Sky journalist gives update on Milan’s Fonseca pursuit: “Waiting and hoping”

By Oliver Fisher -

Paulo Fonseca is the coach that AC Milan believe is the ideal man to take over from Stefano Pioli, according to Peppe Di Stefano, but there are some key issues that remain to be solved.

According to the likes of Sky, La Gazzetta dello Sport and other sources, Fonseca is now the frontrunner to become the new Milan boss at the end of the season and lead the club into a new post-Pioli era.

The saga has been going on for weeks. Julen Lopetegui was evaluated for months and seemed close to arriving before a fan protest, then it seems Sergio Conceicao was the chosen one, then Marcelo Gallardo’s name emerged in the last 48 hours and now things have gone full circle back to Fonseca.

Now, Di Stefano has given an update like on Sky regarding Milan’s pursuit of a new head coach and more specifically why they have decided to bet on Fonseca, with his comments relayed by Radio Rossonera.

“The other coaches compared to Paulo Fonseca today are the alternatives. Milan is betting on him, waiting and hoping. He waits and hopes that Monday’s match for Lille doesn’t go well,” he said.

“He has an expiring contract with his club and also for reasons of elegance he will show up for this match. They should offer him a contract renewal, but if you have such significant interest you refuse it. At least, that’s the impression.

“The real problem is linked to Marseille. He had an agreement in principle, a plan and a fairly significant salary that was offered to him from there. It seems that in recent days that direction of the negotiation has been inclined. This is why Milan continued and continues to wait.

“He is the ideal coach due to his technical characteristics, very similar to Pioli: 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. We defined him as calm, gentle and elegant in his time with Roma. He could integrate perfectly into the dynamics of the Milan project.

“There will be no news until early next week, when these meetings will take place. At that point, if Milan were to close with Fonseca, they would try to find an economic agreement with Pioli and his agent to try not to have two coaches on the payroll.”

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  1. Milan still waiting, meanwhile Juve already proposed a contract to Motta… if we don’t get Cosençao or Conte this management is useless af.

  2. OK, it’s Fonseca the name that the media has chosen to push on Milan this week.
    Last week they were all sure it was Conceicao.
    Before that it was Van Bommel.
    Before that it was Lopetegui, who they think Milan didn’t hire because of a silly petition 😂.
    Wonder who is going to be next week.
    That fraud Di Marzio in less than 24 hours went from Gallardo being the favorite to Fonseca.
    Even Napoli president exposed the media of knowing nothing.
    Napoli president de Laurentiis:
    “You are the ones talking about Antonio Conte, I never mentioned that”.
    “It was a topic in November, that’s it.”

    1. Also they say milan are working “uNDeR tHe RaDaR” for motta then a hour later there is a new favourite in the managment🤡🤡🤡every day there is someone new💀

  3. That’s it, I’m taking a break from reading news during this silly season for my own wellbeing.

    Good luck to whoever gets selected.

  4. Similar profile to Pioli? That is NOT what we need. We need someone who is able to create a well-balanced team, and Fonseca is definitely not that guy.

  5. I like that he plays very similar to Pioli which for me is a good thing. No need to get some Conte ugly football merchant.
    That being said we may as well keep Pioli who is pretty good anyway. Hardly any profike sofar is better than “pretty good”, even Conte, who may be an upgrade in the league, sucks in CL.

  6. Please dont! Not the coach we want or need. Bring a coach with personality.
    I prefer Conte o Conceicao, even Lopetegui was better than Fonseca.

  7. Pls 🙏 no Fonseca is not up to our standard we need a coach with character and identity like Pioli himself Conte,Zidane, Mancini, Mourinho etc coaches with pedigree pls 🙏 we need a champions league 🏆

  8. At least with Motta when it ends up going wrong you can say we didn’t know he’d fail. Or with Conte you can say he’s always won the Serie A before. After Fonseca fails? We’ve seen him failing at Roma but…. Well we don’t have an excuse.

  9. To me it’s quite an interesting option, he is an attacking minded coach. I like to watch his team.

    Leao might be better under his playing style.

  10. Milanista!👋

    This management is not in being pro-active.Stefano Pioli should not be fired.

    Yes I know,me after calling for his head all his tenure at Milan.The man needs reinforcements,yes in terms of players however more importantly the backroom staff.

    Pep has his people,Klopp had Pep,Carlo has his son, so on and on.

    The problem we have with Milan is the old-fashioned(Catenaccio) style of play.

    Inter are solid defensively but enterprising and a joy to watch.

    Napoli were the same in their scudetto conquering season.We have no style of play it’s more like hope.

    Hence we need someone to assist Pioli with his attacking and overall style.

    City(tikka-takka), Liverpool(pressing),Madrid(Counter attack),Milan(😤????).

    For me Milan Should not compromise if they want success,Coaches are very important, getting reputational coaches(de-zerbi,pochettino,Fonseca,van bommel) rather than best(Mancini,Spalletti,Conte).

    Milan are Milan they can get any coach and any player but this management is just coming short of that.

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