Sky: Milan initiate meeting to complete loan operation for Crotone forward – the latest

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are set for a meeting with Crotone to try and sign winger Junior Messias before the deadline, according to a report.

Milan have been forced to look at other targets as the talks between Milan and Brest for the transfer of Romain Faivre broke down. As MilanNews reported, the deal became difficult because of the risky move by the player not to show up for the meeting on Friday afternoon to leave for Strasbourg, which angered Brest.

The second reason was economic as Brest dropped their price from €18m to €15m and no further, but Milan made a first offer of €10m then increased to €12m plus €3m in bonuses which was not enough.

According to what is being reported by Gianluca Di Marzio for Sky (via MilanNews) there will soon be a meeting between Milan and Crotone to close a deal for Junior Messias, who is an alternative target.

The Rossoneri would like to seal a loan deal with an obligation to buy for the Brazilian, who scored 9 goals for Crotone last season as they were relegated to Serie B. Sky’s Manuele Baiocchini reports that talks will be held during the night to close the deal.

WATCH: Bordeaux midfielder arrives to sign contract and formalise Milan move

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  1. Come on, I understand financial realities, but if Faivre is the right option there must be a way to find that additional 3m somewhere? Assuming there’s truth in any of this.

  2. We went from Ziyech, Vlasic, Sabitzer, Rodriguez, Isco, Insigne, Berardi, Faivre… and now were down to this old, worn out bucket of crap that was not even good to begin with. While Lazio gets Zaccagni on a 10 million deal?!?!?

    WTF is wrong with Milan?

    1. Yeah its weird how we have been going for so many names and we get nothing or just shit 🙁 :O we were going for expensive but cant get anyone good

    2. 100% agreed. Club is a joke. Signed 0 top names besides Giroud and got lucky because he’s older and was out of contract. Then couldn’t even renew Kessie or Romagnoli. Awful mercato, just awful.

    3. Well said 100% agreed. We cannot buy anyone. It’s fkn embarrassing. Can’t wait until we lose Kessie and Romagnoli next summer for free…everyone seems to have forgotten in all the excitement about potential buys that we still have not resigned Kessie and Romagnoli to extensions…Romagnoli will sign w Juve in winter window and Kessie is going to EPL. Adli was cover for when a Kessie walks for free. Fkn horrible

  3. I continue to believe that Messias I a great replacement for Castillejo. His numbers from last season are truly impressive considering his team, and I like his playing style.

    But, we still need an attacking midfielder more than anything. I hope it’s not gonna be Miranchuk, he can’t get into the starting line up at Atalanta.

    1. Is this actually Paul Singer himself or his son lol? You would be THE ONLY person on the planet with this opinion. Pff Milan and Junior Messias hahaha you goof ball

  4. Worst part is, Elliott was against this dude, so this is all Maldini and Massara. Sigh… WTF are they thinking. Maybe Maldini is hoping to force Daniel into play like this, idk. If they sign shit, Pioli will eventually have to use him.

    I am so confused, this is all too surreal.

    1. Exactly. This was a total panic buy from lack of planning. Waiting till last minute back fired and we are left with a marginal player who likely won’t move the needle…

      1. And Fairve has contract until 2025 so Brest didn’t need to sell him, so this bullshit haggling over price and waiting till last minute was fkn stupid. So pissed.

  5. From Fairve to Messias….disgusting! We cannot sign players because they are too expensive (Vlasic, Ziyech, Berardi, etc…) or we go after players who are completely unattainable (Bernardo Silva) and waste time. We won’t sign players that are too old, yet now we want to sign a 30 yr old who is average at best lol. We had a chance to sign an amazing talent like Faivre and of course because we haggled and haggled over price that opportunity is now gone. What kind of club are we? Faivre fit the Elliot profile to a tee. Young, dynamic, low cost, low salary, and someone who WANTED to come to Milan lol. And now we lost him and to make it worse we are in panic mode and are going to sign Messias because we had no backup plan. Management thought waiting till the end of the transfer window would give us an edge lol. Well guess what is backfired. Now who are we left with? An average 30 yr old player w zero upside and average stats lol. Fkn terrible. BTW what happened to Ziyech last minute deal LOL. So disappointing……

    1. I don’t know how you can question the quality of Milan’s own players but be so in love with a flop like Ziyech. Dudes done nothing for Chelsea…
      Also nobody else has signed Barardi so seems like you’re the one missing the boat my friend.

  6. Wow so much hate. What top players did Milan miss out on? Sorry to break it to you all but those “big names” were all flops who’d cost a tone of money. Time to relax a little and appreciate all the good work that was done.

  7. The fun thing is that he has the best stats comparing to Faivre and the last few options. Whatever. Still better than Castillejo.

  8. Not to mention, everyone on here seems to treat rumours as facts. This is a part of the Milan fan base that is really disappointing. The club is off to a good start, has created solid depth and has come off a successful season. Support the team and stop the constant complaining!

    1. No YOU are the problem! Just because the club is off to a good start doesn’t mean dittly! Milan is a Top 15 club in Europe being run like a poor, no name bottom of Serie A club. And just because management has done a decent job of putting together the right mix of cheap, trash players to win a couple Serie A games should not stop you from being angry that the owners of your team are more worried about their bottom line than they are about WINNING! I could care less if Milan looks good in this weak sauce Serie A, our roster needed to be built STRONGER with this promotion to the UCL. And instead we have become the first team in recent memory to win UCL promotion and actually get WORSE lol! The fact that you are happy about that makes me SICK! Your attitude is how Elliot got away with it all summer long. You fans need to wake up and smell the coffee man.

      1. Settle down bro. Time to get with the program, Milan hasn’t been anywhere near top 15 for a decade. Don’t know where you get off lecturing anyone with a delusion like that. You clearly don’t have a very high opinion of Italian football or Milan. You clearly need to find a new team. Maybe Real Madrid is more your speed. But something on the inside tells me your more of a PSG type. You just expect to be able buy your way to success like a spoiled child. Get out of hear with your nonsense. You’re no Milanista.

      2. Sir, all owners are more worried about the bottom line than they are with winning, with one or two exceptions in the world. And that’s right, otherwise there would be no club. That aside, Milan also have the biggest net spend in Europe (actually, Man Utd may be ahead since I saw that number) and they’re doing that without Champions League money for the last few seasons. All in all, it’s disappointing, but Elliott have really backed the club.

        Similarly, the management team have to work with the budget they’re given. And a huge proportion of that budget has gone into signing players who were on loan last year, so they don’t ‘feel’ like new players. They also have players running down contracts because Milan can’t afford to pay them the huge bucks they can get in England.

        Lack of player sales is hurting the club at the moment; they need to start making profit and selling some names. Kessie this summer was a prime example; he’s not signing up so he needed to be sold. Now we have a player who will miss a chunk of the season due to AFCON and leave for free at the end of the year; there was a good 20-40m to be made there and that’s been lost. Similarly, Conti and Castillejo are on big deals from old management and can’t be moved off the books.

    2. Great start? It’s 2 games against two of the weakest teams in the league. We play Lazio, Liverpool and Juve next – so we will see what kind of team we have. RW was an absolute must. And to lose out on a dynamic player like Fairve (who is a RW and can also play ACM) and settle on a journeyman in Messias is terrible. It’s embarrassing. We lost 2 assets in Donnaruma and Hakan for zero. We could lose 2 more (Kessie and Romagnoli) for zero. We changed Mandzukic with Giroud; Dalot for Florenzi; Miete for Bakayoko; Donnaruma for Maignan; and Hauge for Toure and did to replace Hakan. Are we better? Time will tell. What $$ did we actually spend except to keep the same players (Tonali, Tomori) that got us second place. We had to spend that $ just to keep the same fkn team. Elliot hasn’t done anything. Hats off to Maldini and Massara for working with such a shit budget. But this last signing of Fairve should have been for the fans. It would have shown the fans Elliot wants to win. Fairve fit the profile. There was no excuse. Fkn shame.

      1. A budget is a budget and needs to be respected. Am I disappointed we could not get better players? Absolutely, but I understand it and will not go around criticizing the club for that failure. It takes 3 parties to successfully pull off a transfer and many reasons why they fail. The overreaction on here is just ridiculous.

        1. The only thing ridiculous here is the fact that after having lost a lot of money by not selling Donnarumma and Hakan in 2020 they repeat the same mistakes with Romagnoli and Kessie. The thing I don’t accept though is that instead of admitting their mistakes, they just say that they had a limited budget and even worst they said (just before this transfer window) that we would have been “protagonisti”. Now, I don’t know who they think we are and I don’t even care. THEY are ridiculous

    3. @Honest Truth

      You are so off base, you talk about support but blind support is bad support… i support the club because of it’s philosophy, it’s history, it’s drive passion and the want to return to glory. I do not support this trash. Losing 150m for free because we can’t renew players (donna, calha, roma, kessie) and sell them, signing messias when we started the window looking at players like Berardi, etc. Sorry but once again blind support is simple minded and bad support.

      1. @Savo calcio: you can’t expect everything to go your own way. They offered Donnaruma a huge contract but he didn’t want to sign It and Mino asked for 20million signing fee. What can you do? Put a gun to his head to sign? Chala wanted 6m to sign. Do you think we should have paid him that? Inter don’t pay him that either, so Chala lost not us. I’m glad we got rid of players with such bad attitude. If Kessie wants to go the same way then it’s his decision. We’re working on his renewal since june but if the player doesn’t want it then that’s what it is. If you pay him 8.5m, then get ready to do the same for other important players in the team. It would be back to the way things were before and it ended badly.
        People also seem to forget we had to sign a deal with UEFA a couple of years ago to keep the club finances clean or be left out of European football again. The owners can’t just put in money because the club has to be sustainable by itself. UEFA rules.
        I think Milan had a great mercato given the financial possibilities. It would be even better if we could add an attacking midfielder but some people seem to think it’s just like playing Championship Manager. So far the results have proven the complainers wrong and as long as that is the case supports should support. Maybe we will struggle in the first CL games because of inexperience, but I think the team will do fine overall this season. They did better then anybody expected last year but still people complain. I wonder if they’re ever going to enjoy this team or just keep complaining. A week ago they were saying how sad it is we can’t even put up the money to sign Adli and now that we have signed him they change the story to how sad it is that he has been brought in to replace Kessie who will leave (what hasn’t happened yet). Sad people.

        1. I wasn’t one of those people who even wanted Adli so count me out of that group. Secondly, I don’t expect everything to go my way. But at least 1 or 2 things. At least 1 renewal could go well… oh wait.. none did and so far neither are kessie or alessio. At least 1 marquee signing for the attack can be signed at am or rw… oh wait we signed nobody. And lastly, ok maybe we can at least get a very solid player in Zaccagni for a reasonable price who wants to come to milan and is super versatile and fills a lot of our attacking holes. Nah… let’s go for messias instead!!! Sorry but i really disagree with you on this, i appreciate your thoughts on the matter but very strongly disagree with defending the management here. To address your first criticism, I don’t need everything my way but 1 of these things I’ve talked about going well should have happened and didn’t. Bad mercato imo and in most other people’s eyes too.

          1. Tonali went well, Tomori went well. Giroud is a great reinforcement for the attack. He’s old? Try to imagine being an Inter supporter who has to settle with ‘old’ Dzeko. If Bakayoko regains his old form at Milan that went well. We’ve signed a huge talent at RW from Parma in Traore. We have great potential with Kalulu and Adli. I’m not going to miss Romagnoli if he leaves. Would like Kessie stays but if he becomes a money man then he’ll leave. I don’t miss mediocre Chala.
            Appreciate you respect my view and I respect your opinion as well but I really believe there was more than 1 succesful transfer completed and I think the team is a lot stronger than last season.

      2. It isn’t blind support but a mere acceptance of the reality. Spend simply cannot exceed revenue so there is a budget that has to be respected. If you would rather see the club spend beyond its means and then end up in Serie D after bankruptcy, then you have a very different idea of success than I.

    4. Not to mention, everyone on here seems to treat rumours as facts – Exactly that is the main issue here because either ac milan has a large group of stupid fans or they simply doesnt want to accept the reality we live in. Add to that the club really cant or shouldnt answer to what ever ridiculous concocted rumors that they might get linked to in the media. Its all down to how gullible people are and that can only be on themselves.
      People isnt critical in regard of rumors and if that is how people eats up all news i’ll say its a bit worrying to say the least.

  9. Yeah they have already built good defense so far. Maybe they think that the best offense is a good defense, meaning counter attacking lol.

  10. Because we can’t comment on the Silva story I must say THAT is a classic Singer move right there and I am actually surprised he hasn’t tried more of it this Mercato as fans have become angrier. I have a feeling it’s finding the 3rd party to play ball, like finding an agent willing to lie to the media for Elliot’s benefit like Mendes for instance. Any time you hear about Milan making a move for a REAL PLAYER you can tune it out because it’s definitely only coming from the Elliot propaganda wing, which is as good as it gets on club football.

  11. Welp, it seems this is a done deal now, so all the best for Messias, and I’ll support him as a Milan player, though I do have to say on paper this does seem like a bad move, even for a substitute, particularly because it goes against Elliot’s alleged market policy but it’s done apparently so let’s hope he does well. People can criticize the management in the upcoming days, but I hope people show Messias respect and don’t insult him or anything because he’s going to try to do his best.

  12. Fairve has a contract until 2025….so Brest didn’t need to sell him. So this bullshit haggling over the price and waiting till the last minute was stupid and not well planned. We look like fkn amateurs.

  13. let be patient with the team and see the outcome of the the performance against bigger team.Those with bug names where are they…it will be a surprise to you the performance of the team because everyone one to prove

  14. let be patient with the team and see the outcome of the the performance against bigger team.Those with bug names where are they…it will be a surprise to you the performance of the team because everyone one to prove

  15. Just can’t wait for Elliot to sell this club.Milan can’t even sign a player for €15m and now we are going for this old mediorce player this management are unserious.

  16. Ridiculous…you cannot even secure him on loan with obligation to buy? This management are bad at we lose Kessie for free as well…Cannot wait for Elliot to sell the club..Pioli is working with limited resources and a team that clearly needs a RW but they fail to buy one.

  17. Its true that Elliot management did not give the fans the Mr X the dreamt of but in the case of Faivre, am sure that the main reason was on the basis of disrespect. Brest was angered by Faivre forcing the move by refusing to travel with them to Starsburg. Am sure Maldini and Massara did their best in this Mercato. As committed fans, we should all back the decisions and cheer our players. We are the surprise package of this season. We are #AC Milan

  18. Everyone fails to mention that Milan
    actually bought two quite expensive
    players this summer in Tonali and
    Tomori in addition to securing Giroud
    and Bakayoko.

  19. All the management defenders in here are so pathetic, you know it’s ok to be critical when they suck and praise them when they do well right? And if you are never critical then nothing changes. Tomori, Tonali, Maignan, Giroud are great work. Good job management there. The rest is atrocious.

    1. Being cortical is fine but you need to be reasonable too and most of you are not. You expect to see Mbappe walk through the doors at Milanello and that just won’t happen. Losing Faivre, which many of you now complaining hated initially, is no big deal. It as if we missed out on the 2nd coming of Pele!

  20. It seems like you all think Milan are still the big club that we once were. News flash guys.. We are not.
    I knw we all want to see milan signing the best of the best talents out there, but that will take a very long time. Messias last season had nine goals from that position, he is not a sexy name cos he is what 30? well your two starting strikers are well above 30 or am i blind?
    name another player in our team that had that stat for last season.
    I wish we got someone else yes, but at least we now have cover and addressed a need on that right wing, we need goals and assists from that position. Messias showed he can put in the work.

  21. as fans we have every right to complain about the management wrong doings but I feel something is wrong somewhere

    We are the same people that criticised hakan inconsistent performance and we abused him to frustration now the same fans feel pained that he left
    I don’t really trust any news from this #sempremilan most times this journalist build up stories just to attract audience

    So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for a better season

  22. What we desperately need is RW as shown in our first 2 fixtures… We have lost Hauge as a good LW, and now we are in panic buying for RW. Hope a miracle happens in next few hours. It should be Faivre at best. Or we will be busted in all competition.

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