Sky journalist offers worrying update about Maignan’s renewal: “We cannot risk a repeat of the past”

By Ben Dixon -

There are several things that AC Milan need to tackle in the next few months, and one of the priorities, undoubtedly, will be deciding on Mike Maignan’s contract. The Frenchman has not agreed on a new deal with the club yet, which could alter plans for the summer mercato.

Earlier this month, a report suggested that Milan could be prepared to sell Maignan if an offer of their valuation arrived in the summer mercato, considering the current status of his contract renewal. Whilst this was not a statement saying he was for sale, it shows that the club are not against the idea of a sale if negotiations do not improve.

Maignan currently earns €2.8 million per year, and reports have stated that he wants a contract on the level of, or better than, Leao’s, which would take him to an annual net wage of around €7m. The club are not against a wage rise that shows his importance, but both parties know there is a length to go before a deal is agreed.

Peppe Di Stefano gave an insight into the current status of Maignan’s contract renewal to Sky Sports and admitted that action could be needed if talks didn’t improve soon, and his words have been relayed by MilanNews.

What is the situation with Maignan?

“His season has not been particularly happy for a thousand reasons, he has not been as decisive as last year. Mind you, maybe we don’t talk about it and underestimate him, there is a contract renewal issue. It’s true that he still has two seasons left on his contract with Milan, but there is a negotiation underway that has not yet borne good fruit.

“And if it still does not bear good fruit, we cannot risk, as has happened in the past, losing players for zero or keeping players who wanted a different wage. A lot of reasoning has to be done; not only technical but also, I believe, financial, as it is right to do for a club of Milan’s stature.”

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  1. As good as he is, I hope we learned on our mistakes- Calhanoglou, Kessie, Romagnoli, Dollarumma
    I would love for him to stay, but if his agent keeps denaying offers, sell him for 70+mil. There are plenty of good alternatives(vicario, Di gregorio…) that would cost around 30mil

    1. 💯, if we can get £70-80m, and IF that is invested in the squad i personally would be very hwppy, especially if we could bag boungerno and Scavlini with that money.

      He has peaked with Milan, of that I am certain, he has given us some legendary moments between the sticks and if he can give us 80m as he leaves, no one cam possibly complain

    2. Vicario right now is one of the best GK in PL. No way Tottenham will let him leave for 30m. Even double that amount is unlikely as he is their main keeper right now.

      Di Gregorio though, maybe around 15-20m will be enough.

  2. Sell him this summer and buy Di Gregorio.
    Maignan gave up another 2 soft goals playing for France, the 2nd one to a player Milan was interested in last in January of 2023, Dario Osorio.

    1. Why Di Gregorio and not Carnesechi?

      I’ve only watched a bit of both and favor the latter for what I perceive as his being exceptionally calm and better with the ball at his feet.

      I’m not terribly skilled in distinguishing the details between two keepers, thua the question.

      1. Di Gregorio is the best rated GK in serie A and provides immediate Maignan replacement without a drop off.
        Carnsechi is super talented but he is still young and green. I think this is his 1st season as a starter. He isn’t even a full time starter for Atalanta. He started 18 and Musso 10 games for them in serie A.
        Not to mention that Atalanta will probably ask 40 mil for him, while Di Gregorio can most likely be bought for around 20 mil

      2. The best website to look and compare player stats is fbref.

        On terms of the business of saving goals, two key measures are Save % and PSxG-GA
        Save % is easy to understand.
        PSxG – GA stands for Post-Shot Expected Goals minus Goals Allowed. Post-Shot Expected Goals is the likelyhood of a goalkeeper saving a shot using the expected goals model. This is then compared with the amount of goals a goalkeeper has conceded to give you the PSxG – GA. A higher positive number indicates the goalkeeper is having greater success at stopping more shots than he was expected to be able to stop

        This is where you can find the Save % of Serie A goalkeepers (under “Player Goalkeeping):

        This is where you can find the PSxG-GA (under “Player Advanced Goalkeeping”, Expected, PSxG+/- )

        So, you’ll see that DiGregorio is second in Serie A at Save% at 81.6%, compared to Mike, who is SEVENTH at 76.7%.

        DiGregorio is #1 in Serie A with a PSxG-GA of +6.1
        Mike ranks a horrifyingly BAD #36 in Serie A with a PSxG-GA of -3.8

        In fact, Sportiello has better save stats than Mike with a PSxG-GA of +0.3 and is #10 in Serie A, and a Save % of 87.5%

        The one thing that Mike is really good at, though is stopping Crosses, leading Serie A with a Stop % of 10.9% compared to Di Gregorio’s 4.3%

        Mike is also great at playing Sweeper-Keeper, ranking #2 in Serie A in #OPA (Defensive Actions Outside the Penalty Area) with 34, whereas Do Gregorio only scores 15 in #OPA.

        So, Milan would give up Mike’s great defensive play in favor of somebody who is a heck of a lot better at stopping shots.

      3. Carnesecchi is more talented, but also younger, more raw, and likely cost more.

        And doubt Atalanta will let us have him for under 30m. 35-40m is more likely.

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