Sky: Lukaku the surprise new name for Milan – contacts made with Chelsea

By Ben Dixon -

In recent weeks, AC Milan’s striker shortlist has begun to change shape, with a few of their preferences lessening in rankings. As a result, new avenues are beginning to come to light, and it seems the Rossoneri could explore a route they previously have been interested in. 

Whilst the managerial decision is all but confirmed, there is still little to no guidance about the mould of striker that Paulo Fonseca would like to have lead his Milan side, and when partnered with the activity of other clubs, the situation becomes difficult.

For months, it seemed as though Joshua Zirkzee or Benjamin Sesko would be elected to wear the No.9 shirt, and while they still might, their prices are rising, as is the interest in them, which means a decision must be made soon, so the Diavolo are not left red-faced.

Milan are exploring new avenues, though. According to Sky, the club contacted Chelsea for information about Romelu Lukaku in the past few days, in a situation similar to the previous summer’s mercato.

There is already an excellent relationship with the London club after previous deals, but there is a roadblock in place.

Understandably, the Blues are looking for a straight sale for the Belgian striker, whereas the Rossoneri see a loan move as ‘the only formula’. If the stance remains from both clubs, it is unlikely any movement could be made soon, but it could be one to watch later in the summer if neither team’s situation has changed.

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    1. To be honest I’d go for him without a second thought. He’s familiar with serie A already. he’s very strong on the ball, has a good eye for goal, difficult to defend against, very fast for his size and creative too. To top it all, a motivated Lukaku is just a 25 to 30 goals a season player. Ac Milan shouldn’t even hesitate here. We were willing to go for Tharemi who is worse than Lukaku.

      1. Lukaku is only good with 2 upfront and also his movement keeps getting slower and slower. Don’t let me get started with his wages lol.

  1. At this rate anything is possible. Get the popcorn, sit back and watch this management surprise us again. Never a dull moment with Milan. However, I wouldn’t mind Lukaku if he is one of 2 incomings. Definitely not as our only striker going forward

  2. this joke management making joke decisions to sign joke players. this guy has an entire you tube video dedicated to the clown things he does, some misses that are so baffling you wouldn’t be able to replicate if your tried to do it on purpose.

    anyone who thinks hes a good signing has no standards.

    1. Lukaku is definitely not a joke player, one of the Premier Leagues all time top scorers, and incredible scoring record in Serie A, as well as Belgium’s all time top scorer. How is he a joke player? Only joke here is your comment.

      1. how long ago was that. we are not in 2022 this lukaku is allot older and has been in constant decline. have you watched this guy for roma, absolutely nothing special not worth bringing to milan

  3. Guys come down… its just media with Most rumours…
    We will end with Players which maybe hasnt been discussed yet in media

  4. Well, all his past aside, it’s logical for us to be interested in him. A guaranteed goal scorer, know the league, can hold down & link up better than Giroud, and only have 2 years left on his contract so his price would be decreased further.

    But I think he’ll lean more towards Napoli. Conte is the 1st factor. And other factor would be Napoli has the budget after the Osimhen’s sale.

  5. He will end up with Conte most likely and scored bucket loads in his system. Wouldn’t be a bad shout for us if we could launch a cout to get him.

  6. He need to be treated like a king.. only conte can bring the best out of him.. mourinho at roma failed to do that.. and so inzaghi..

  7. Yes yes and yes. Finally a name I dont mind seeing. Not impressed with any of the other names at the price being asked and knowing how we love to spend big /s. I believe we can cut down the price too since we’re also cheap

  8. Sign HIM ASAP!

    Even at 30 to 40 million, he forces Napoli to spend 60+ on another, less proven striker.

    I’d rather have him playing for us than against us, in a rival’s club. Our team is in dire need of a reliable goal scorer. He still has 3 good seasons in him. Gives us time to find another long term striker. There is not less than 50 million euro option who can provide 15 goals or more in our league. The cost of a good scorer is the highest because you can’t teach someone how to put it in the net. All the tactics in the world don’t mean anything when you get in the box only for someone to keep squandering opportunities. As we have seen since Ibra left. The natural born hitmen are few and far between.

  9. If Media has us linked with Lukaku and McGuire, you know they are short on content… From here on it will only get more ridiculous.

    Credit to Milan for handling their business on the down low.

  10. Should we really be surprised??? Honestly – a LOAN of Lukaku is about all that Redbird want to spend.

    Sesko, Zirkzee, Gorekyes, etc…we’re all dreams. Never a reality. We are owned by Redbird. PROFIT is the goal – not titles gents. When will we realize that??

    We want Lukaku because we can get him on LOAN then after this season his price will drop to around 20M – which at that point he becomes affordable for US and we would consider a buy.

    Redbird will always come up with an excuse when it comes to ANY player that costs over 20M OR that wants a salary of 5M or more.

    First we are told we have 100M to spend on transfers. Ok so then Zirkzee should be a no brainer at 55M (40M + 15M commission) right? BUT the excuse is we don’t want to pay the commission? WHY? What is the difference of paying 55M to a club or 40M + 15M to club and agent? LOL. Same amount of $$. Who cares. IF you believe this player will be our striker for the next 5 years – then it’s worth it. But no, our excuse is well we don’t want to pay 15M in commissions.

    OK -so last season we could have signed Thuram for FREE. We also passed due to salary of 5.5M/season vs 5M we wanted to pay LOL. Again another excuse. So we lost him over 500k/season or 2.5M over 5 years. And he destroyed us in the derby and may be sold for large sum this summer. Great.

    Sesko is also available – but 65M is deemed too high. Why? He fits the mold perfectly- young, high resale value, etc….BUT he wants more than 5M season lol. Oops! Again, we will ALWAYS find an excuse to not spend $$$.

    Get it through your heads. We will NOT spend 20-25M on ANY player.

    This is all BS. Zlatan has ZERO power. Same old same old. Only way is to SELL Theo. If he was smart – he should just leave, same with Mike and Rafa. This model will never build a consistent winner IMO. Sell and replace with younger talent that needs to develop or older players with issues you can get on a cheap. Yup – fantastic.

    This is my prediction of what we will end up with:

    RB – Santos
    Striker – Lukaku
    CB – Brassier or Hummels (free)
    DM – Fofana or Thuram – ya right lol. Mister X – let’s bring back Flamini!!!

    Just pray Harry McGuire isn’t on this list LOL.

    Fun times.

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