Sky: Revenues, costs, transfer business and squad composition – Milan and Inter compared

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan and Inter face off tomorrow with the Supercoppa Italiana the target for both sides, and Sky have done a comparison on the two teams from an economic standpoint.

Sky used Football Benchmark data (via MilanNews) to compare the two sides on various metrics, starting with the revenues where the distance between the two sides has been decreasing sharply.

In the 2021-22 season Inter earned €322m, while Milan on the other hand got €269m, but as a point of comparison the gap was much wider in the 2018-19 year when the Nerazzuri earned €366m, while the Rossoneri were at €214m.

Five years ago, the net financial result of Inter was -€18m and Milan hit -€126m, but in the 2020-21 year Milan ‘overtook’ their rivals by getting to -€67m, while the Nerazzurri are at -€140m.

For Inter, personnel costs shot up in the 2020-21 season from €198m to €262m, while the figure for Milan remained rather stable (from a minimum of €150m in the 2017-18 season to a maximum of €185m in the following year). In the 2021-22 season, the Nerazzurri were at €248m, with the Rossoneri at €170m.

Sky then also made a comparison of the two Milanese clubs in terms of the transfer market over the past five year.

➤ Milan: 136 signings, 129 sales, negative balance of €275.03m.

➤ Inter: 208 signings, 204 sales, negative balance of €47.61m. Included are the sales of Lukaku to Chelsea and Hakimi to PSG which clearly softened the negative balance of the Nerazzurri.

Last year

Milan: 6 signings, 5 sales, negative balance of €36.62m
Inter: 6 signings, 5 sales, negative balance of €31m

Finally, this is the comparison between the squads of Milan and Inter:

Players in squad: 32 for Milan and 28 for Inter
Average age: 26.3 for Milan and 27.7 for Inter
Number of foreign players: 26 for Milan and 17 for Inter
Percentage of foreign players: 81.3% for Milan and 60.7% Inter
Number of national team players: 18 for and 14 for Inter.

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  1. It’s good comparison. Milan lost huge revenues in last 15 years due to impossibility to play champions league. That’s why squad must be adequate to reach first 4 places in serie a, and owner can’t spare money on best players in team.

  2. In the last 5 years, Milan has negative transfer balance of 275 mil, while inter has 47 mil.
    Yes, lukaku and hakimi sales helped, but inter was in plus of only around 60 mil from their sales since they were also bought for a lot of money.
    For Milan to be a successful club again they going to have to be able to sell players.
    Most clubs operate on the market in todays football from either commercial revenue or players sales. The time of owners just putting their own money into the club is over, with the exception of PSG and Chelsea.
    Clubs are businesses. To spend you gotta make money first. You have to be self sufficient and players sales are a big part of it.
    Losing your best players for free will put you in negative real quick. Better to sell a player a year too early than lose him for free 2 years later. The management needs to act faster and start negotiating with players when they have at the latest 2 year left on their contracts. If the distance is to big between player demand and club offer, everyone should go their separate ways.

    1. When are you going to understand that you can’t sell a player without his approval? It’s a nice thought to say sell them if they don’t resign on your schedule, but it’s not reality. It is usually in the player’s interest to leave on a free, so more and more at every club are doing so.

      1. Yeah, you keep telling that to yourself.
        No player or a person for that matter, wants to stay somewhere where he isn’t wanted, especially when there are other big clubs that want him and offering same or more money.
        And this nonsense that is in players best interest to leave on a free transfer.
        Are you saying that if Milan for example, wants to sell Leao today, because he won’t resign for the money that they are offering to him, that he would refuse to be sold to Chelsea or any other big club and get 10 mil per season just so he can continue getting paid 1.5 mil for 2 more years for the sole reason so he can leave on a free transfer.
        Yeah, that makes a lot sense only to someone who is just looking for excuses.
        Players don’t think like that. What if he gets seriously injured in the meantime? Football career is short. Players want to play and get their big paycheck of guaranteed money as quick as they can.
        And there aren’t that many players in their prime that leave on a free transfer. It’s usually older players or players on bad contracts that no one wants to take on.
        What examples of players do you have that left on a free transfer in their prime and especially 4 on the same team?

          1. A little context is important in the Dybala situation.
            Juve and Dybala had the framework on his new deal agreed in the fall of 2021. He wanted to stay , they wanted to keep him and the money was agreed.
            Juventus changed their plans once they found out they could get Vlahovic and decided to build their new team around him. So they pulled the contract offer for Dybala.
            Juve literally kicked Dybala out of the club. He didn’t refuse to sign just so he could leave on free because it was in his best interest to leave on free . Plus, he is getting less money at Roma than juve offered him in that contract.

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