Sky: ‘Many’ players will leave Milan and ‘many’ will arrive this summer

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are expected to make quite a few changes to their squad this summer after an underwhelming second half of the season in Serie A. In fact, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have already initiated the plan. 

Milan secured a top-four finish with the 1-0 win against Juventus last night, courtesy of a brilliant Olivier Giroud header. The season has certainly been disappointing in the league, though, which is why reinforcements are expected this summer.

Peppe Di Stefano of Sky Italia, as cited by TheMilanZone, spoke about the Rossoneri’s situation and made it clear that a revolution is more or less expected. And that’s ultimately because the depth proved to be lacking this season.

“It will be a summer with a numerical revolution, I can say that for sure without the fear of contradiction. Many will leave, many will arrive. The famous budget will tell if Milan will be able to buy well or, as always, go to young players: it depends on the company policy,” he stated.

We wrote a lengthy piece about Milan’s budget for the summer on our Substack, which you can read here, in which we broke down the figures. Milan have a Settlement Agreement to follow, which complicates the situation, but we painted a scenario to explain it all in the best way possible.

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  1. many changes can also have the opposite effect, instead of freshing things up it can fok up the group synergy

    1. In this situation that Milan have, our rotation players had so bad season that primavera youngsters, statistically would have much better stats in season.
      It is much better when you don’t have in roster players like: Florenzi, Dest, Bakayoko, Adli, Vranckx, Ibrahimovic, Origi, Rebic with combined stats and ratings that they had combined in 2023 season.
      So logic to use youngsters seems logic for Milan, but also with combination of players that seek for sport success.
      It is becoming art to have job as Moncada Massara and Maldini, who needs to be creative in decision who to bring for Pioli.

      We had luck in last three season. Now is time to make more competitive squad and also start to sell players and not just losing them for free, how the club can gain more revenue, and have less pressure on pitch and achieving without financial pressure.

      1. What do you mean statistically they are better? There’s no stat saying Primavera players can do better than newcomers. Matter of fact it’s more likely that newcomers had more success than Primavera especially at Milan. We can count the very few who have done well.
        Now if by chance you are talking about goals and assists of Primavera players in the Youth League then you’re out to lunch as youth League and Serie A are two competitions of different quality. That’s not an apples to apples comparison

  2. they were bad, no doubt about it.
    But look, Pioli got 7 new players in 2022 and only 1 of them showed something (Thiaw), Pobega can get a pass, imao, but i’ve noticed most people dont like him all that much.
    Now the plan is to take the guys he knows away and get 7-9 more new guys.
    And most of them are from abroad.
    What can go wrong…

    1. Yes but last season mercato is completed by prediction to finish in group stage of Champions League.
      Club cut the loses by free departure of Kessie and Romagnoli and their big salary request, and bring players such as Vranck, Thiaw, Messias who are on lower salary limit.
      In next season Milan can calculate on bigger expenses for arrival and those must be stronger and bigger quality players. Yes there is no guarantee of better results, but statistically new arrivals should do much much better then our bench in 2022 / 2023 season.

  3. Maldini and Massara butchered last mercato, and I am nervous to see them spend this summer. I hope they rely heavily on Moncada’s input to sign players. That man literally finds gold.

    1. Bro not one single director or scout will get every transfer window right AND if you read what Di Stefano said it’s the “company policy” to “go for young players” – well when you do that you must give them TIME to develop and cannot expect them all or any of them to jump in straight away and contribute LOL. In 2 years if the young players M&M chose don’t develop then you can say it was a failure but not just yet. Also not giving credit for M&M signing Thiaw for 6M??? Fkn STEAL. He is our starting CB next season and looks to be a force for many years to come and will only get better with time. If your pissed about last years market blame OWNERSHIP for not giving us the budget to sign established starting players who M&M originally wanted.

  4. Until we get rid of unwanted players we gonna be mid august with only a few tagets left to buy since other clubs are not waiting.

  5. “The famous budget will tell if Milan will be able to buy well or, as always, go to young players: it depends on the company policy,”

    Where is @Piloi to blame M&M for not signing SMS, Oshimen and Neymar LOL – cause you know it’s all their fault and not the “company policy”🤪🤪🤪🤪

    1. You and the rest of the Maldini fanboys still don’t get that if that wannabe sporting director wants bigger transfer budget, he can have it if he can actually sell players like every other sporting director in the world.
      Whatever he gets from the owners PLUS whatever he can get from selling players that are not part of the project.
      Maldini acts like a unemployed grown a*s man who instead of getting a job, he just complains that his parents don’t give him enough money so he can spend just like his employed friends.
      But I bet you still think that if he got “adopted” by the super rich Investcorp they would have given him bigger allowance.
      What club does Investcorp owns again? If they are so rich why don’t they buy another club?
      I hear Sampdoria IS up for sale.

      1. Fanboy LOL. Dude did Maldini bang your wife or something?? Your obsessed with the man and you actually believe he has all the power to decide everything at the club LOL. You also conveniently never mention the work he has done to get us this far – the cornerstone players he found and RESIGNED to below market deals (Theo, Leao, Benny, Tonali, Mike); players he took from nothing – Thiaw, Kalulu, Salesmakers – who have all helped form our core group of players. AND you forget OWNERSHIPS YOUTH POLICY – so jury is still put on players like CDK Adli Aster etc…Yes we missed out on Kessie transfer but we don’t know what Kessie said and had we sold him that summer we would NEVER have won the Scudetto after 11 years. Donnaruma was a Raiola special. Elliot was never going to pay him and Raiola wanted him to walk so he could choose his next destination and collect a fat commission from one of the only teams that would pay him. Let’s see what happens now moving forward. But dude relax w the Maldini hate and take your lady out for a steak dinner and try and show her a good time even tho she will be thinking of Paolo the whole time! Hahahahaha!

      2. Dude, get your basic facts right first.

        Massara is the SPORTING Director.
        Maldini is the TECHNICAL Director.

        If you are really not satisfied with the performance of Milan’s sporting director, then you must blame Ricky Massara.

        But you just blame it all on Maldini.

        You just making Maldini a scapegoat because of some nonsense job expectations BS you made up which in reality you don’t even know the actual director’s job description.

        Clearly the problem here is you and not Maldini.

  6. Buy/Keep:
    Zaniolo (include Balo-Tore to lower fee)
    ElShaarawy (free)
    Parisi (LB)
    SMS (30-40M)
    Kamada (Free)
    Ruben Loftus Creek (Free) OR Frattesi (30-40M)
    Jerry Mina (Free)
    Sportiello (Free)
    Maldini (LW learn from Leao & ElShaarawy)
    Vasquez (3rd keeper)

    Sell/Let go:
    Rebic 12M
    Messias 5M
    Diaz (return)
    Dest (return)
    Vrancx (return)
    Origi (12M)
    Gabbia (7M)
    Balo Toure (part deal for Zaniolo)
    Ibrahimovic (Director @Milan)

    Loan out:

    1. big no for jerry mina, we keep gabbia for ucl home grown and 4th choice
      keep messias as rw beckup, and he have low wage
      no load for CDK, need backup for kamada
      sell adli
      no RLC, injury prone, average palyer like origi
      Openda>Belagun, strong phisicaly, can hold the ball, can play as LW, also can score

  7. Loftus Chick is another bad gamble, Frattesi wouldn’t be a gamble, it would be investing a little bit more money on a young player who already did 2 great seasons in serie a. But…are they going to understand that? We will see…in September we will find out what this club really is.

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