Sky: Milan lead all Serie A clubs in Growth Decree benefits – the numbers

By Oliver Fisher -

The abolition of the Growth Decree is not good news for Serie A clubs, especially for AC Milan who are the Serie A club that benefit from it the most.

During a recent feature we explained how the Growth Decree functions as a tax relief scheme while presenting some of the perceived pros and cons plus the impact that its removal could have on future operations for Milan.

ANSA (via reported yesterday that the Decree – which was set for a slight extension to February – will be completely scrapped now. This decision was confirmed after a ‘heated debate’ among government ministers. 

As a result, it means that there can no longer be any mercato operations that benefit from the savings, and it could also make renewals more difficult like that of Mike Maignan’s, given any new contract would be impacted.

Sky (seen below) point out that Milan are the Italian club who benefit the most from the Decree. Without it, their gross salary number of the season would go from €67.3m to around €89.8m, which is an increase of €22.45m overall.

It goes without saying that not having the savings would have a big effect on the planning for future transfer windows, especially given that the Rossoneri have recently focused more on foreign talent, such as in the summer when eight players arrived from abroad.

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    1. I can tell you that most Italian people are very fine with that. In a country where costs of living have inflated a lot, especially electricity prices, with deficient public services such as hospitals, schools or public transportation, people won’t cry because rich people and guys running after a ball are not getting tax exemptions.

      1. Okay. I comprehend the people and the actual vibe.
        But the current economic Situation ist Not the fault of soccer Stars or Clubs.
        And Sure IT wouldn t be better cause of removing the growth decret.

        1. The Growth Decree is not relative to football only. It was inducted to attract and retain talents in all professions. Most Western countries have better salaries than Italy. So the ideology was to retain Italian young brains, and football clubs used this, with the notorious example of Cristiano Ronaldo.

          1. Yes, you are right.

            The Intention growth decret is to avoid brain drain.
            Brain is very important for a sustainable prosper Italien economic.

            In my opinion from Long therm Perspektive the removal of growth decret is bad .

            In past Italien politics have shown multiple Times making Bad decisions.

        1. “It’s a very good thing for native Italian citizen, but it would be a step-down for Serie A.”

          This. Nothing to add. Or deduct. Let’s move on. 🙂

        2. Correct. Last I checked Serie A is a league in Italy and Italy should do what is best for all its citizens.

          @Boulden – is the same old 🤡

      2. Yes Italian people are so happy that Serie A their beloved league is about to become worse, they totally think their living situation is the fault of football and now without growth decree they are gonna get better huh?

        Are you dumb?

        1. Either you smoke too much crack, either you are a fine representative of the most stupid people on this planet.

          It’s called populism. Obviously most people prefer good public services and food and heat rather than football games. In the end it’s all about the government telling people what they want to hear. You think you understand what’s at stake but you’re simply the embodiment of Panem Et Circenses.

  1. This is good for Italy and the Italian people. It’s even better for Italian players. Maybe Serie A teams will start investing in young Italian players. When a team like Salernitana barely fields a couple of Italians on any given game, there is a problem.

  2. “We are only getting half of the taxes on the foreigners. We want more, damnit! Let’s scrap a law that yields us 100% of nothing compared to a half of something.”

    The idiocy. FFS…

    P.S. This isn’t about developing youth at all. This is about people in power and greed.

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