Sky: Milan forward rejected €10m contract offer from Saudi Pro League side

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan forward Ante Rebic has rejected a contract from a Saudi Pro League side that would have seen him be paid €10 million per season, a report claims.

As has been reported by Sky Sport, the Croatian attacker is not making a move away from Milan easy as he has turned down a lucrative deal in Saudi Arabia.

It is no secret that Rebic is out of the plans at Milan, with Stefano Pioli opting not to take him on the pre-season tour of the United States of America.

The club are trying to find another team to sign him on a permanent basis, but he has now rejected an offer from a Saudi Arabian club. It is unclear whether this is because he wants them to offer more money, or he does not want to move to the Saudi Pro League. It is not mentioned as to which SPL team it was.

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    1. Eh, please guys… it is absolutely understandable that he doesn’t like play in Saudi Arabia for 10 mil in year, where the others get astronomical contracts as “compensation”! It’s not like that he refuses to join well established league.

    2. Or he is just showing that money isn’t everything to him. I can’t blame him. They’d have to pay me much more to move over there.

  1. Well he will end up cutting his nose to spite his face. He will waste away on d bench. I used to like him but his attitude lately has not been good. He has tried for us in d past no doubt Imagine what 10M could have done for us.

  2. Even though I would like for Rebic to accept this offer for Milan’s sake, I respect him not jumping at the opportunity to go for the money grab.
    Look at Luka Modric. 38 years old, has won everything there is to win on club level and turns down huge offer from the Saudi league to stay and still compete at the highest level at RM and Europe.
    While Milinkovic-Savic at the prime of his career, after being scared to leave Lazio for a better club for the last 5,6 years, goes to the Saudi league at age 28.
    Respect for Ante, but hopefully he is on another club by September 1st

    1. A ton of players who are better than Rebic and in his age group have gone to Saudi. Not sure what Rebic is playing at here. He can go spend a year in the stands and enjoy not being called up for Croatia for Euro 2024. Not like he’s had a great time in the national team the last couple of seasons anyway. This dude is just poisoning all of the wells. Next stop MLS or Croatian league.

      1. While I do want him to leave, I think he has good reasons. Going to Saudi Arabia is basically a well paid graveyard. If he goes there, his career is over, no national team and no top team will ever call him, and he is not that old. If he’s still hungry for success, it’s probably better for him to wait.

      2. why does he need to go to Saudi? You think he wants to live there for the next 3-4 years?

        Footballers are already rich, a lot of them are not interested in living in a worse country

    2. Modric is a legend. Rebic is nowhere near to even being mentioned in the same breath as Luca. No one is knocking our door down to sign him. Take whatever offer, man. Turkey, Saudia, whatever. Will probably end up in MLS soon anyway.

  3. Seems silly to refuse the move as a form of “protest.” If he were to play two years in Saudi at 10M, that would likely be more than he’s earned in his career to date and definitely more than he’d earn moving forward (30 in September). You’d think the “mid-tier” guys like Rebic would be the perfect candidates for a Saudi move.

    I think it’s more likely that he just doesn’t want to play in Saudi Arabia. There have been lots of guys way better than Rebic that have declined huge sums of money from that league lately. I just saw Lautaro declined 60M euros per season. It’s crazy.

    The Saudis will always find people to take their money, but they’ll also find that money alone is not going to be enough to convince a lot of footballers to leave Europe.

    1. Of course he’s not doing as a protest. Protesting something to lose 6-7M€ / year? NO ONE would do that. There’s more to it than protesting. I wouldn’t move to Saudi-Arabia either. No matter how much they paid me.

  4. Obviously it would be nice to get a good fee for him but quite frankly i dont blame him for not wanting to play in saudi arabia, neither would i if i was in his shoes but clearly he needs to find a different club but it should also be a possibility elsewhere,

    1. He will go nowhere imo. He will spend the rest of his contract and br free agent like dollarruma,hakan,roma,kessie,samu.

      1. in case we cant sell him im fairly confident that we will loan him out to at least have part of his salary covered.

      2. Not with this management, they seem to be pushing players out even if there is some resistance. In this case, however, it’s totally understandable that he didn’t want to go play in Saudi Arabia.

        My guess is Rebic will go to another team in Europe this summer.

  5. Well fair play if he doesn’t want to move there. Seems to me he’d prefer to stay in Italy or move back to Germany. We’ll see, hopefully someone will give him the move he wants.

  6. I know everybody wants him to depart, and I think he would be better off at another team.

    But do you really blame the guy for not wanting to play in the Saudi league, even for 10 million euros a season? It’s an entirely different part of the world. Some players don’t want to leave Europe.

    This is just a case of him not wanting to move there. I don’t think it’s anything malicious on his part.

    Ask yourself why they basically had to bribe him to go there with an astronomical salary?

    1. Right, I said this in my comment as well. A lot of guys just don’t want to play in Saudi Arabia, or even be associated with the Saudis. Of course, some guys don’t care and will take the money and run, but others just don’t want to do it. I mean we saw it with the PGA and the LIV and those guys on the PGA tour had even less incentive to stay than the LIV golfers. Different sport I know but same concept. The Saudi thing just isn’t for everyone, and that’s fair.

      1. There was a huge uproar in the US about the PGA, and now there are calls for Congressional investigations into that.

        It has to do with Saudi Arabia still not being held accountable for sending a hit squad to murder journalist and a plethora of human rights issues.

        I think most with integrity won’t want to go there. Some of course indeed will take the money and go with it.

    2. 1. Its a 3rd world country
      2. Very strict Muslim laws
      3. Climate is horrible.
      4. League sucks
      5. Language barrier
      6. Culture wont even match

      So yes no one really wants to go to Saudi, a few players took the money but people forget Rebic is already bagging 4 mil per year, thats more than enough money to live comfortably forever.

      1. Well and he’s living in Europe. I’m sure some other European team would take him, but most don’t want to leave Europe for Saudi Arabia. Especially not in the political climate right now. There is friction between Saudi Arabia with Europe and the United States. I don’t like bringing politics into sports, but there are so many problems in Saudi Arabia involving human rights it’s insane.

        I think many players will just have a moral reason for not going there.

        1. “I think many players will just have a moral reason for not going there.”

          Yeah. And for someone who paid off everyone’s debts in the village he was born after getting enough money from football, moral reasons might be the main reason here. He’s a good lad and clearly money isn’t everything to him.

      2. go a couple of years, take 20m and forget about it with a golden retirement. At this moment, Rebic is done in the elite so any team he will go will be a mid table one. If we would talk a kid I would understand, but Ante is done and it is his last chance to land a good contract

  7. His attitude hot temper make him hard working under croatia NT or with pioli. ACM must find good solution maybe loan him until his contract expire , okafor have same position with him that mean he is not needed anymore even on bench

  8. Some players dont want to go to saudi arabia, some are going, thats how life is, why do we like to speculate, in most cases presenting our opinions as facts, who is right, who is wrong, let every man do what he thinks is right for himself, just as all of us are doing what is right for ourselves

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