    End product? Increasing value of the shares Cardinale’s investors expect while making our young talents our re-sale assets for big capital gains.

    Rinse and repeat.

    1. I mean, it’s a good approach to team building. If we try City/PSG shenanigans, we’ll get tossed from Europe. We have to build up income in order to start bringing real superstars. This mercato will show if they want to win or just be a nursery for talent.

      1. It’s not only black and white, meaning there’s also a middle way. Keep your best players and reinforce with targeted signings. Build a sustainable team which will fight for titles and not to compete for top 4.

        I do not want headless spending and overpaying, throwing money all around.

        But we are financially capable and a lot healthier than other Serie A clubs to pay our prized assets more than 5 millions + bonuses. Instead we are acting like we’re Fiorentina or Napoli while Inter can offer 9 millions in wage.

        1. And i think we will. I doubt we will just sell every good player we have ( a la portugal/holland style) but we also wont be spending crazy; simply because we cant.
          I think they will try to emulate borussia dortmund, Perhaps Atletico M and even dare to say Inter?. I mean inter has sold many key pieces over the past few years… yet they are also investing in young (bastoni, Fratetesi comes to mind) but also trying to keep a few great pieces in Lautaro and Barela. We gotta admit, unless you are an EPL team or one of the uber rich clubs (madrid, Bayern or petro-clubs) you are playing moneyball to some degree.

    2. Maybe it’s a good thing. Quickly pump up the value high enough for RedBird to sell the club to someone with sporting ambitions too instead of just moneymoneymoneeeeyy. The quicker we get rid of the current owners the better.

      1. I wouldn’t bet on a short-term sale, Redbird’s policy is to keep its assets for the long-term and now that it’s expanding and becoming more and more powerful, they don’t need to sell Milan soon. Also, Jerry seems more interested in developing Serie A than just the club so sadly I think he’s here for a long time…

      2. Bb in that way they will make more profit if they make too much profit they would never sell but when they stuck is when they consider selling

      3. RedBird isn’t going anywhere, man. So get comfy with the ‘Muricans. They are gonna grow the sh|t out of this brand, get the stadium build at the very least before they entertain offloading.

        But their presence in Dubai could be lucrative and a good way to get Arab money into the club.

    3. I have absolutely no problem with us becoming an academy focused club if we keep half of them and use the money from the rest to sign established talent.

      Fonseca is a far from inspiring appointment but he ‘might’ just be the perfect man to start that cycle.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if the mandate is give us a top4 finish. For as long as we can play UCL, management is happy. And by the way, don’t let the blue and black side of Milan embarrass us again.

    1. Man I was at the Nike Store in Duomo yesterday, everywhere there were t-shirts with “Campioni d’Italia” and game jerseys printed “20” with two big stars in the back. Horrible. Let’s end their legacy right now.

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