Sky: Management hold discussion with Milan squad in dressing room after Inter loss

By Oliver Fisher -

The Milan management were present in the dressing room after the team lost the derby 5-1 against Inter at San Siro tonight, according to a report.

Peppe Di Stefano reported on Sky (via MilanNews) that the Milan management – headed by CEO Giorgio Furlani – showed up in the Rossoneri changing room for a conversation with the staff and team after what they saw.

Obviously there is a lot of disappointment after what was a humiliating result, but there was also a great desire and need to react, given that on Tuesday the team are back on the pitch against Newcastle in the Champions League.

For Milan this is the fifth consecutive derby lost and it seems that Stefano Pioli is unable to limit Simone Inzaghi’s schemes. From the Supercoppa Italiana to today there have been five defeats for Milan in a row in the derby, with 12 goals conceded and only one scored.

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      1. i’m Milanista. maybe there is AC Maldini but AC Pioli is the worst, defend the coach after got beaten 5 – 1 and reject all critics & hiding behind “they who critisize is AC Maldini” is pathetic

    1. “From the Supercoppa Italiana to today there have been five defeats for Milan in a row in the derby, with 12 goals conceded and only one scored.”

      ☝️As the article says.

      “Clowns, of course their disastrous mercato is really showing now and we are 4 games in.

      Furlani and Co are useless.”

      So this past mercato is responsible for four years of failure against Inter? LOL.

  1. Paolo Maldini, Ricky Massara, Charles De Ketelaere, Alexis Saelemakers and Junior Messias would like to say Congratulations to Cardinale, Furlani and of course best coach in the world, mr Stefano Pioli. Pioli is on fire.

  2. Arne Slot has a release clause of 5M and Xabi from what I heard has 10M. We will not be able to get De Zerbi or Nagelsmann. They need to decide whether to stick with Pioli or get a new manager till the end of October. We will have to face Newcastle, PSG, LAZIO, Juventus and Napoli. That will show the true credibility of Pioli.

    1. Nagelsmann lmao, wtf did he ever do? He fked up most of his roles and 2 clubs wanted nothing to do with him this summer.

      Xabi literally having his first breakthrough season and this guy thinks he’s done enough and can join a big club now

      I can guarantee you would’ve said Luis Enrique too if he was available when he’s struggling to win in freaking Ligue 1 atm.

      do you just go around suggesting every flavour of the month manager? Real life isnt the video games that you clearly play

      1. UGHHHH It had to be you of all people. I think you need to watch some of Bayer Leverkusen’s matches before commenting about this. Secondly, Nageksmann was good with Leipzig and Hoffenheim before joining Bayern and wasn’t he the one who rejected Chelsea and Spurs??? Tell me who else do you think we can replace Pioli with?

        1. You watch too much Bayer Leverkusen matches, let a man f*cking get experience before you overhype them to high heaven

          Yeah Nagelsmann was good, so good that he doesnt have a bloody job now and Bayern wanted nothing to do with him, but ofc he’s good enough for Milan

          Tell me whens the last time Milan hired a GERMAN manager? That too a mediocre one that no one wants

          1. You do realize Nagelsmann was sacked because of non football related matters. Read my comment once again, I said we will not be able to get him because of his demands, and he is also a restricted free agent. I am not trying to overhype Xabi, but he plays superb tactical football, and why would Real Madrid want to sign him if he is overhyped. Xabi would be a long term addition, unlike Pioli.

          2. Yeah and the first sign of things going wrong you are gonna start typing Xabi out, always reactionary

            Real Madrid wants him because he’s their former player and he is spanish, wtf does that have to do with us? Why would he come to Italy?

          3. You think Milan is in Bayern’s league nowadays?
            That’s a joke.
            Nagelsmann isn’t wanted because of his behaviour off the pitch , nothing to do with his coaching ability.
            But yeah apparently the most expensive manager of all time is not good enough for Milan.

            Get lost along with Pioli.

  3. Arne Slot has a release clause of 5M and Xabi from what I heard has 10M. We will not be able to get De Zerbi or Nagelsmann. They need to decide whether to stick with Pioli or get a new manager till the end of October. We will have to face Newcastle, PSG, LAZIO, Juventus and Napoli. That will show the true credibility of Pioli. Also, F this website so much hassle just to comment.

      1. are you insane, the guy who led Tottenham to 7th and then constantly complains about transfers

        oh wait, he complains like you so thats why you like him lmao

          1. It would be the end of Leao. Conte doesn’t play with wingers. So if you can stomach selling Leao, selling Pulisic and Chukwueze after one season and then playing park the bus 5-3-2, then he’s your man.

    1. Exactly. Calm down guys. The first thing we need is to find an ideal replacement for next season, and let’s see what Pioli does with this team. In January, we will know our real state.
      We can’t just go sacking anyhow like all the other serie a teams are doing.

      Admit it or not, Pioli is the last real string of unity the team has since post Maldini+Ibra. And the management know this clearly, and thus would never have changed him before the season began.

      1. maybe later kiddo.
        I am what i am.. A cold rational madafaka, so i can stay calm and see stuff clearly and look at the big picture..
        If not being impulsive and stupiid makes me not a Milan fan, ill survive.

    1. RdZ would be great and he’s a former Milan man

      But honestly I think hes out of our price range now. The time to get him was when he was unemployed having left Shakhtar. EPL is too expensive to get their top managers and he’s definitely among their best

  4. Pioli is a fucking joke. He shouldn’t be a coach at all, he doesn’t have enough IQ and even can’t take lesson from his past disastrous decisions. He’s making us humiliate with his partner Krunic.

      1. I don’t bring Maldini here but the choices the current management did.
        1. With the pace and personality Thuram is killing the CB’s
        2.choosing Krunic as defensive midfielder for the season. Neither he is very physical player nor able to distribute the ball well.

        And to you if you think Maldini lost 4 derby’s then yes he lost but not by conceding 5goals and he didn’t spend 125m in single mercato

        1. Thuram is well suited to inter’s 2 forward system. Krunic is just for half of the season, bear with it and lets just hope Bennacer can quickly back to form.

  5. Inter played the same playbook last 5 games against Milan, Pioli still doesn’t have the answer. You can change the whole team but if your brain (manager) is not good enough, you will get humiliated.

    1. All of you criticising Pioli now are correct. Honestly I used to defend him but now I think he is at his wit end. I strongly believe now that we need a coach. Pioli is technically inept. Inter forced us to play the type of game that suits them and Pioli couldn’t change his tactics. 5 consecutive loses ?????

  6. Pioli is the issue. He has ZERO ability to change IN GAME tactics. Out-coached and outclassed again by Inzaghi. Inzaghi studies and nuetralized out inverted fullback system and Pioli instead of changing kept the same system until he finally took Calabria off in the 80th min. We have the players (except for another #9). The problem is Pioli.

  7. Here is an advice. When you sell a player for 70M, use the money to get proper players, not discount rejects and wannabees. Proven players, ideally Serie A proven players. This is how you win titles.

  8. I knew Milan will stumbled, Milan can’t win inter with 3 men midfield against inter 5 men. more losses to come. leao best formation 451 pioli switched to 433

  9. I would love to know what they told him. Was it something like…
    “Hey man, you’ve lost to our most hated rivals 5x in a row with a 12-1 goal difference. How much more time do you think you’ll need to come up with some decent tactics? I mean you’ve been a coach for 20+ years and still struggle to understand some basic things. Like making subs in the 80th minute 3-1 down is a bit too late. Or that passing sideways and backwards is not a great attacking strategy. Or waiting for Leao/Theo to make a run when they clearly don’t have space is also not the best way to beat a top team. Or playing a high line with a slow 34 year old CB against deadly strikers is dangerous.

  10. What Maldini and Massara achieved when milan won the scudetto two seasons ago was incredible given that we had a very tight budget and the depth of the squad. Lets not forget last years Semi finalists in the champions league. M&M had it tough but got the results or got close to them.

  11. Cardinale is a fan of Antonio conte. He will replace Pioli with Conte.

    Conte will ask for 3 players. A strong CB who can play long balls. A good defensive midfielder like Koppminers and a strong CF like Terem Moffi who can hold up play similar to Lukaku

    1. At this point I’ll take crybaby Conte but I doubt he will come because he knows we won’t splash the cash.
      We should have signed DeZerbi or even S.Inzaghi or Sarri 2+ years ago.

  12. LMAO 😂. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room. I wonder what they told him, chin up and better luck next time there sport, just don’t do that again when the boss is around? Lol. I wonder what Cardinale thought sitting in the stands…maybe he should give another extensive interview after this 😁
    All jokes aside, don’t they know how derbies work. It can go any direction. You could have the inferior team and still win as I’ve seen MANY times in the past. We’re still in a good place in the need to panic

    1. “don’t they know how derbies work. It can go any direction”
      Um, actually it’s been going in one direction all year. Inter have won 5 in a row with a 12-1 goal difference. And as long as Pioli keeps lining up with the same dumb approach, Inzaghi will keep beating him. We beat 3 atrocious teams before this and many inexperienced fans thought we were a match for Inter. They were very wrong.

      1. Lol true. I agree. But I was talking in general for derbies. I didn’t really see the need for them to go in the dressing room but they’re also new at this. And maybe a kick up the arse might help 🤷‍♂️. I guess it was maybe to tell them not to embarrass the boss next time lol. But yea, Inzaghi owns Pioli. I really was thinking he had a game plan like he did the first 3 teams. But nope not even close. Seemed like we reverted to our old self as we were afriad to lose rather than play our own game

    2. This big lose will affected team mentality. Next match vs newcastle are near. Fall into same trap 5 times in row are embarassing. Simone only use counter atack tactic every derby but yet pioli cannot solve that and always instruct his team play high line that make simone laugh

      1. I actually commented this exact thing somewhere else here. I really hope it doesn’t affect the next few games..derby losses can affect teams psychologically.
        I’m hoping they can dispatch smaller teams and not worry about losses to big teams

  13. My worry is that Pioli doesn’t transmit confidence. He changes nothing until there’s a disaster. You explored 433 in preseason and adopted it in your first three matches. Then at the sight of Inter, you switched to 4231. Your players are obviously receiving the fears you tansmit. The squad is just as good as Inter’s, all they they need is inspiration.

  14. This Milan’s 433 is more like 4123. So it is strong in attack but weak when facing counter attack because basically they have only one defensive midfielder. So defender who has speed is very important to this 4123 formation. Kjaer and Calabria don’t meet this criteria.

  15. See the stats guyz… we are not that bad..60% ball possesion; 9 shots (2 on target), 90% pass accuracy, tackles won, clearance etc is in better stats then Inter.

    Goal 2, 3 are really hit by counter attack and we know our defense is not up to the speed…………

    However, players choices should be better as first XI: on defense would rather to see pellegrino / florenzi to be as RB and move calabria on Tomori position … on midfield we are ok (look thr stats) ..on offense would put chukwueze vs pulisic (seems exausted); and perhaps Okafor starts vs Giroud… perform very fast football, fast transition, and push both wings

    1. The problem is we have too much ball possesion. We are playing exatly into inter’s trap. They want us to have the ball so they can use counter attacks which have been very effective against us this year.

  16. Management should have a long discussion with Pioli and fine him. This match was on Pioli 100%
    He got better players now than previous derby,yet got thrashed by Inter.
    He got no clue at all, no tactical awarness.

  17. I said the best formation we can us e to destroy inter Milan is the 4-2-3-1 with high pressing not allowing Dumfries to push front Hernandez will stop Dumfries then Noah Okafor will start then Geroud will sub musah will play as attacking midfield together with leao and chukwueze
    Calabria, thiaw, Kjaer, Hernandez
    Krunic, rejnder
    Chukwueze,musah, leao(Romero)
    Pulisic to sub musah, cheek,etc
    I repeat inter are not stronger than Milan only that Acmilan are strangers to 4-3-3 with 4-2-3-1 leao,musah, chukwueze, pulisic,Romero,jovic, Okafor,all the attackers will be extremely dangerous and let Pioli give all those players playing time and let their be competition for those squad to be at their best

  18. My suggestion is that the defence are the worst.I don’t know what Calabria still doing in Milan.Thiaw should not be in first eleven,he should be loan out in other to gain more experience.Kjear is not strong,he should be in lower club.Rejiender is too slow and he can’t hit the ball from out side 18 box.Giroud need to be rested always he is a second half player.

    Solution,we need solid defence .Milan must spend hudge amount to by solid defender,central forward and attacking midfielder.

  19. Inter are stronger at the moment… played with almost the same line up that played champions league final the only new player is Thuram which is better than the one they have last season, We have a new team and a new tactics we can improve 5-1 is awful and for a derby 🥲 Pioli is good he just always loose awfully when he wants to loose but he is doing very well and no doubt he will fight for the title it’s a league and not just a match

  20. Wow, so many cry baby NEGATIVE people here. The key difference is that Inter are more of a Team, half of iur squad are new and it showed yesterday

    The only manager i would cinsider going for here to replace Pioli is De Zerbi, otherwise we are good.

    Its way too early to make predictions, now we need to bkunce back from this and beat Inter back in January or February when we next olay them.

    Chill people, this happens

    1. No…no it doesn’t mate. 5-1 is embarrassing. I don’t think any of us thought we could beat inter. When Leao scored at 2-1 I felt given their dominance, that would be a respectable result to walk away with::

      5-1 is bordering on our 0-6.

      It’s totally unacceptable

  21. Hey, even if we will loose it is suppose to be 2-1 but because of ref we are beaten, but that does not mean we are not strong and pioli too can overcome this week and I’m 100% sure.

  22. I don’t know why he didn’t spring a surprise on Inzaghi, play Okafor as no9 with Girpud to come on and finish the game. We have seen workmate from Okafor and he also has pace, look how Klopp is utilising Gakpo as a false 9…

    The man needs to go, he’s one dimensional

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