Sky: Kessie’s renewal remains ‘difficult’ as salary demands hit €9m per season

By Oliver Fisher -

Franck Kessie’s contract situation remains complicated as AC Milan’s offer is nowhere near the midfielder’s demands, a report claims.

Gianluca Di Marzio spoke to Sky Italia (via MilanNews) and gave an update on the negotiations between Milan and Kessie for the potential extension of the Ivorian’s contract, confirming that it is at a ‘difficult point’.

The more time passes, the more complicated it becomes to find an agreement because Milan have offered €6-6.5m net per season, with bonuses on top of that, but the request is much higher as Kessie wants close to €9m per year to renew.

It is a very high request and Milan have no intention to approach it having made their stance clear on keeping a sustainable and sensible wage budget, so if Kessie does not lower his demands then it becomes very unlikely to imagine that the two parties will be able to find an agreement.

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  1. Wage policy is clear and also applies to “the president” (soon to be former president).
    Like any politician: lied about the renew in the African Cup.

  2. This guy have really cost alot this season always making us lose game he should go to hell….Milan is bigger than him a million times

  3. Kessie has no intention of renewing, at the beginning of the season his request was around 6 and have been constantly increasing as milan tries to up their offer. He will probably end up in the premier league where he can swim in money and rot on the bench, like van der beek, hakim zyech, jadon sancho and many more.

  4. Is like the Milan management will play the stupid waiting game again that has made us loose great opportunities. Pay him or sell him off. Decide now.

    Get a replacement in January and sign a striker that is fit and capable of double figures (goals) per season.

    Sign a competent RW, as I’m not pleased with whoever we have playing that wing.

    Lastly, sign a competent AMF for Pete’s sake.

    Enough of all this kessie bullshit and Mediocre signings.

    If Elliot can’t keep up, let them put the club up for sale

    1. If Elliott can’t keep up? Everything they’ve done has improved the club. Look at the standings, look at the stats, look at the finances. It’s pretty clear the just buy your way up doesn’t work just ask Li Yonghong.

  5. I don’t mind about the inflated wage demands – a player only gets one career, after all. What got me angry was the nonsense he talked around the time of the Olympics about loving Milan / wanting to renew etc. Franck – if your only interest as a player is money (which it clearly is), then at least have the honesty to keep your big mouth shut, and not publicly pretend any kind of loyalty to your current club.

  6. It’s not “difficult”, it’s not happening. Man’s gone at the end of the season, so get the best out of him for this season, make sure of Champion’s League qualification and wish him all the best making a fortune in England.

  7. There should be a boycott of information on Kessie. He is not worth the hype or drama. A media blackout. Just stop publishing information that is no longer news. The only news I want to hear is that he has left the club.

  8. No need to wasting anymore time for this clown. Let him go. Lets focus on reinforcement that we can get. We can let him rot on the bench right now

  9. Barella, the best in Serie A in his position just renewed with Inter for 5M and this guy is asking for 9M and all that despite the fact he’s been collecting some horrendous performances this season that have cost Milan very important points 😂

  10. i dont mind if he goes for free in january. just get him out of the group. he is a bad apple and can low the team. Kessie and Ballo Toure are the worst atm.

  11. Kessie probably wants to join Inter and to show his loyalty there he gave away a penalty to his friend. Otherwise, I really don’t understand what was Kessie trying to do. He would probably score an own goal too in the coming days.

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