Sky: Milan reach contract agreement with Morata who must make final decision

By Isak Möller -

Alvaro Morata is now truly just one step away from AC Milan. The release clause of €13m is ready to be triggered by the Rossoneri and a contract agreement has been reached, per a report. Now the player must make his final decision. 

After falling behind in the race for Joshua Zirkzee, who reportedly is details away from Man Utd, Milan have shifted their attention to Morata. The 31-year-old striker scored 21 goals this past season and has a release clause of just €13m, catching the attention of the Rossoneri.

According to Sky Italia this evening, as cited by Francesco Nasato, an agreement has been reached on the contract and Milan are willing to pay the clause. Therefore, only Morata’s final go-ahead is missing and he revealed earlier today that it will be a tough decision to make.

As such, the deal is perhaps not by the finish line just yet as Milan still need to understand the intentions of the player. The good news is that his entourage is open to the move, though, so there is an understanding on the salary front.

In the meantime, Milan will begin pre-season tomorrow and the two No.9s at Paulo Fonseca’s disposal will be Francesco Camarda and Lorenzo Colombo.

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  1. For me, still better deal than Zirkzee, unless Zirkzee changes his current snake agent. Morata is a proven striker. Althought he can’t be considered as long term plan. But for anyone argue Zirkzee is a “longer term” potential, the question is, will he always be Milan player? I am not sure. Even if Milan try to sell him after 3 years, in case the indication of headache agent once again happens that Milan decides to sell him before end of contract, it will not be easy to sell him, because his agent will ask for high commission anyway to any interesting club. For me, Zirkzee is no no.

        1. Yep he’s the ideal sort of striker for us.

          I’d be very happy if we sign him.

          Then we just need a DM and we’re done.

  2. Here is our main striker of 10-15 goals / season 😆😆
    Clowns…cheap american greedy fund speculation vultures whiteout any ambition other than money and profit. No other vision, no other ambition, no joy, no charisma. Just
    gain money. Pathetic…

    1. I’m not happy with Morata, but he scored 20 goals last season of which 5 in Champions League. He was the starting striker of a big team like Atletico.
      The issue is that we know that the ceiling is not very high. He is a very good player but not a top striker. With Zirkzee you could at least dream that he may become a top striker, although I’m not convinced at all by his finishing.

  3. His goal record is poor but there will be some who find themselves having to defend it….perhaps he’s being signed as back up…perhaps not. At this stage….does it matter..

    Remember RedTurd fans…next summer…next summer will be the huge striker investment…the guy who will be with us for 5 plus years 😂😂

    1. He scored 21 goals last season with no penalties. In terms of non-penalty goals per minute is in the top 10% of strikers in top 5 leagues. He has consistently scored an average of 15 goals a season. What is the poor scoring record? Zirkzee has a better scoring record?

        1. You see, you keep making the same mistake over and over and over and over again? Whereby you think that anyone in this forum gives a f@ck what you think

          1. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣
            Dude ONLY shows up during transfers, during the season he’s gone missing. This sh!t is hilarious

      1. 8th highest top scorer in La Liga….wowwwwwwwwwwwwe!! 15 goals in a league season is the same as Giroud, who’s 37!! So where is tie upgrade?

        The problem here is, like most crets here with a lack of frontal lobe developenent you can’t see the bigger picture. This summer was touted as the summer where we invested heavily in the next generation striker..the new Pato, Zlatan, Sheva, MVB…the one who would score 20 plus per season to give us an edge in the scudetto. If you think and are happy that Morata is it, then you have pretty low standards: Zlatan’s return was a stop gap…the Giroud was the stop gap…now we have…another stop gap….

      2. Plus I’m not even pro Zirkzee really. It’s good to be linked to a young exciting talent for a change and I saw him perhaps as a Firmino type who could drop and get More out of Rafa and Pulisic. I had my hat on Jonathan David from the start. We can’t be f@clung about with strikers who score 12-15 goals a season….not sure how old you are but when we signed Sheva you knew you were getting 20 plus goals a season…I would be happy with Dobvyk. What we need is a striker who has good goal record, who is young and who is ready for that next step…Gimenez also works for me…

    2. Morata scored more than 10 goals every season in the past 10 years, despite he often changing club. His adaptability is incredible, you can expect instant impact from him

      1. Ten goals for a striker is poor. If that’s your benchmark then so be it. Lautaro got 24 league goals last season…that’s where we need to be

  4. Just go sign David from Lille.

    What’s the issue here? Hes young, out of contract, he’s technical, has speed, and can finish.

    I may be biased because I’m Canadian but I think with what’s left out there he’s the best target for Milan.

      1. The issue is that we already ha e top strikers that can outperform him oerhaps even this season. Morata is perfect to give them minutes they need, and he has had good season, champins keagu and erocup thus far.

        He will cost us kess then agent fees of someone call Circuezi and Frankly not even sure he will be able to fill in the role we ask.

        This is absolutely perfect, spend that money for other areas. Maybe a star name in midfield aomewhere where we need ahort and ling term plan.

        The Arican owner is smart, he knows what he is doing, financialy we are growing year over year. This is how you get at the top and stay there solid. Stadium plans are going well.

        I mean guys, kets be serious here, short term magic button does not work, xhasing flavors of the week and month and year also doesnt do the job

  5. In the meantime, Milan will begin pre-season tomorrow and the two No.9s at Paulo Fonseca’s disposal will be Francesco Camarda and Lorenzo Colombo“ What happened to Origi?

    1. Why whats wrong with that?
      What exactly do we want, Young Italian that we produce, could be anything for me for that matter. Just shut down the academy and buy players, when someone gets injured and next window opens go buy some more, what is it.

      There is something called strategy you know? I love the fact that the two are there, absolutely love it. How old is Yamal? What would happen if he didnt get the minutes and trust to him, how old is Bellingham?

      Or we are just a bunch of cry babies and no matter what we like to do just that. Even if Ronaldo the original renewed to when he was 18 comes we would cry

    2. So it’ll be like every other season where most of the players who play in pre-season end up being sold or loaned….

      It makes you wonder what the point of these pre-season games are!

  6. I am all for Morata rather than Zirkzee.

    But both of them are a sign of lack of ambitions; Zirksee have had one good season for Bologna and Morata har never scored many goals.

    That Zirkzees agent wanted the moon should, could and must not be a surprise at thise stage, if it is you haven’t made your homework.

    Fine with Morata, he will be a huge boost in achieving a 4th place minimum, and CL next season.

    1. Truth! Morata is the best that can allow Carmada to grow and learn. @ Tusse,what ambition are you talking about? Secondly, Am sorry,you are not a Real Milan fans. How can you say Ac milan will carry 4th. Who knows tomorrow? Or if you can forecast easily like that,I expect you to be a Millionaire in football Bets.

      1. The ambitions the Mr Cardinale himself and his puddle Zlatan talked about. How they hate loosing and want to win…. Fast forward to no plan and no striker, cheap bidding as a transfer strategy.

        The money is in CL so that is qualification for CL each and every season. That is our goal, not winning Seria A but CL qualification.

        For a guy like me who can remember the late 80’s this is so depressing.

        I totally understand that the football economy has changed, and I like a lot about ACM recent business model. But the lack of plans and ambitions are killing me.

    2. And Morata had never scored many goals you said!..

      He scored 21goals last season that’s not even Many but alot cuz its the number any Milan striker never score in the last 5 seasons

  7. Cardinale and his team are not what Milan need. They are dragging the team backward. To build successes team in series A, you don’t need to prioritise profit. Just manage to break even.

    This guy is here to make profit and it doesn’t help the matter

  8. Alvaro Morata scores between 15 and 20 goals a season.
    People will criticize those numbers but keep in mind that this man played most of his career for teams coached by Allegri, Diego Simeone and even Conte for a year at Chelsea.
    Any striker will have a low scoring output under those “score 1 goal and park the bus” coaches.
    Bring Morata in.
    He has Serie A, UCL, World Cup and Euro experience.
    He brings more guarantees than some 1 year wonder from the Spanish league or the Bundesliga.

    1. Morata in 23/24 scored 21 goals in all competitions for Atletico, none or those goals was from penalty.
      Dobvyk scored 25 goals for Girona, 7 of them were from the penalty spot.
      The previous season playing for Dnipro in the Ukrainian league Dobvyk scored 29 goals , 9 of those were from penalty.
      Those are the only 2 years he had more than 14 goals in a season.
      One of them you can sign for 13 mil, knows the league and has experience at the highest stage and with a high pressure, the other will cost 40 mil and we don’t know how he will adjust to serie A football.

  9. The best thing about the forthcoming season, as it stands, I’ll have 0 guilty conscience if I don’t watch matches after they hit a dry run.

    We had a good thing going and they just refuse to build on it. I’m not expecting them to sign superstars, but ffs a tiny bit of sporting ambition would be welcomed. And a tiny bit of acknowledgement of the history of this club.

    Foking Morata, scored 59 goals in his prime for juve meanwhile an ageing giroud scored 49 for Milan. The most overrated Spanish attacker of all time.

    Brava moncada brava

      1. Who said anything about not commenting on sempremilan? You’re the one everyone, and I mean everyone, hates. Me it’s around 70-80% imao.

        I hate you and wish you drop 💀

  10. Ok Zirkzee is off the table and I’m ok with it. Morata doesn’t make any sense. Salary deduction to play for Milan, when you play for ATM and had the best season in last I would say 6-7 years. Probably if he leaves Madrid he’ll go to Saudi league.
    Besides Morata at Juve hasn’t scored more than 11 goals in Seria A and now he is much older and I don’t think 10-12 goal striker would be enough to compete for title. Top4 – may be,but considering how Inter, Juve, Napoli and even Atlanta have already strengthened even that might be questionable

    1. They are playing cheapskate here in the hope that Morata is temporarily “ok” until Camarda develops in 2-3 years. It’s a risky strategy but shows they aren’t interested in “winning now” as they claimed. It’s the approach similar to Glazers at United. Just try to be a top 4 club most of the time, and the revenue will boost the valuation so you can sell for a decent profit when the time comes.

      It’s a purely business decision. Nothing us fans can do about it.

      1. Or …

        We scored plenty last season but we let on far too many. (Yes that really happened)

        So we invest sensibly in a striker for today given we think we have a striker for tomorro.

        Then we invest heavily on the DM we all seem to think we need critically.

  11. Morata is a good option. But I think we should go with someone younger. Morata, however, hasn’t been all that great in the Euro 2024. He had that one goal against Croatia and has been wasteful otherwise.

    However, Morata had one of his best seasons of his career with Atletico. And nobody here can deny that.

    I still think we should go for someone else.

    1. To be fair, who has been all that great at the Euro’s besides the goalkeepers and defenders?
      The goals are either scored from penalties, set pieces or own goals.
      France are in the semi-final and in 5 games they have scored 3 goals. 2 of the 3 are own goals and the 3rd is a penalty.

      1. Yep. Watching England makes ones eyes bleed as well.

        Indeed the only two teams living up to their promise be Spain and Netherlands.

        Spain … I think Morrata plays there?

        And … Netherlands, isn’t Reinjders playing a critical role there?

        And … Zirkzee, he’s looked great!

        And …

        Z you are right not much to take away really, but Ive learned that
        * Zirkzee cannot get minutes
        * Morrata is playing a big role in another powerhouse team
        * Our much maligned TJ appears to thrive when I. A role that suits him.

        I wish there was more but there just isn’t so I’ll take what I can get.


        The Copa hasn’t been much better in terms of exciting revelations this year that might impact ACM.

        I’m beginning to wonder if there is something to the narrative of too many games.

  12. Let’s not bring the cart before the horse, the player still didn’t give his agreement. Until the deal is sealed, eveything is speculative, we didn’t have agreement with Thuram’s entourage and agents and guess where he is playing now.
    Certainly not a terrific choice by any means, but given the names we’ve been linked with, he certainly isn’t the worse and perhaps among the best.

  13. please at least just get dovbyk or gimenez now that zirkzee is off the table… i like the idea of morata for that price but as our MAIN striker big no

    1. Dunno much about Dovbyk.

      On our side of the pond Gimenez is seen as someone who is collapsing under the weight of trying to carry Mexico. I see how as a big CDK-style risk for this reason.

  14. Quite frankly after watching the Euro Cup, Morata played much better than Sesko and Zirksee did not play at all. And the Ukranian and Lukaku did not absolutely nothing. In the America Cup Santiago Gimenez was also 0 worth. Morata is a guarantee, not 10 points but 8 points he deserves. And he should fit in Fonseca esquemes.

    1. People really need to stop judging players based on euros. Ffs club football is totally different. 38 games vs a handful. Consistency over a season is what matters not how they play for 2-3 weeks every 4 years

  15. Agreed a contract but player hasn’t decided? Then he hasn’t agreed a contract at all, because if he did it would be up to Milan to deposit the money with Atleti, surely?

    1. It’s possible, you agree for the contract but still can’t decide if you really want to sign for the club.

      He is at euro right now, I think he want to discuss with his family about the move. If they want to move to Milan, to leave Spain, to leave the team he currently play in right now…

      He is fine with the contract but need time to decide.

  16. Morata is not a bad player. Will guarantee goals to a degree. We have been after David for I think 4 years. Morata along with him will be good.
    Experience is a must along with our young squad.
    A few years back we could only dream of having world class players, now we have a few players in Quarter finals EC.
    Milan is attractive again

  17. Seeing lots of Morata is better than Zirkzee out there, but not enough Morata is better than Giroud, wonder why that is…Zirkzee was never a Milan player, it doesn’t matter if Morata is a a better option than Zirkzee , we don’t need our new striker to be better than Zirkzee we need our new striker to be a better option than Giroud all factors considered, since Giroud is what we had; maybe the question everyone should be asking themselves is, is Morata really a better option than last season Giroud to take the team to a higher level? Does this signing feel like an improvement over last season Giroud, hands down? Is Morata that? Because that’s what is needed from a new striker, who cares about Zirkzee

    1. I think he’s probably an upgrade on last season’s Giroud. In pure skill and mobility I’d see him as an upgrade, but the main difference being that Giroud was a ‘big moments’ player and Morata is a ‘consistent small moments’ one, if that makes sense? He’s definitely an adequate replacement though, in my book.

      1. Respect that but I’m not sold on that at all, he had a great start of the season, then 2 goals in the last 15 matches, well 18 matches, technically, but he was injured for 3 of them, his mobility is good and he works very hard for the rest of the team, but that’s nowhere near the most important thing to look for in a new starting striker for Milan, the bar has got to be higher than that for a new striker, Morata is not a young promising player that needs time to develop, I see almost no meaningful improvement over Giroud, very inconsistent performances and goal output and already and virtually no room for improvement at this point of his career. If we had Giroud and Morata in the team next season I can almost 100% guarantee you Giroud would be our starter (and with good reason)

      2. Gentlemen you are comparing Morata with Giroud Lukaku Zirkzee Dovbik Gimenez. All of these players do not belong to Milan and Milan is not going to buy any of them. The reality is that Morata is much better than Jovic (the only real alternative)

    2. Btw, Morata did score 15 goals in La Liga last season, but if you read the fine print, turns out that out of those 15 goals, he only managed to score TWICE in the last 15 La Liga matches he was available to play…so yeah…

      1. This is a very good point Mr. Racoon.

        His 21 goals were complimented by only 4 assists. Passing isn’t a strength. When taken into consideration laying off to Puli, Leao and Chuck this does concern me some.

        That said Giroud had the same 15 goals in league play last year (though 4 were penalties).

        He did have 8 assists.

        So is Morata better? No I don’t think so. He will contribute roughly the same to our attack.

        He will also not be in danger of fading due to age.

        Given that the attack was.not.our issue last year, $13m seems a reasonable fee to keep it at the.precious level so we can invest more in the defensive phase. For me this means a DM

        1. Yes Morata is better than Giroud, at least looking at last season. It’s not only about the goals or assists, although he did score
          more than Giroud in open play. Morata can give you depth, can carry the ball, can be a threat in transition. Giroud can score only attacking the box from cross, just go and look at his goals. And his contribution in keeping the ball and helping the team was very poor, tons of one touch flicks and lost balls. Remember the Roma games. And Morata is still quite strong in the air, although not as good as Giroud.
          Of course I would have preferred Sesko, Guirassy or the Sporting guy due to the higher ceiling. I love Zirkzee but I don’t believe is the type of striker we need.

  18. Really, morata !!!! There’s got to be a better striker out there. What can carmada possibly learn from this guy. Maybe it’s the other way around.

    1. How about a striker who has consistently performed and been picked for several of Europe’s biggest clubs and one of the world’s most successful national teams for a decade? Quite frankly, I’d think he would be the ideal mentor for a promising young striker.

    1. Yep, apparently that’s one of the main criteria for our striker, that’s why most mentioned names are Lukaku and Morata. At least Morata is cheap.

  19. I’m not crazy about Morata. He’s too expensive as a backup and outside his prime for a primary striker…. Not sure what the thought process is here. Unless he’ll come cheap, which I doubt.

    FUC …. YOU ALL.

  21. I am personally content with this.

    IMHO, Morata is the safest bet amongst all other alternatives. He knows the league, the language, the culture and is the main striker of one of the leading favourite for the EURO. He’s not exactly that old either and I’d argue 13M is a steal.

    It also worth to note that it was notoriously hard for us to get a decent and reliable strikers, dating back to Pippo up to the arrival of Ibra and Giroud. So, personally I get it if we’re hesitant to gamble for one, especially if we COULD have one of our own in the next few years in Camarda.

    The downside is that I’m not sure if this would enthuse a lot of fans. I meant, Morata would be good enough if we’re only challenging for UCL I suppose. But, for Scudetto – possibly not enough. He would be a smart signing if we use the money allocated for strikers to renew Theo, Maignan, finally fill up that DM position, and possibly a new starting CB level too.

    But this is an okay step, unlike the move for Emerson Royale, which I failed to see the urgency for and just completely baffled with that one honestly.

    1. What about Icardi, As an Ex BF Inter di Merda, he also knows the league and is still scoring lotsa goals, we know ex BF is usually good innit

  22. Honestly not a terrible choice, by the time he’s no longer able to compete, Camara will be into his 20s and in the first team. Also, ppl keep downplaying Jovic was 1 goal off double digits last season with like 5 starts all season, he’ll be perfect as a backup. Then have Camarda as a 3rd option who can gain some experience is less important matches. Zirzkee has had 1 DECENT season and is nowhere near worth 55million. Morata will cost far less, score more, and be easy to move on for Camarda

    1. The issue with Jovic wasn’t his goal scoring, but how little he contributed to the team when we weren’t on top in games. We were used to balls going into Giroud and being held up, with Jovic they just weren’t. Hopefully a year of playing with the same group gets him onto a wavelength.

      It is daft when people say “Morata as one of two signings” though, like Jovic is going to be a third or fourth choice.

  23. I noticed people have too much hope for Camarda, who so far he showed nothing in senior football. He only made one appearance – which was probably just to break record and make a show-off for fans – but in that one appearance you could clearly see that he is just too weak, he is physically unable to compete at that level. And we don’t know if that ever changes. How many great talents Milan had in the past years that ended up in first team? Exactly… for all we know he could end up in Serie B.

    1. Absolutely it’s potential and nothing real so far, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pencil him in for three years down the line and address it later if needed. Someone like Morata or Lukaku can bridge that gap and then we see how it’s looking in a couple of years

  24. We need a striker. Not Morata, for you to overcome Europe, you need quality players. Spend big and do the needful. Look at Madrid. They invest in play, not average player who cannot lead the way. Morata is a goal getter but not a player of standard one can hope on. Madrid has 9 champion while Milan has 7 champion. Madrid spend money, they now have 15 champion in Europe. Milan should stop going for avarage player and avarage coaches. We need trophy’s and restore back to days of glory again….

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