Sky: Milan will monitor mercato closely for discount centre-back deals

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are looking to strengthen the squad with another centre-back before the January window closes, but the targets are not obvious. As a report claims, the Rossoneri will look for opportunities in the upcoming weeks. 

Matteo Gabbia has been brought back by the management and Jan-Carlo Simic of the Primavera has been good when given the chance as well. However, with three centre-backs still on the sidelines, Milan want to add another man to the department.

This was confirmed by Stefano Pioli during his pre-match press conference earlier today, with Milan taking on Roma tomorrow. And according to Peppe Di Stefano of Sky Italia, as cited by MilanNews, the Rossoneri management will look for favourable opportunities.

They simply don’t have the funds to spend €20-30m this month and will thus have to work with great focus to find the right man. Brest’s Lilian Brassier is an option, but the competition is growing and Milan are yet to decide whether to place an offer or not.

Geoffrey Moncada and Giorgio Furlani will likely monitor the mercato closely in the upcoming weeks, also with an eye on a potential loan reinforcement. The reinforcement might not be imminent, in other words, but the intention is there.

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    1. It was widely reported Pioli was in agreement with all the signings.

      This all happened after Maldini was booted and Moncada and Pioli were now deciding the transfers when it was decided to sign new players for a 433.

      1. Did you forget how last season went with Maldini making all the decisions? CL semi was a lucky draw and we have to be honest about that…

      2. Of course he was in agreement. He is a yes man which is why the great Gerry has kept him. Stop scapegoating everything on Pioli like some of these fans do and acting like it’s the coach who picks the signings in most clubs. There’s very very few coaches who are given that ability and it’s not Pioli.

      3. It was also widley reported Pioli wanted Milinkovic-Savic for the midfield. Instead he got RLC and Musah for that money, two bench players.

        Beacuse Billy the Magic Beane’s app told them to.

    2. Bologna have the same cheap squad I believe?
      I’ll have to confirm this, but yes Milan management need a little more initiative in buying experience strong intelligent players.
      But Pioli will only destroy them in the end with his so called tactics

  1. You don’t spend 10m for brassier how low you wanna spend you cheap bastards all that money wanna get from Investcorp where all that would go?

  2. CB from whish. This is how you win titles…😂😂😂😂 I really hope we get a coach that will mention Furlanis family when stupid ideas like this come up…

    1. Can’t remember the last time a title was won in the January transfer window. Anyway, after Inter’s crushing of Monza we’re 12 points behind first. It’s kind of ridiculous to think we’re in the title race.

  3. If buying expensive players could guarantee you wins, the likes of PSG and ManCity would be winning CL every season.

    Gotta spend money smart in this economy. No qualms with the strategy.

    1. Sounds like you know what your talking about?
      Maybe Pioli can use some of your Med’s?
      “No qualms with the strategy , really?

      Maybe reason they haven’t over spent is because the owner is serious about long term and that debt has to be paid of and the re-investment slow.
      1st a new manager and Pioli out
      2nd restructure of the squad

  4. This is what i do not agree with. It’s is a big dumb club acting like a big dumb club, signing players simply because everyone is getting impatient and needs to be seen to be doing something.

    They’re prepared to sigh a low cost (I.e. average or unproven) CB in January. What does that actually mean?

    It will be a 3 to 5 year deal. They’re going to committ a place in the squad they dont really believe in for the period it is going to take Simic, Bartesasghi and/or Bakoune to develop.

    It’s another Pellegrino before Pallegrino has had to establish himself.

    It’s only being considered because of an injury crisis.

    It’s reactive and will inevitably result in the loss of a quality youth player and possibly even the loss of a young CB in the senior team.

  5. Furlani and Moncada make me sick. They are two clowns; two idiots dressed in suits who know nothing about football.
    Sending maldini and massara away was unforgiveable and we are still feeling the effects of having them replaced by 2 incompetent fools.

  6. Buy lilian brassler 10 m euro , thats CB pioli & moncada want . Remember last summer ACM missed calafiori because want to save very few money with signing pelegrino

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