Sky: Milan willing to pay more than €17m clause for Guirassy – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are continuing to work on the potential signing of Serhou Guirassy and are negotiating regarding the payment of his release clause, a report claims.

According to what Luca Cilli reported live on Sky (via MilanNews), Milan remain ‘strongly interested’ in Guirassy, who has 17 goals in 14 Bundesliga games and is the second-top scorer in Europe’s ‘top five’ leagues, with only Harry Kane having netted more.

The striker has a release clause worth around €17m in his current contract. Milan will have fresh talks with the German club in the next few days, and they have made it known willing to pay a higher sum than €17m.

However, they would pay more only if they could pay the total amount in instalments which is not possible with the release clause, which normally must be paid in one only payment.

In the event of an agreement with Stuttgart, the player will still have to be convinced, as he has sizeable financial demands and must also agree to leave Stuttgart during the middle of a season where he is thriving.

Developments are expected in the next few days, when Milan have contacted the Bundesliga side regarding the potential transfer fee.

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    1. @Liam. Rubbish. Piatek cost Milan 35m. So Piatek is more similar to CDK signing.

      Guirassy is a good signing especially for the price.

      1. Yes, dude that barely managed to score 10 goals per season, twice in his career. “Good signing”. Let’s repeat, a striker that never scored over 10 goals until last year. 27. LOL. I would bet Piatek is better…

    1. Exactly what I thought after reading the article… Bringing in all these players without first knowing who the next coach will be is laughable. The current coach is going to see the door real soon and what they need to work on is figuring out the name of the next coach. The next one is not going to be a puppet who will be okay with whoever players are available to him. Unless executive management is looking for another yes-man.

    2. Giroud & Jovic in their last year contract big possibility they will go for free,
      17m Guraissy is too expensive for our management so maybe he won’t come,
      next season strikers will be Colombo, Origi, CDK & Nasti/Serbian dude (forget the name)

  1. As per usual, some people who up until just a few weeks ago didn’t know who this player was have already decided that he is not good enough.
    But then again, even if Milan is connected with Haaland, they still say he is not good enough.
    It’s not the player that they are against but every decision of the club, because they are still heartbroken.

      1. Exactly. Hes comparing him to Halaand who was a goal scoring machine at 15?? LOL.

        He is a 5 month wonder. And he’s 27. Could he do well? Possibly. But at 27 he is what he is and coming and scoring in Italy is not like scoring in Germany. Huge gamble for half our transfer budget. Gel we cannot even pay 17M up front??? LOL. Have to pay in installments and pay more???? How don embarrassing. IF management really believes in this kid they would have no issue paying the 17M up front and ASAP. After all – if you think he’s the real deal and will produce in Italy – 17M is a bargain. BUT they don’t and are I’m sure haggling. And what about the youth/moneyball policy? Surely this kid doesn’t fit our profile? So why are we after him in the first place? Because they know they screwed up not signing the many strikers avail in summer – Thurman Taremi Lukaku etc…and now we are scrambling for a striker and have to gamble on an unproven 27 yr old player who may or may not pan out. Wonderful planning Georgie!

  2. I don’t understand the hard on for this guy. 17mil for a 27yo from a different league altogether…? What was he doing before his stellar season?

  3. Like someone pointed out, it’s confusing to be so eager to buy new players when we don’t even know if Pioli would stay on or be replaced. Are we just buying players because their price is good, without considering what the coach might actually be looking for.

  4. The Doom & Gloom pack is on the run, of course..

    But anyway, I have a good feeling about this transfer, I guess he can do good with us.

    1. All I see are you Gerry fart sniffers running away the moment things didn’t turn out the way you predicted in the summer. Some fans you are.

  5. Waaay they took my comment off lol wow. All in I said was they’re paying more than his release clause for someone who’s older, had half a good season and no upside. Go figure but u can curse and berate other people here and it’s fine smh

  6. The art of stupidity and haggling to get beat out of a transfer. Pay the fregging fee, meet the salary or beat it.

    These management people are out of their depth.

    Sell someone in the summer if we can cover the fee this winter. Find another solution besides wasting time and spending more than required.

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