Sky journalist claims Milan are ‘open to everything’ due to ‘huge underlying problem’ in Leao renewal

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are ‘open to everything’ when it comes to Rafael Leao’s renewal because there is a ‘big problem’ that must be overcome, a journalist has claimed.

Speaking on TMW, the Sky journalist Luca Marchetti discussed the situation related to Leao and the potential of him signing a new deal, starting with the ‘huge underlying problem’ for which the Rossoneri must find a solution.

The fine to Sporting CP is the issue in question, and the club that chooses to take on this problem will become the favourite in the head of Leao. He is giving priority to Milan, but if he were to sign with the Rossoneri for €7m net per season, he would be playing for the first two years of the deal just to cover the fine owed to Sporting.

He would like to keep the money that he earns for himself and thus for his club – be at Milan or another side – to take care of the fine owed. Without this type of agreement, it would be ‘better for Milan to start an auction’ as per Marchetti, with the Rossoneri ‘open to everything at the moment’.

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  1. This is horror story. You should stop writing about Leao or any other player with contract near to expire, until Those guys sign, leaves for free, or sold out. Milan managed to create some excellent players in last 4 or 5 years, but Milan owners are poor owners and they dont know how: to create the money for club, how to invest money properly in players, and how to extend contracts to best players. Thats Why Ac is struggling.
    Milan need owner who will give 100 million eur per year, just on commercial side, to use that money for realistic salary and transfer market.

      1. Chelsea spent around 300 million last summer, which is still an astronomical amount , but Chelsea also plays in a league where 8 other clubs spend almost as much them

    1. Actually, Milan’s salary budget is pretty darn realistic. Compare their budget to Juve’s & Inter’s whose losses were 250M€ last year while Milan’s less than 100M€. It’s unrealistic for Milan to pay more salary than they can afford to.

    2. Don’t know how to create money for the club! Are you fing stupid? Do you even follow Milan or football for that matter? Have you not noticed the finances and how revenue has grown every year since Li? Ever hear of FFP? There are very few ppl in the world who can donate 100 million each year to their passion project and the ones that do have that kind of money already own PL clubs. Do us a favor and disappear you god damn doughnut!

    3. That Milanello dude are the definition of a complete idiot who think he knows everything about football management. do yourself a favor and have a IQ test im sure its below 100 if not lower.

  2. Is Leao the only one to really hit the proverbial fan with sporting over that? i know a couple players left that time. tho the way i see it just pay them a million a year for 16 years, cant his lawyers work that out? everything is payed in installments if you have half a brain 😀

    1. Leao’s new club (Lille) was the only club that didn’t pay Sporting any compensation for the transfer. That’s why the others aren’t in courts.

  3. Just give him a signing bonus equal to one season of pay. Anyway you slice it you cannot buy and pay the salary of a comparable player for the amount to keep him.

  4. “he would be playing for the first two years of the deal just to cover the fine owed to Sporting.”

    He definitely would not! Show us even one country in the world where the court would order someone to pay 100% of their fines/sanctions of their salaries. There’s none. At least in a civilized one (not gonna vouch for African countries or China etc.). Like it has been written before many times, Leao needs to pay 25% of his monthly salary to Sporting until the ~19M€ has been paid.

    Stop writing BS and check you facts.

    1. I think what he meant was that it was “effectively” playing for free for the first two years (circa 15m) at that salary (and with no sign ons or anything to cover the debt). Not that he’s actually going to be playing for free

  5. Leao should be asking his agent to give some cash towards the fine. Remember his agent ot a payment when he signed for Lille and also when Leao transerred to Milan.

  6. I am not saying Milan too stingy to pay leao more or as much as his agent asked, but Milan need to stabilize their financial due to FFP regulation and it will not happen in near future if Milan keep paying more to their player. So, until the account book matched with the FFP rules, Milan has to make their own rules about the expenses. If player couldnt understand this situation, I believe and support the management to sell the player. However, I hope the cases of donnarumma and hakan would not repeat again.

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