Sky: Maldini, Massara and Pioli had a meeting yesterday – what was said

By Isak Möller -

It’s been four days since Paolo Maldini was sacked by AC Milan and 24 hours after him, Ricky Massara faced the same outcome. The duo had lunch with the Rossoneri manager Stefano Pioli, a report claims. 

The news came as a shock to the Milan fans, as well as many club employees, but it’s clear that Gerry Cardinale and his team have a clear way forward. This has already been reflected on the mercato, with many negotiations underway.

According to Sky Italia, as cited by our colleagues at, Maldini, Massara and Pioli had lunch in Forte dei Marmi yesterday. It was an opportunity for them all to say goodbye and reflect on the success they have had, without discussing the decision of Cardinale.

Pioli will have a key role in the ‘new Milan’, working even closer with the management and having a decisive say in the signings made. Geoffrey Moncada, being one of the best scouts in the world, will also have a key role.

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  1. Italians are always classy with a their way of doing things! Respect Maldini, Massara and pioli….gentlemen kindly show Jerry how to be classy

    1. We respect and love Maldini for the achievements he made as a player and as Technical director but let’s see Cardinal and his New team work for the club and fans.Maldini and Massara had plenty lapses in recruiting players and taking decisions in releasing and purchasing players.Good luck to the new management.

  2. FYI: Toulouse, owned by Jerry too and using “moneyball”, will fire his coach after their 13th place in Ligue 1. Toulouse was in D2 two years ago and they won the French national cup this year, granting them a spot in UEL next season.

    The reason? “Data projected the team to finish between 10th and 11th.”

      1. Well they always put the better.

        They bring new with better characteristics and maybe lower salary. That’s how they keep winning the money.

        At the end they will earn a lot on club sale

    1. That is even worse than Maldini’s sack! Merciless to sack a coach for winning the national cup and finish 13th because projection was 10th-11th.

      1. “Merciless to sack a coach for winning the national cup and finish 13th because projection was 10th-11th.”

        Sure. That is the only reason. For sure. For sure. 😀 😀

    1. Yea that’s the part that gets me..all those articles never made sense. Neither the ones relating to sporting success. Maldini bad because of CDK but never good because of Thiaw. That apparently is Pioli. Again, I can see through that. Many ppl here still can’t

  3. Now that football is pure business, fans we need to think hard before spending our hard earned money, when we enrich the billionaires, what are we getting in return, is it worthy it, value for money

    1. Last time I check, Cardinale do not take dividen from Milan. Your argument only works for Man Utd fans as the Glazers regularly take dividen from Man Utd.

      1. True. People are so easily misled by others. I’ve already written a couple of times that Cardinale is worse than Hitler. Let’s see how long it takes it to catch on and be added to wikipedia and considered as the absolute truth. 😀

      2. My point is on football in general now being pure business, less of emotions, culture and tradition, and pure business means being smart with your money,so im just encouraging the traditional fan, who is now seen as a consumer, to be smart with his/her little hard earned money, to be more smart, less emotional, understand what you get in return before you add another dollar to a billionaire, its not an attack on Jerry, I dont understand how you see it as an attack on Jerry

        1. Never claim it’s an attack to Cardinale. But if you are encouraging the fans to stop spending for Milan, that is hurting Milan.

          1. Im encouraging fans to be smart with their money, just as owners are smart with their money, and the owners im sure they are aware of it, their product should be worthy of the consumers’ money, its business now, not traditional sports

  4. The sacking has NOTHING to do with relations between Maldini and Pioli or anything for the matter, that part was clear as daylight. It was purely money. Maldini wanted to prioritize sporting success.. But Gerry.. Well… Nothing matters to him more than Money!

    1. “But Gerry.. Well… Nothing matters to him more than Money!”

      Glad you’re here to share the facts and nothing else. 🙂

      1. When we give facts you extrapolate (Toulouse actually stated that the coach was fired because he missed the data projection and you can check the sources), when we extrapolate you ask for facts.

        Man please take some vacation. Jerry doesn’t need you, he already has his hundreds of millions and enough yesmen around him.

  5. Toulouse is no indicator of success at Milan. Gerry for better or worse has a solid vision for the direction to take Milan and is so dead set on it that not even Maldini can stand in the way. That actually inspires confidence in me. Let’s see how this plays out. Hope they make Milan stronger.


  6. Now you guys see why I do t believe any of that crap coming out. That Maldini was somehow not a team player or that there were problems with them and Pioli. It simply didn’t make sense. You see them how they interact, how M&M defended Pioli and during the training sessions and we’re all of a sudden led to believe this was this big tension and problems with them and Pioli. Once again I’m not buying any of that drivel. Cardinale didn’t like dissenting voices, it’s clear to see now. That voice used to be Boban and now it’s Maldini. He tried to stand up for the historical value of the club he believe it still had and got fired for it. A good corporation has its checks and balances, Maldini was that figure that spoke on the other side of the coin. It’s not like Maldini was playing by his own rules. He still had to take direction from the owners ie salary cap, budgets and player profiles. He doesn’t sign any cheque. The owners do and if they didn’t feel like approving a signing they can reject it. This lunch tells me alot about the relationship these men had that recent articles can’t tell me otherwise

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